And the item most stolen from homes is...

chopperInsurance is big business, with a total of £77m paid out in insurance claims every single day in the UK, according to figures from the Association of British Insurers. But it's particularly big business here in the UK, as the market in our little country is actually the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. We clearly like to play it safe.

But while the majority (£27m) of insurance payouts go to motorists, £13m relates to property claims, of which theft is a large proportion. With the advent of dark afternoons on the clocks-going-back horizon, offering handy cover of darkness for would-be thieves, however, you might be surprised at what is the item most frequently stolen from today's tech-savvy homes. An iPad? An iMac? Some kind of mobile phone or games console? No. It’s the humble bicycle.

New figures from insurer Direct Line say that more insurance claims are made for stolen bicycles than any other item taken by burglars, accounting for almost 1 in five (17%) of all theft claims. Mobile phone are in next at 11% of claims, followed by power tools (10%) and laptops (10%).

Although popular culture might think differently, in fact televisions account for just 3% of claims, as their increasing size (despite the flatness) have made them more difficult to steal, the insurer said. And it's far easier to ride a bike as a getaway vehicle than a 50" flatscreen.

"With the nights drawing in, it is perhaps unsurprising that thefts increase, as there are more opportunities for burglars to strike without being seen," said Kate Lomas, head of Direct Line home insurance.

"Items such as bicycles, gardening tools and golf equipment are amongst the most sought-after items, so if items must be stowed away outside the home, homeowners should make sure they are safe and secure," he finished, quite unnecessarily.

Top 10 claims

1. Bicycles

2. Mobile phones

3. Power tools

4. Laptops

5. Tablet computers

6. Cameras

7. Golf equipment

8. Gardening tools

9. Audio equipment

10. TVs

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  • jaffacake
    how many people keep their bicycles in their homes? i'll bet the ones that do, still have their bike. so many just park them in the back garden unlocked, so they get stolen and are the subject of insurance claims.

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