High Court Judge calls out two women for fictitious whiplash claims

CarCrashIt seems even the legal system is getting tired of spurious whiplash claims these days. We’ve all been paying through the nose for those poor unfortunate people whose entire soft-necked families happened to be in a car that received a rear-end shunt, but now it’s all become too much even for a High Court judge.

Hearing the case of two women making a personal injury claim against the Home Office after a vehicle incident, Mr Justice Mostyn dismissed the claims as inaccurate and evasive, saying they were based on “an improper pecuniary motive.” Or, in other words, that they were thieving liars. Allegedly.

The court heard it took 18 days for one of the claimants to complain to her GP about any pain, and the other waited a week before she went to her doctor to report any injury as a result of the impact. Both women were, however, assessed by a medical ‘expert’ despite there being no visible damage to the car after the accident and the fact that neither woman reported any injury at the time or asked for time off work. Two other people in the car at the time of it hitting a bollard at slow speed, the driver and front seat passenger, miraculously escaped completely unharmed.

The judge took particular offence at the medical ‘evidence’ as it was so similar it “cast doubt on the professional objectivity of the expert.” In perfectly identical terms, medical reports said both had suffered “nervous shock and psychological trauma” and endured “recurrent obtrusive memories of the accident and obsessional thoughts as to how she might have been seriously injured” by a rogue bollard, prowling the streets looking for innocent victims.

Justice Mostyn did not mince his words:

"It is proper that I should go on to record that I do not accept the evidence of either of them, which I find to be inaccurate, evasive, partial and advanced for an improper pecuniary motive,” said the judge. "This is yet a further example of the national phenomenon of false whiplash claims being made and it is in an attempt to stem the tide that I do not shrink from making firm adverse findings against them".

He added: "Obviously it is, in terms of probability, almost inconceivable that each of these women would have suffered physically or mentally in precisely the same way.”

Of course, anyone who has genuinely suffered from whiplash as a result of a car accident will know how genuinely painful it is, and no-one, not even Justice Mostyn, is saying those genuinely injured shouldn’t be able to make a claim. However, first-hand experience of such ‘medical experts’ does back up the judge’s opinion, particularly where medical reports contain evidence that cannot possibly have been collected during the 3 minute examination- reports that are, as a matter of course, not challenged by insurers where whiplash is the main stated injury.

But until someone can come up with a pregnancy-test style wee-on-a-stick test for genuine whiplash, we are left relying on judges to make sensible outcomes from stupid claims in the forlorn hope that it will deter fraudulent claimants from wasting everyone’s time and money.


  • Euan
    Should they not now be prosecuted for perjury?
  • Grammar N.
    The expert should be investigated certainly, but it would be difficult to prosecute the claimants for perjury. That is a criminal offence where it would need to be beyond reasonable doubt that they lied, whereas whiplash claims are only on the balance of probabilities. Whiplash is notoriously difficult to prove or disprove so just because a judge found that on the balance of probabilities they were lying, it's a whole other issue to establish it beyond all reasonable doubt.
  • LegoBatman
    Whiplash, like the famous "bad back" that used to get dole-ite scum onto the sick. Chill n' Flex.
  • LegoBatman
    Moderation time!! Chill n' Flex.
  • sam
    legobatman? whats with the remark dole-ite scum sitting behind your pc or mobile posting shite remarks like this i aint no dole-ite scum and when you faceless cowards finallyhave the balls to show yourselfs i will personalty cut them off-fucking jakey muppet
  • Mosschops
    Sam, what is a "jakey muppet"? Also, you might have made a grammatical error in your post; let's see if any eagle eyed readers can spot it.

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