Letter template to cancel TalkTalk account

TalkTalkIf you want to leave TalkTalk after their data breach, without penalty, then we've knocked up a letter you can use to try and make this happen.

Crib notes from it, or cut-and-paste the whole thing. Of course, they might try it on and aim to fine you for leaving your account early, but if you're willing to stick at it, they should let you go.

Send your letter to: Customer Relations Department, TalkTalk Group, PO Box 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW
Email: [email protected]

You'll be giving them 14 days to reply and sort this out, which is the law. If they don't, you can cancel your direct debit with them as they're in breach of contract and indicate that they're acceptance of your terms within the letter.

Give 'em hell!

Letter Template To Cancel TalkTalk Account After Data Breach

Dear Sir or Madam,

Account number: [account number here]

This letter is my formal notice to tell you that I am closing my account following the cyber attack on your systems on October 21st. In your terms and conditions, section 18, it states that: "We're committed to protecting and preserving any information you give to us." You have failed to do this. Furthermore, your Privacy Policy clearly states that you will only share my private information with organisations outside of TalkTalk with my consent.

It is clear that you, TalkTalk, are in material breach of these clauses and, with the hack in October 2015 being the third on TalkTalk's systems within a year, this represents a clear failure to secure my details. You have failed to take the agreed safeguards and have failed to secure my, the customer, personal details, which has resulted in my personal information being exposed to third parties who do not have consent from myself.

As a result, I want you to terminate my contract without any penalty. I will insist that you send written confirmation to me that will allow me to move to a new provider, without cost, within 14 days of receiving this letter.

After the 14 day period, you will receive no more payments from me, and should you proceed to harm my credit over non-payments, I will be forced to take further legal action over any costs accrued.

[print name here]
[write account number again]
[address here]


  • boomshakala
    Great piece of info guys! Just an FYI i think more people will be willing to chat/comment on posts if you use Disqus. Its much better ...Anyone agree? (no replies = people don't like the current comment section)
  • Alex
    Not fussed either way, but at the least a HotUKdeals login should work :)
  • Harrysmate
    Just how legally acceptable or valid is the letter above ?
  • Andy n.
    It doesn't work. Trust me

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