Churchill scares away Paris postman

Sour grapes, absent-minded automation or part of the grieving process when losing a customer? Who knows. Bitterwallet reader Paris Wells doesn't:

After a good year of service from Churchill for my car insurance , I called them up for my renewal, which Direct Line Beat by £100 . Naturally I went with the cheaper option , and called Churchill up to get my two years no-claims forwarded on.

I've just received the no claims letter today, but things must be tight around Churchill as they didn't even pay for the stamp.


  • Liam
    It is because it is owned by those bastards at RBS,
  • Andy D.
    It all adds up. Cost-cutting galore.
  • Amanda H.
    Who the hell gets no claims "forwarded on"? What is this process? Why have I got 10 years+ from several different insurers without coming across this mystical transaction?
  • Paris
    I'm not the only one , , I've always had to get a letter sent from my old insurance company to my new one. You think by now it would all be interlinked , which it probably is , when they need to search for any previous claims to void your existing insurance claim!
  • abc
  • agaveworm
    Don't bother. Tell 'em that you've got max no claims (only if you have tho......little monkeys); and when you go to make a claim, they'll then prob ask for proof. Make the call to the previous then. Don't claim and you'll be OK....
  • jaysexy212005
    Some insurance companies do want proof of no claims.
  • verdilith
    actually, the ncd is usally noted on your policy schedule, and will do. No need to call your insurer for proof of no claims.
  • James
    I was told by Direct Line when I phoned for my certificate of NCD that they expire after 1 year without I hadn't had insurance for just over a year I apparently lost the 10 years or so.
  • agaveworm
    @ James 2 years.....
  • chocky
    NCD is usually on your renewal notice - just use that
  • dacouch
    The amusing thing is you have gone from Churchill who are owned by RBS to Directline who are also owned by RBS. I'm surprised they bother asking for written proof. Poor RBS what with having to pay Fred the Shreds Pension, all those big losses and losing a £100 on your insurance premium.

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