Need a refund from Alton Towers?

alton_towersAfter the awful accident at Alton Towers yesterday, you may have had tickets booked today, only to find out that the theme park is closed. Bosses at Alton Towers aren't saying when it'll be open again.

The park will stay closed while investigators look into the cause of the incident.

If you have tickets for today, then you'd be wise to avoid the confusing maze that is the Alton Towers website. If you're in no rush, you can contact them through a form on the website, here.

However, if you'd like to ring them and speak to a human, then you can ring them at 0871 222 3330. If you'd like a cheaper alternative number, then call the direct number 01538 703344, which bypasses the expensive 0871 numbers.

Another alternative to try is 0843 903 3269. You must provide reasonable proof of purchase.

If you have a ticket and want to write, contact: Refunds Department, Kingshouse Travel, Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, Perthshire, FK19 8NY enclosing your ticket and an explanation as to why you could not use it.

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  • Woo M.
    Dear Alton Tower i had purchased a ticket online with detil as follows: Reservation number : [removed] date : 4 june 2015 the alton tower is not open for bussiness . Please advice on the refund . Thanks Regards ****NOTE**** Hi, we're a news source, so we can't perform refunds for companies that we write about.

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