TalkTalk and Tiscali forced to refund £2.5m to customers

_49746535_009043797-1Between them, TalkTalk and Tiscali are almost £2.5 million more skint than before, after paying out refunds to customers who were billed for services that they had already cancelled.

Sums averaging £40 per customer have been paid out to thousands of customers following the colossal cock-up, which TalkTalk say came about when they introduced a new billing system after buying Tiscali in 2009. Ofcom received more than 1,000 complaints about the ‘aggressive demands for payment’ although they believe that as many as 62,000 people could have been affected.

Following an Ofcom investigation in the debacle, anyone who was wrongly billed by the companies since 1st January 2010 should be refunded. Additionally, credit ratings must be amended (if affected) by the relevant credit rating agencies. TalkTalk and Tiscali will also be sending thousands of hand-drawn sad-face pictures out to affected customers, with the word ‘Sorry’ written on them in brightly-coloured glitter.

Of course they won’t.



  • Dick
    So they charge customers too much, keep their money for ages, then have to refund just the overpayments that they took. These guys should be fined heavily, not just have to pay back what is not theirs.
  • iphone u.
    in effect is this not stealing as if i did this to a shop/supermarket i would get arrested

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