Stop Apple from deleting your music

Apple deleting music

Have you been using Apple Music, and found that your music library has been deleted by the tech giants? Have you found that they've replaced versions of songs for another one?

That sounds wildly irritating, but it is something that users of the service have had happen to them.

Thankfully, there's a really simple way of stopping this from happening.

First off, go to your Apple Music options, and make sure that you haven't selected the 'Remove Download' option, because if you have, it'll delete the original off your computer if you remove it from iTunes.

You also need to make sure that Apple knows that the computer which has all your tunes on it is your primary device.

If possible, get an external hard-drive too. Store all your media on there, just in case.

Or, you can back your library up online, using either Time Machine, or a cloud service like OneDrive, Dropbox or whatever.

For many, Apple Music has been more trouble that it is worth, as some have found that they can lose their entire music library if they unsubscribe from the service.

After 30 days, everything gets deleted.

As the iTunes terms of use says: "The “iCloud Music Library" is turned on automatically when you set up your Apple Music Subscription."

"When your Apple Music Subscription terms ends, you will lose access to any songs stored in your iCloud Music Library."

The best thing you can do when syncing your music with a third party service such as Apple Music is to back it up first. Either use Time Machine to store a local copy, or upload it to a cloud service such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

As long as you have the original files, you will never lose access to them. They are, after all, your property.

There's no telling why or how Pinkstone's music library was deleted from his computer, but the nuances of Apple Music's file handling and misinformation after the fact by "Amber," the Apple support representative who told Pinkstone this was normal, didn't help the matter.

If you have a copy of the music on your hard-drive, Apple won't remove it entirely, but there's been a spate of problems, as chronicled in this blog which is doing the rounds.

Either way, if you have an Apple device, make sure everything is backed up.

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