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26 September 2012

carCar insurance just gets more and more exciting. For your reading pleasure, we are delighted to present to you a widget that tells you how much cheaper you could have got your car insurance if you were a girl, a different age or lived somewhere else. All of which is absolutely no use to you, unless you are considering gender reassignment surgery and can falsify your birth certficate. You could move, but doing so purely for car insurance purposes seems a bit unlikely.

[we were going to insert the widget here, which is quite pretty, with purple and orange bits, but unfortunately it only comes in MASSIVE, so it wouldn't fit on the page. If you want to play with it* you'll have to go here instead]

Chopping your nob off is also a fairly extreme way of saving money. We like deals, but we think that's a bit of a bum one. Especially considering the EU gender directive (which we have previously warned you about) comes into force in December, preventing insurance companies from properly assessing risks based on anticipated life expectancy discriminating against men and meaning that all women (and probably all men) will soon have to pay more for the same insurance. Thanks Eurocrats.

The widget has been produced by,  and is based on data from 3.3 million quotations which calculate that, on average, women save £100 a year on car insurance. Of course, moneysupermarket are presumably trying to remind you that you can get a comparison from them on your next lot of insurance whether you are male or female (they do not discriminate). And why not do so through a cashback site- even if you don't  go on to buy an insurance product through them, you can get cashback of...

There is no cashback to be had for visiting even though they have a pretty widget. However, if you are looking to compare car insurance prices, Quidco is currently offering £1.82 for both GoCompare and Confused just for getting a quotation, or TopCashback will give you £1.51 and £1.01 respectively. It may not be much, but it's better than nothing. And it would buy up to 18 Freddo Frogs with change.

* the widget


  • Sigmund F.
    This report contains the following words: Women, female, bum, widget, pretty, girl, pleasure, orange bits, massive, knob, and play with it.
  • Tim B.
    Freddo's are 15p in my corner shop now. Where are you still getting them for 10p?
  • PK
    Christ, they are 20p in my shop, I'm getting completely ripped off.
  • OFI
    £594, choosing Swansea since there are only about 3 options for Wales..

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