Never mind the prosecco shortage - here's the best alternatives

CAVAThis week, we've seen a lot of hysterical press about the 'prosecco shortage'. Middle-aged mums are preparing to riot, and Waitrose customers have been seen wandering the streets in a daze, distraught.

Of course, there's been a spike in prosecco sales in recent years, and the talk of drinking Italy dry of the fizzy plonk is not good news if you're a fan of getting stuck into it.

You'll be pleased to know that there's no real need to start stockpiling bottles of prosecco, as there's a load of alternatives you can choose from, and no, they're not going to break the bank. Let us show you some of the fizzy alternatives - sadly, we can't do anything for your hangovers.

Asti Spumante

If you demand some sweet fizz, you can get into Asti Spumante. At M&S, you can get a case for £42 if you're going to drink a lot of it, or it'll set you back £7 a bottle. It's a fresh, sweet thing, which you can buy here.

Crémant de Jura

If you're after something dry, you can get Cremant de Jura from Aldi for the very reasonable price of £7.29. It is one of those neutral-but-nice drinks that'll please most people. It available here.

Cava Heretat El Padruell Rosé Brut 

This pink Spanish number will cost you around £8, and is made with pinot noir in the mix. Basically, this one has a tanginess that you might associate with berries. Rose isn't the swear word it once was either. Available at M&S.

Lindauer Special Reserve Blanc de Blancs NV New Zealand

For £11.99, you can try this rascal that comes from 100% Chardonnay grapes. It is citrusy, and is a lighter alternative to champagne. An absolute steal this, and available from here.

Sainsburys Blanc de Noirs NV Brut

For a supermarket own-brand, this champagne is very good. Dry, without feeling like you need a Rennie with it, it is a mix of pinot noir and pinot meunier, if you are into that sort of thing. It tastes good, basically. £18 and available here.

Four Cans of Beer

Or, if all this makes you feel pointlessly nauseous, you can just nip down the off-licence and get yourself four cans of beer and a packet of big bag of crisps.

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