Commercial Break: What will it take to kill the Go Compare man for good?

Uh oh – the Go Compare man is STILL alive, in spite of recently being shot to bits by a rocket-wielding Sue Barker. But he’s still a target for angry minor celebrities – this time it’s mediocre ‘soccer’ coach Stuart Pearce who is out to get the singing hate-figure.

If the idea of this campaign is for us all to feel sorry for him, then it isn’t working. In fact, it’s only making us hate Go Compare more. We just spent the afternoon on the phone to the insurer’s main competitors, taking out expensive cover on cars, home and fancy items, none of which actually exist, all in an attempt to drive Go Compare out of business. Try it – you’ll feel better!


  • DJDarren
    It's that knowing wink that makes me hate this campaign even more.
  • tiderium
    hate the ad not the poor sod they got to do it. hes got to live with the shame of doing them.
  • tiderium
    think of the poor woman in the shake and vac ads
  • Nikey H.
    Booorrriiiingggg At least, he's interesting than old guys like Frost in ads!
  • Tony B.
    I hate Sue Barker much more than the Go Compare man - the sight of her flirting with young sportsmen is truly sickening.
  • Dick
    Who did they get to stand in for Stuart Pearce kicking the ball accurately? It would have been funnier if Bodo Illgner ran out and caught it, saving the fat man.

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