Swiftcover slapped for sloppy Pop ad

When the ageing, sinewy rock ‘n’ roll god Iggy Pop popped up in a TV ad for Swiftcover’s online motor insurance recently, the widespread reaction was one of revulsion – both from those people who’d never seen such a creature on their screens before and for fans of Mr Pop who couldn’t believe he’d shat all over his hard-won credibility from such a massive height.

In the ad, Pop bemoaned the fact that he could never find his birth certificate or his car insurance papers – possibly because he has vast holes in his brain as a result of years and years of hard living and prancing around on stage, slashing his own chest with broken glass and wearing a horse’s tail.

But, as the reality sank in that the ads were here to stay, questions started to be asked. Namely, questions about why Mr Pop was happy to shred his cred fronting a commercial for a company that refuse point blank to insure musicians. Because, you know, when they're not spanking their planks or laying down grooves, they all spend their spare time jumping over ravines in their rocket-powered Ferraris don’t they? Well, maybe Jay Kay does, but thankfully he’s in the minority.

As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority received a dozen complaints, probably from musicians, livid Iggy fans and professional trouble stirrers. They all asked how Swiftcover can use the face and disgusting upper torso of a rock star to plug their products when in truth, he’s be the LAST person they’d hand out a cover note to.

Ah, said Swiftcover, at no time during the ad does Mr Pop mention that he has a policy with us! So, replied the ASA, what the pop is he on about when he uses the phrase, “I got it Swiftcovered. I got insurance on my insurance!” Hmmm…

The complaints have been duly upheld and Swiftcover have been ordered not to re-run the ads in their original form. But Mr Pop will be back they say, AND they’re now happy to insure musicians. So everybody's happy! Wonder just how high those premiums will be though…


  • Mike H.
    I thought Monsieur Pop was always a Passenger?
  • Hmm...
    They didn't get complaints that the ads were just annoying and shit, then?
  • Honky S.
    Topless Ugly Fuck, Good Riddance
  • die W.
    he was cool. now he's a total douche. just like butter loving johnny rotten.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] later turned out that the company in question, Swiftcover, refused to insure rockers like Mr Pop, the ad was briefly banned. But now Iggy is back, and is behind the wheel of an automobile and, we can only assume, with a few [...]

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