When you buy from Very, you'll be speaking to the dead

Bitterwallet - Very logoIt's always nice when the IT department has a bit of a laugh, innit? Their silly jokes do make us all smile. They're not much help to customers of online catalogue store Very, though.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Claire has an issue with goods she recently returned, in that they don't match up to any of her orders. At least somebody is looking at the problem:

Bitterwallet - Very.co.uk email

A quick call to Very's customer service team to speak about the issue, and unsurprisingly nobody called 'Jane Doe' is aware of Claire's issue. Worse, customer services aren't in on the gag, and will waste your time while they try and find Jane Doe before admitting they don't exist.

What a thoroughly disingenious and pointless addition to a customer-facing email. The IT department have been watching too much CSI again - the Las Vegas version, hopefully, and not the implausable techni-coloured editfuckery of Miami.


  • Crazzy
    look at the size 22XL . lol NO OFFENCE LOL , offcourse offence
  • Bazinga
    It would have been funnier if it had been from Maurice Gibb.
  • Jamie F.
    Using Jane Doe is the ultimate offence in this email. A misdirected system generated email can be forgiven. I know this as I once used a customer example name of Phil McAverty. It's particularly insulting if you're a size 10 to receive an email about size 22 XL jeans?
  • Mark C.
    I very (scuse the pun) much doubt it's anything to do with the IT bods - chances are that's a blank field in a form that either warehouse or customer service are meant to fill in, and either someone was having a little joke, or the person who wrote the original template bunged 'Jane Doe' in as a placeholder, and it just defaults to that.
  • james d.
    She might have amnesia? Don't you people watch TV??

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