Insurance company in 'refreshingly honest' shocker

4 August 2010

Seriously, who are these people? Did they do this deliberately for the Google juice and awareness? Or are folk in Pennsylvania really that backwards? Apologies if you're from Pennsylvania - but if you are, do you fancy letting us know exactly what in the name of Jesus H. Christ is going on here?

Perhaps it's simply a case of customer transparency - they think it, so you don't have to:

Picture 2

Bitterwallet - Kuntz Insurance Group

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  • TH1882FC
    Very Arsenal in more ways that one.
  • The B.
    Perfect for those nasty work gashes.
  • Nobby
    Never forget that classic Motson commentary ....
  • mikebike
  • C D.
    In the same vein I might proffer this extraordinary example:
  • Hotpoint
    Posted by C Dangerfield | August 4th, 2010 at 3:42 pm In the same vein I might proffer this extraordinary example: LMAO what's even more funny is that they don't have a black person in the photo.
  • Kafkaesque
    I remember driving past this car dealership in my home town of Brisbane and almost crashing from looking over my shoulder: I just imagine the secretary answering the phone all day. 'Mike Hunt's, can I help you?'

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