Mum finds bugs in baby milk formula

baby A mum made the grim discovery of bugs in the baby milk formula she was about to feed her kid.

Amanda Keller told the Mirror that she was making bottles for her newborn, and found that there was a creepy crawly in it. She looked further in the SMA powder, and found another insect in it. She said: "I actually couldn't believe my eyes, it gives me the creeps just thinking about it now but they were there plain as day to see and I've actually wrapped them up and kept them."

"If it was anything else I probably wouldn't mind so much but this is powder for my babies’ milk so I feel quite strongly about it."

"I emailed SMA to complain and I left my number for a call back but I still haven’t heard anything I know it was the Christmas holidays but still, it’s the principle of the matter."

"Some people might think it’s not a big deal but it is where babies are concerned. I think I made three bottles out of that tub before I noticed the bugs so I keep panicking thinking 'what if I fed the newborn one, what if she swallowed one?' I mean would that be harmful in any way?"

"I can’t use any other formula so I can’t just stop using SMA for that reason but I think I’ll be happier once I’ve spoken to someone from the company. I've wrapped the little bugs up so SMA can see the proof and if they want to investigate further, I can send them straight back to them."

Now the papers are on it, a spokesperson from SMA has apologised: "We are committed to the safety, quality and hygiene of our products and we take reports like this very seriously. We have apologised to Amanda Keller for the delay in responding to her inquiry during the Christmas and New Year break."

"Insects are strictly controlled by inspections on line, by specialised contractors, preventative spraying and the use of insect-o-cuters. We are unfortunately unable to explain how the insects gained access to her powder. As is our standard practice we have asked Amanda to return the tin and the contents to us so that we can conduct a thorough examination."

So there you have it. If you have any SMA formula, keep an eye out for bugs.

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