Cut car insurance premiums

Cut car insurance premiums

Are you looking to save money on car insurance? There's ways you can do it, and we've got a raft of tips.

Our pals over at loveMONEY spoke to car insurance broker Adrian Flux, in a bid to find out how much money can be saved, by making some simple changes, and the like.

Drive Less

Seems obvious, but some drivers can save up to 21% simply by driving less. For a start, it means you're less likely to get into an accident, which means no insurance claims.

By limiting your driving to less built-up areas, and doing so in the day, car insurers like that. With an annual mileage limit of 7,500 miles, there's potentially big discounts to be had.

Up Your Voluntary Excess

By and large, the higher your excess, the lower your premiums are. So, if you're a careful driver who hasn't had any major insurance claims, you could save just over 15%. Of course, you need to make sure you can afford the excess if you're going to increase it.

Install A Dash Cam

A lot of people have been conning the insurance industry with a variety of crash scams. Figures show that it is costing the sector £390 million, every year.

In that case, it is worth looking at getting a dash cam. You can get them for as little as £50, and sales are up as more drivers are installing them. Do check with your insurer before doing this. See what they'll offer you if you have one, and ask them which models of dash cam they accept (as some have specific requirements).

Advanced Driving Qualifications

Some motorists save nearly 25% by getting advanced driving qualifications. Of course, these tests will cost you money in the short term, so if you're going to make your money back, you'll be playing a long game.

Get A Black Box

Some insurers will offer you discounts if you install a Telematics device (or a black box if you prefer). Some insurers can do it via a phone app too, so worth asking.

Ask Your Insurer

If you're thinking you could do a number of these things, to woo your insurer into making things cheaper for you, you'd better speak to them first. Some policies won't let you go beyond a certain limit, and of course, those vary between different companies.

Haggle with them. See what they can do for you. If you sound like you're going to leave them and take your business elsewhere, you'll be surprised at how they'll magically produce better deals for you.


  • david

    "and sales are up as more drivers are installing them"

    thanks for explaining that, I'd have wondered how else sales might have risen

  • sambradley21

    i agree with everything bar the drive less heading as when I was recently renewing my car (today) when putting my mileage up from 10k to 15k it knocked 40 some odd quid off the premiuem. 

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