Memo to the RAC - honesty doesn't pay the bills

31 October 2009

Price comparison portals are all very well and good, but if you're a business that offers a similar service on your own site, it doesn't always work in your favour. Aviva tried it over the summer with less than stellar results - now it's the turn of the RAC. No doubt the customer's perception of the RAC will be that they are honest and transparent, but in these cash-deprived times who wouldn't book their insurance through the AA instead?

Bitterwallet - the RAC recommends the AAThanks to Bitterwallet reader Simon

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  • Mehul
    JOKES! If you own business and dont want to go bust I advise no to use RAC Technique! - But Dont Lie!
  • Gixxerman001
    I'm in the RAC and they have done me many good turns so I'm hgappy to stay with them but their insurance is a right PITA. It was not the cheapest - but they did claim to offer Quidco @ £70 which did make it cheapest by miles, so I bought it on that basis. So, here I now am almost 5 months on with my Quidco account saying it has been 'validated (months ago) and not a penny of the promised Quidco. How sh**ty is that? Can you say 'led up the garden path'?
  • zeddy
    @Gixxerman001 : I just did! What's my prize?
  • The B.
    @Gixxerman001 You won't get it by checking your account, nob-face. Ring em, VERY regularly and hassle the living shit out of them until you get what they promised, or they're breaking the law. Cunts like you allow things like that to happen to them, so you fucking deserve it. I wish more companies had the honest approach that this article has highlighted. Fine, yes, it may not be "good business", but if every single person on the planet was honest, we would have 0 problems. 0. Not a few. 0. Honesty IS the best policy. The only people that disagree with that are the fucking selfish liars who would feel like they were losing out by not cheating people out of things. As in, people who can't make a decent good life for themselves WITHOUT lying and cheating. You're just a bunch of raping murderers who cross dress and take heroine. Go fuck yourselves with your tiny limp cocks. Wankers.
  • fozey
    @ thee fake bob get a life you shit for brains cock spu fuck off !
  • Martin
    Now, I like a good swear as much as the next man, but Fake Bob, you've really outdone yourself there. 0-mental in about 3 seconds. Good work you utter cunting fuck knuckle.
  • Sir C.
    (The Fake Bob) .....and take heroine. .. I'll take ..hmmm.. Maire Curie
  • BlueBoy
    TheFakeBob, you need to chill out dude.
  • dlee
    I think fake bob needs to have a read of the malicious communicatons act before posting again!!
  • The B.
    Hahahahaha...... losers.
  • The B.
    Nice to see I have a pretender.
  • sideysid
    obviously no swear filters on here then.... I reckon the lack of sunshine this weekend has badly effected some peoples vitamin D levels...
  • Mark H.
    Of course, the RAC will get commission for sending the customer to the AA so they make money either way.
  • Andrew R.
    Isn't Quidco always a benefit and not a right or some such nonsense like that?
  • chris s.
    You mention that Aviva tried this in the summer. Many people dont realise that RAC are owned by Aviva. & offer breakdown recovery and also donate some of the policy cost to your chosen sport/club.
  • GARY C.
    I broke down on a slope,(top balljoint) they (rac) sent out a right bunch of wankers,they did not even have a trolly jack the front wheel had collapsed so they drgged the van 40-50 foot backwards down the slope the skates they had were no good or did not work,they ripped out the suspension,track rod end,drive shaft,And then had the fucking cheek to say it was not their fault and had nothing to do with them I would advise anyone not to join them as they have proved that they are shysters and con artists.
  • gary c.

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