Refunds galore for purchasers of Disney's baby DVDs

news_einstein_635184a UK-based parents who have shelled out for Disney’s not-exactly-cheap range of Baby Einstein DVDs could be in line for refunds following claims by so-called experts who say that plonking children under the age of two in front of the TV is harmful.

The sickly entertainment giant is offering refunds on up to four DVDs returned per household in the United States following the claims, although the move might also have something to do with the threat of a nappy-whiffy class action suit from irate American parents.

The Baby Einstein range launched in 1997 and is aimed specifically at ickle tiny babies, with the DVDs showing soothing images accompanied by classical music. An early Disney claim was that the DVDs could “foster the development of your toddler’s speech and language skills.”

But joy-killing ‘experts’ at the University Of Washington now say that for every hour per day spent watching baby DVDs, infants understood on average six to eight fewer words than children who did not watch television. It is not known how many of these extra words are profanities or the names of cigarette and alcohol brands.

We look at it this way – if they’re indoors, safely watching a DVD, they’re not outside throwing their shoes at each other or drinking dirty water out of puddles . It’s life – someone or something is always going to get damaged one way or another.

There has been no decision as yet as to whether UK-based owners of Baby Einstein DVDs will be eligible for refunds.


  • In f.
    What a stupid load of twoddle. So "they" have decided that toddlers that watch these DVDs understand a few less words. What are the benefits of watching these things then? Have they done a study into that? Probably not. They don't give a fuck. Apparently, knowing more words is more important than oh I don't know... visual recognition and memory development for example. Who knows? No-one. "They" haven't studied it. Fuck "Them".
  • celebrex b.
    Good post. I will post it in my twitter account.

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