Have AgeUK been pulling a fast one with insurance too?

CarCrash The Age UK charity have been accused of not playing fairly, when it comes to promoting E.On deals to pensioners, when in fact, there might be cheaper alternatives.

Now, the charity are looking at further criticisms, on this occasion, for selling insurance deals that again, are not necessarily the best for the people they're serving. Again, The Sun who made the claims about the money Age UK were getting from energy deals, have claimed that they've made £21.9m last year from selling insurance.

It is worth pointing out that, just like the claims about the energy deals, Age UK say that they've done nothing wrong concerning these insurance products.

The Sun have crunched some numbers, and they have deduced that the insurance deals promoted by the charity didn't offer the best value. They said that a policy for a woman of 70 driving a 2005 Nissan Micra would cost £544, however, the company offering the actual insurance - Ageas - offer a cheaper deal under its Kwikfit brand, for £371.

Age UK said: "The proceeds are passed back to the charity, raising valuable funds."


  • Jessie J.
    What they are saying is we rip the people (we are supposed to be helping) off so we can rip more people off. do it like a dude.
  • Andy g.
    Just been getting quotes for house insurance. Reputable companies coming out at £150 or less. Went to Age uk website and got quoted £650!!

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