Ultralase customer services in ham-fisted cross-eyed debacle

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you looking at me or into next Tuesday? Well, you must have boss eyes or some similar visual impediment, in which case you need Ultralase - they're the chaps that blast your wonky goggles with lazer beams.

Not only do they want to help restore your sight regardless of its current condition, but they want to do it NOW. Bitterwallet reader Anna recalls the joy of dealing with their passive-aggressive customers services department.

A few days ago, I got a direct mail letter from Ultralase. I can't remember how I signed up to it in the first place. I called the freephone number in the letter, and asked "Adam" to remove me from the mailing list. He sounded pretty depressed about it, but went ahead and did it for me. Or so I thought.

Today, a pretty thick A4 envelope arrived on my mat, again, from Ultralase. The letter read:

"Thank your for enquiring about Ultralase vision correction, I am delighted to enclose your information pack..."

It included an offer letter, a price listing, a question sheet and a booklet all about them.

Once again, I called the freephone number, and asked "John" why I had been sent more information in the post when I specifically requested to be taken off the mailing list list. His reply?

"Oh... the buttons on the screen are very close together."

What buttons would those be, then? DELETE FROM MAILING LIST or SEND AN ENVELOPE OF UNWANTED SHIT IMMEDIATELY? If it was a case of hitting the wrong button, we're not sure how that'd automatically dispatch a catalogue. Maybe Ultralase should be offering staff free treatment or at the very least, eye tests.


  • Adam
    That sounds about right. I entered a competition to win laser eye surgery and I made sure that I ticked the box that said "DO NOT SEND ME MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS" or words to similar effect. A few days later a letter from them turns up. I work in direct marketing myself and was extremely annoyed at this. So just to test them and make sure that I didnt tick the wrong box I did the exact same but using my work address. Despite ticking "DO NOT MAIL" a few days later another bloody letter turns up. I think Ultralase need to check up on the data protection act. Has anyone else had trouble like this with Ultralase? If you have, report it to http://www.ico.gov.uk/ if enough of us do it they may take action against them.
  • ann d.
    Yes, lots of problems with Ultralase. Had CK treatment over a year ago which has left me with wonky vision, their aftercare has been dire and basically they don't give a damn.

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