Co-op are the first to up angry farmers' milk premiums

milk2 Normally they’re sitting on the back of a tractor, staring into space and thinking about hens, but today, farmers are celebrating. A bit.

That’s because the Co-op have announced that it’ll be increasing the premium it pays to milk farmers following protests, strong words and downturned faces from skint farmers in recent weeks.

The Co-op has said that it wanted to recognise the importance of “ensuring a sustainable future” for British dairy farmers. In other words, to put a stop to driving them ever closer to suicide.

Farmers have said that with premiums being cut, some of them are producing milk for dairy products at a loss, of as much as 3p per litre. But now the Co-op has said that it’s increasing the payments to 29p per litre from 1st August.

Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers Union, welcomed the increase, saying: “We are encouraged by the positive step taken by The Co-operative today in ensuring that its farmers will be paid a fair price for their milk. Their recognition of the real difficulties being faced by British farmers this summer and commitment to support them through these difficult times is to be applauded. But whilst this is an important move, all retailers must move to a sustainable funding model for the dairy industry.”

We can all enjoy our milk with a slightly less bitter taste in our mouths tonight then…


  • zeddy
    I love the comments on BBC website saying if they don't like it, the farmers can get a job elsewhere and that they have never seen a poor farmer. Most likely soap-dodging workshy bastards who have all day to comment.
  • Mr M.
    Co-op pay the least out of all the supermarkets, that may of changed following this anouncement but my arse!
  • Idi A.
    A farmer near me is so poor he's down to his last '11 plate Range Rover. His wife has the Mercs but that's because she collects the EU subsidies.
  • Alexis
    So the price of milk at the Co-op is going up? I'll give them a miss then.
  • Troll
    Bloody farmers, they're just milking's not like they have a cow of a job is it? If they don't like it....the grass is greener on the other side!
  • Simon
    The coop is a rip off anyway - they also donate to the labour party, a very good reason to never visit their shops and contribute to their small profits
  • Chewbacca
    Fucking farmers, sick of hearing them bleating on about this pish. Has anyone EVER met a poor farmer? Me neither. Most famers' net worth is in the 6 figure bracket at least.
  • Mr. P.
    To all the arrogant farmers who conveniently ignore the EU subsidies that keeps their kids in private schools and don't mention the thousands of acres of rate-free land they own and poison, plus all the ones who block country lanes where THEY only have to reverse up 6' but sit there obstinately until WE reverse up quarter of a mile -- ha ha! Fuck you!
  • Mr C.
    Moo...that is all!!
  • mike
    july 29 re. Milk / food / farmers Let all the milk cattle die of TB Turn all land over to the badgers Let farmers farm wind turbines ( and badgers ) in UK and EU Money would be saved on EU farm subsidies Fewer 4x4's on our roads , fewer private schools , less poison on the land , And eat what food and where from ?

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