Want cheaper Car Insurance? If you can’t change your gender can you change your job?

car crashWe all know that car insurance is stupidly expensive, and could wax lyrical at the additional cost added to all our premiums by the ambulance-chasers and whiplash-claimers- after all, you don’t see the insurance companies struggling to make ends meet now do you? With the EU gender directive coming into force on 21 December, even girls won’t be able to get cheaper insurance despite clearly being *far* better drivers than men. So what can you do to reduce your premium?

Some insurers will give you better prices if you take an advanced driving course, and you can always opt for a higher excess, meaning that you will pay less each year, assuming you don’t make a claim. But what about your job as a determining factor?

Insurance companies use the information you provide on your occupation when calculating your premium, and it’s no surprise to learn that footballers and students are among those charged the most to drive their cars. However, a Confused.com survey last year found that the top no-no profession was actually a mobile disco owner, with other penalty positions (geddit?) including diplomats and nightclub owners.

The study found that mobile disco owners were charged, on average, more than £6,800 for comprehensive cover, almost eight times the national average premium of £857. At the other end of the scale, airline captains were charged a mere £321 on average. Other good jobs to have, as far as insurance companies are concerned, were china restorers, toymakers, travel guide writers and guest-house owners.

But you can’t change your job just for insurance purposes. Can you?

Well, no, and nor would we advocate lying on an insurance form. They can easily check you know. However, with the plethora of possible occupations found on most insurers or comparison sites, we wondered whether there was a legitimate way of reducing your premium.

So we asked the nice people at Confused.com to find out for us. They ran some tests using a sample 27 year old male and discovered that there may be a way of getting up to a 27% discount, just for selecting your actual occupation a little more carefully.

They started with the most expensive, but unfortunately footballers are still subject to heavyweight premiums even if they describe themselves as sportsmen instead. Similarly, there was a negligible difference in premium for creative sorts who might be artists, sculptors or painters.

However, it seems childminders pay 7% more for their insurance than nannies, and bus drivers who are clearly also bus company employees could save 8% a year.

Farmers who are ipso facto also agricultural workers and teachers who could genuinely describe themselves as lecturers could enjoy a premium discount of up to 3%.

But the biggest difference comes for those not working. If you are unemployed and claiming benefits, you presumably don’t have as much cash as someone who is of independent means and not claiming benefits. Nevertheless, the doleites have to pay 27% more for their car insurance.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, so next time you are looking to insure your car, perhaps look at the job descriptions more closely to see whether you could save cash just by selecting a different job title.

Now we’re off to write about a train journey somewhere, so that we can legitimately describe ourselves as travel guide writers…


  • Sam
    This is true I changed my occupation from Care Assistant to Health Care Assistant and My Mum's from Housewife to self-employed farm labourer and the price went down by £120 not to be scoffed at and I'm a 21 with two accidents under my belt.
  • On L.
    Good to see as you say 'doleites' paying more for car insurance. They should also be forced to pay extra premiums on their Sky subscriptions, iPhone contracts and at JD Sports. If you're on the dole you do have extra cash, you dont bloody have to pay for anything else.
  • Sicknote
    @Sam To prevent any further accidents occurring under your belt can I suggest your other half uses protection....?
  • Sam
    @Sicknote Got shafted enough times by insurance without my partner doing the same

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