Sorry, but Bitterwallet can't cancel your Orange contract

We know how it is. You sign a new contract, pick a new handset. Then it all goes horribly wrong. You lose your job. You didn't check network coverage where you live. Another mobile provider brings out a better tariff. It happens all the time.

Sad stories, all of them. But Bitterwallet can't really help you out.

It's not that we don't want to. We're probably receiving half a dozen emails a week from Orange customers. Some have genuine issues with Orange - in those cases we'll either highlight their plight or pass them on to Orange. As far as the rest are concerned, we do our best to email back and explain that no, you can't cancel a contract - consumer law covers many things, but not the right to a nicer handset when you feel like one. Some examples:

I have been told by Orange that I can only consider upgrading in November 2011. That is the first issue I have, the second one is that I have never seen, read, or signed any contract whatsoever.

The reason I want to cancel my contract, besides the obvious misleading me in the sales process, and denying me the right to the handset I actually wanted, I literally just cannot afford it any longer.

Yo, I read you can cancal my contract with Orange. I'm bored with my Nokia N95 and a button is broke (can't call numbers with 6 in them) if I give you my number can you call Orange and cancal my contract?

hi just read article on orange increased charges for going over your allowence dated end of last year i have two contracts taken out before the increase what i want to know is can i write to them requesting to cancell them with no further payments to be made can you please advise thanks

Look, we're not taking the piss, but for avoidance of doubt, anything we wrote about cancelling your Orange contract last year isn't necessarily relevant now. Nor do we offer to call Orange and cancel your contract on your behalf, and nor is choosing yourself a crappy phone any sort of justification for wanting to quit. Cheers!


  • hopeful?
    Well what bloody use are you? Right...time to lower my expectations...if you can't sort my orange contract out then just get me a date with jennifer garner and we'll call it quits...unless EVEN THAT is beyond you...?
  • hopeful?
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  • avid f.
    So do you do Readers digest cancellations at least?
  • hopeful?
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  • jonstorm2000
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  • jonstorm2000
    actually no, i'm just going to be greedy. Jennifer Ellison and Jennifer Lopez
  • the h.
    hmmmm---jennifer ellison and jennifer lopez? jonstorm2000 likes da bigger girls :-)
  • Hershel R.
    Ok so you can't do Orange contracts but can you ring up O2 for me and cancel my contract with them? I want an iPhone, whereas i'm stuck with a shitty nokia right now. Also can you fix it for me to meet spiderman?
  • GMail U.
    WTF IS DIS REAL (sorry, couldn't resist)
  • laugh m.
    dear jim, could you fix it for me to meet a bunch of middle aged virgins operating a site that really need to get a life?
  • laugh m.
    yeah yeah - take it lol...i must be the only sane one left
  • Vibeone
    Right…time to lower my expectations…if you can’t sort my orange contract out then just get me a date with jennifer garner and we’ll call it quits…unless EVEN THAT is beyond you…?
  • laugh m.
    de ja vu
  • issac h.
    Orange CS make Team Pixmania look less crap than they really are.
  • Sam
    Aiight Bitawallit, cn u cncel mii fone contract I got a £70 a monf fone contract 4 1 of dem ifones innit but i only ern 50p a year as a 90 year old prostitute wiv clap. thx, Catrisha
  • Jack
    How can someone be so stupid to be misled into a contract, what an idiot. Also you can upgrade whenver you like, WITH YOUR OWN MONEY during the contact. They were alright claiming a free phone, but confused by the 24 month subsidised contract to pay for it
  • The B.
    Dear Mr Wallet I am representing Orange Nigeria, one of your clients, a Mr Chav Dickhead has signed a contract for 35 years with us but he has overpaid and we need to refund him, please give us your bank account details and the sum of £30000 and we will give him a new phone, release him from his contract, get him a date with Courtney Love, make his penis a full 5 inches long and give him a refund of 1 billion, gagillion, fafillion, shabolubalu million illion yillion...yen. Thanks you and may your God go with you, Mr P Suremoneyaway.
  • Codify
    Wow, people are retards.
    What a bunch of nobs getting into contracts just to get the latest phone free or on the cheap. Pay As You Go no problems, when you run out of credit you buy some more and no monthly bills.
  • That t.
    You've been sucked in by consumerism and great marketing. You haven't really got any friends, you just phone and text people and fiddle with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to make it look as though you do, you even use your phone too much to make Orange think you've got lots of friends, you haven't. You now want a new phone becasue you don't want people to think you've got a shit phone, and you want to lock yourself into a contract yet again and so the cycle continues. Those people wh phone, text, and tweet you are just doing the same thing, idiots.
  • Nobby
    Part of the problem here is the way people think about tarriffs. Have a look on HUKD, and virtually all cotract mobiles are advertised as £20 or whatever, that is, the per month price. They don't look nowhere near as good if they place the full contract price. So people think of the price as £20, not £480 over the length of the contract. Admittedly these people are stupid, but then maybe if the full contract price had to be placed in the cost box rather than a monthly cost, then there woud be less confusion for the thickos.

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