Got a lust for life? It'll mean you'll be uninsured

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to throw a chair through the television; number one right now is Iggy Pop's gurning turn as the leathery face of car insurance company... Christ, I can't even remember the name, it's so appalling. The marketing directors at whatever-it's-called are no doubt holding both their heads and P45 in their hands after rubber-stamping their current steaming turd of an idea. Nobody, repeat, nobody wants to settle down for a new epsiode of Battlestar Galactica on Sky 1 and see Pop's saggy man-tits exposed in HD.

The thing is, marketing people rarely understand the environment and context in which their creations are viewed; four commercial breaks plus credits at the beginning and end means I have Iggy shouting in my face ten times in less than an hour. Calm down Iggy, you veiny-necked fruitloop, it's only fucking car insurance.

Anyway. It seems another bad reason for choosing a musician to front a campaign for a car insurance company, is that the company doesn't offer car insurance to musicians. The Telegraph reports Swiftcover (that's them!) has turned down people who work in the music and the entertainment industry for car insurance because of higher levels of risk and potential claims costs.

Complaints have already gone into the Advertising Standards Agenecy from musicians, which Swiftcover are knocking back on the basis that Iggy Pop was hired as an actor with a lust for life, not as a musician. Except Swiftcover won't cover you if your life is anything more lusty than that of an accountant: gamblers, models, sportsmen will have to go elsewhere for insurance too. It's not unusual for insurance companies to get sniffy at such professions, but when the whole marketing strategy suggests otherwise, you really have to wonder how many arses will be kicked.

It's all bollocks really. If you're as bland as Walkers' new range of flavours and a fan of Iggy Pop, you know where to go. The other 99.99% of us will watch the door bang you on the arse on your way out.



  • ginner
    'Bitter' are we boys.?
  • Wurzel
    Bitter ? Possiby. But it is a repulsive piece of television.
  • agaveworm
    For a 90 year old - he's got a great body....
  • jaysexy212005
    That is an awful advert
  • Darren W.
    dont really see a problem with this AD and the insurance is pretty cheap as well. Must admit though he is one UGLY F*CKER
  • The D.
    The only problem I have with these ads is that they show them at tea time. One of the last things I want to see is droopy man tit just as I am trying to eat my tea.
  • Any n.
  • Colin
    I'd definitely agree, annoying adverts, crappy company - previously they wouldn't offer less than £800 or quotes for me due to my postcode, when the insurance I'm on (through specialist brokers Adrian Flux) is £300 or so - odd, for a company who claim they keep costs down and pass it on to you. Then, after someone went into the back of me while I was stationary, sitting at a red light, so while being a claim it was certainly not my fault (and did not affect my NCB) and really nothing to do with me short of never leaving the house, they've just started to refuse to quote at all. Seem they're target demographic is more 'agoraphobia' than 'lust for life'.
  • Me A.
    They gave me a hugely cheap quote on my current car, but won't insure under 25's on anything performance based (even totally stock). The other drawback is that they won't offer under 25's protected NCB for some reason. A bit annoying, but I'll go back in 2 years as they were over £75 cheaper than the next best place. The best thing about Swiftcover, is that you can amend your policy online and NOT pay that absurd £17 administration fee on top of a premium addition/subtraction etc. Sods.
  • "car A.
    "Good post. I thought to let you know that ur web site looks a bit messed up in the iCab 3 web browser."

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