Solar Eclipse: where to buy your glasses from

Solar-EclipseThere's a solar eclipse in the UK tomorrow and, as most of you will know, the air quality is so lousy that we won't really be able to see it. Not to mention the fact that, for most of the country, it'll be a partial eclipse.

That said, it is still reasonably exciting as these things don't happen all that often.

However, you won't want to stare directly at the sun because that's a fool's errand - a fool with magnificently sore eyeballs.

So where can you get some special solar eclipse glasses from then? Well, if you can get Amazon to deliver for tomorrow morning with your Prime account, then click here and order them fast. However, you might not trust the postal system to get them to you on time.

One sure fire way of getting them in your hand is to get down the magazine racks and pick up a copy of the Sky at Night magazine, where you can get some for free (unless they've all been nicked already). If you're a welder, you don't have to bother with all this and you can just gawp at the sun in your welding mask.

The last eclipse in 1999 saw petrol stations, newsagents and supermarkets selling the special glasses, so you might be in luck there.

It is worth remembering though, that any glasses you buy should be CE approved, unless you're not too bothered about the wellbeing of your eyeballs.

If you prefer, you can make a pinhole camera to view the partial eclipse, with the help of this video below.

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