Flood victims looking at council tax rises

27 January 2016

Lake District flood damage 3 People who have been hit by those dreadful floods are looking at further headaches, like higher council tax bills, according to the environment secretary.

It has been said that councils should be raising council tax by £15 a year, to pay for flood defences, which of course, were previously reduced by David Cameron. This comes as more flood warnings are issued to parts of the North West, North East and South West.

MP Liz Truss said that the proposals in Somerset, which allowed some local authorities to whack up council tax were a "very good model", saying: "I think if you look at the structure for the Somerset Rivers Authority that now has the shadow precept so they are raising that funding locally and I think there's also a role for that as well."

Of course, a lot of people will think they've suffered enough and that the government didn't do enough to prevent these floods from happening, so this news is going to get some collars hot. Obviously, families are being hammered by insurance companies in this time, with one report telling of a household that saw their insurance premium increasing to £9,000 from £5,000.

With storms imminent, this is more bad news to areas that have already suffered.

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  • Marvin
    So if you're dumb enough to buy a house on a flood plain you should be exempt from any council tax increase like the rest of us are facing.

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