Orange changes premium rate number charges

Bitterwallet - Orange logoAvid Bitterwallet reader Anthony has been in touch about Orange changing the pricing of specific premium rate numbers, following a text he received from the service provider:

Hi from Orange. From 1 Mar we're making some changes to the charges for calling 09 premium rate numbers. Go to for more info

Anthony has asked if this is a change to the terms and conditions of his contract - can such a change trigger the right to cancel a contract without material?

The current charges for 09 premium rate numbers are between 51p and £1.74 per minute. Rather helpfully, Orange's link to the new premium rates results in a 404 error, but we'll assume Orange are increasing, rather than decreasing the charges.

A quick look at the Terms of a typical Pay Monthly contract states that the Inclusive Minutes element means calls to UK landlines (numbers beginning with 01, 02 or 03) and UK mobile numbers only. Premium rate numbers are typically not inclusive and attract an additional charge to any minimum monthly tariff.

In other words, any increase in premium rate numbers does not affect the core terms of your contract - you can still receive the minimum service Orange promised to deliver without having you to pay more every month. Therefore, we don't think there's a right to cancel without fee in this instance.


  • Marc B.
    I disagree. 4.3 says: "You may also terminate your Contract if we vary its terms, resulting in an excessive increase in the Charges or changes that alter your rights under this Contract to your detriment." "Charges" are defined as: "all charges for Services, as published in our periodically updated Orange Price Guide. These include any reasonable administration charges." "Services" are defined as: "the Network and other Services, including Orange Additional Services, provided or procured by us for you to use." "Orange Additional Services" include premium rate services. So if you can prove the changes are detrimental, you can cancel your contract.
  • Marc B.
    Ah, doesn't apply to Orange Additional Services. Damn.
  • Marc F.
    Nice try bum fluff
  • Laurence
    The orange website link is working for me now:
  • david
    has any one successfully canceled a contract due to this change in the prices? i am not happy with my service and am dying for a get out.
  • dvdj
    Wasn't last years change in term which entitled cancelations changes to premium rate number 0845 etc? Isn't this the same thing?
  • Mark C.
    I'm less bothered about charges for calling premium rate numbers than the ridiculous cost of calling 0845 numbers from a mobile - T-Mobile charge 40p a minute for a supposedly 'local rate' number, and it's virtually impossible to avoid having to phone these numbers, as it's usually the only effective means of contacting most organisations.
  • Tim
    Mark C - Check out There's always a geographical alternate to 0870, 0845 etc numbers (if not a technical necessity, a legal one possibly). It's just a case of someone finding out what it is. The above web site is such a place to list them. Orange changing the prices is largely irrelevant to me unless I wanted out of a contract as I never call premium numbers from my mobile. But then I have Wireless LAN on my phone and use a SIP VoIP service instead so pay 1p/min instead.

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