Insurer gets hacked and loses 100k customers' details

hackers If you're with travel insurance company Staysure, you should be aware that they have confirmed that customer names and addresses have been stolen by hackers. They also managed to make off with card payment details and the CVV three-digit number on the back of a card.

The Financial Conduct Authority, the Information Commissioner's Office and the Police have all since been informed of this data breach.

Staysure's CEO says: "We immediately hired independent forensic data experts to fully ascertain the extent of the problem and have written to 93,389 affected customers, which represents fewer than seven percent of our customer base, to warn them and ask them to check that they have not been the victims of any fraud as a result."

This only affects customers who took out insurance before May 2012.

If you haven't received a letter, it would be worth contacting the company. Compensation is available too, with customers being offered free access to Data Patrol (an identity fraud monitoring service from Experian).

Hopefully, Staysure will be beefing up their security in the meantime.


  • shiftynifty
    Keep up B/W this happened a few days ago
  • jokester4
    How about insurers stop stealing our fucking credit card details??? Just because you sign up with them for a year's insurance, they shouldn't then keep the details!!! If Tesco kept your credit card details after you'd done a shop with them, this would be illegal but insurance companies seem to be above the law!!! Insurance companies also don't seem to have to abide by other laws such as distance selling regulations and they can have as many unfair T&Cs as they like and the FCA will happily approve them....
  • Sarah
    loses 100K [sic] *customers' Did you not do English as part of your journalism course?
  • People P.
    how much will they be fined for storing (and then giving away) the CVV?
  • WWN
    Re: people people I wonder also. If I recall correctly, the storing of CVV number flies in the face of the regulations; storing the CVV negates the whole point of them in the first place.

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