Insurance for women to increase thanks to EU's fondness for equality

1 March 2011

A typical lady person, this morning
Hey ladies! Guess what equality is going to do? Cost you money, that's what.

The European Union has ordered that insurers should not be allowed to take gender into consideration when working out premiums. And of course, what that means is, rather than insurers dropping the price for chaps, they'll just increase yours.

Go team!

The present system “works against the achievement of the objective of equal treatment” for men and women and will probably come into play at the close of 2012. In realistic terms, this means that car insurance premiums for women could go up by as much as 50%. Sheila's Wheels must be gutted at this news.

Michaela Koller, director general of the European insurance and reinsurance federation, CEA, said today’s ruling was “bad news.”

“Europe-wide, the effect on the price and benefits and on the choice of insurance products for consumers, could be significant,” she said.

Elsewhere, according to research by Oxera, women younger than 25 may well see their car insurance rise as well as their life insurance... however, they're predicting that insurance for men will actually drop by 10 percent.

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  • Nick T.
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Bet you didn't think equality could work both ways, did you wimmin?
  • d7llu
    Damn you Nick T, I wanted to say that
  • James D.
    Yay I am a man
  • Nobby B.
    Don't get too cocky, men. Due to EU laws, you will soon be having one of your testicles chopped off, to be attached to a woman in order to even out the natural distribution of testosterone. On the positive side, you will get a single boob that is all yours to play with when you like.
  • d7llu
    These are my balls, they belong in my scrotum. You will never get hold of'em
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    I have to say that I'm all for this. Middle aged, white males are currently the most discriminated against groups in the world! Example - My office at the moment is having a Women in Work awards ceremony this weekend. (Advertised amusingly enough on the back of the bog doors in the gents!) Where's the Men in work awards??? Equality should mean that people are treated equally. As it should be. If one group gets cheaper this or that, that's not equality, it's discrimination.
  • TimB
    However.... "Men currently receive higher annuity rates than women as a risk factor because statistically they don’t live as long. MGM Advantage estimates that if calculations using gender are no longer permitted, men and women will receive a ‘unisex’ rate which, in general is lower than the rates offered to men, but higher than those provided to women." (,+Women+To+Gain+In+European+Court+Ruling) Yeah, right. What'll actually happen is women's will stay the same, and mens will drop to match it.
  • Miss O.
    @ShakesHeadSadly - Get back in the kitchen and do the f***ing washing up, or do I need to belt you again?
  • Mark C.
    Tch, why should we donate a testicle to gain a boob to play with, when a steady diet of pies and beer means we can grow two fine ones of our own.
  • Nobby
    It is strange to think that Barbara Cartland's first novel was called Jigsaw. She looks like something out of the movie of the book. Although the book might have had a different storyline.
  • funboi
    Statistically, women drive less mileage than men, also more men drive than women. However, when its broken down mile for mile, men are actually less likely to have an accident PER MILE, however, as a result of us driving more mileage, apparently thats why we have always had higher insurance. I dont care if mens insurance doesnt go down, I just cant wait for Sheilas wheels to fuck off! Or for January 2013 to come around so I can call Sheilas wheels and laugh!
  • steve
    Can't believe the naive nature of some of these comments. This ruling is another nonsense ruling by the eu. If they can't price on the basis of sex insurers will find another way and you better believe we'll all end up paying more. Anyone who thinks different is seriously misguided.
  • Stu_
    Question is..... who wins? No-one. Women's goes up 25%, Men's goes down 10%. Overall, a couple will be up 15%. The whole insurance industry needs an overhaul - we need to stop frivolous claims which have put insurance up over 20% this year alone.....
  • CoxswainLovalot
    Is the EU going to be looking into the disparity between mens and women's haircuts now?
  • Shooter M.
    @ Stu: Who wins? The insurance companies.
  • Nearly (.
    @TimB “Men currently receive higher annuity rates than women as a risk factor because statistically they don’t live as long” I'm going to take God to court. I want equal life expectancy to women. God watch your back, I'm gunning for you.
  • tanie
    Awesome idea Grace! ego was luxurious you’d achieve this along with your biz meet erect descent. We on account of you!

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