How To... get a free home fire safety check

electrical fireDid you know that you can get a free home fire safety check? This is particularly valuable if you have a vulnerable member of the family or an elderly relative who might need their house checking.

While Home Fire Risk Assessments or a Home Fire Safety Check can sound a bit heavy, you can get the once over by members of your local fire and rescue service.

If you have a thing for people turning up at your house in firefighting uniforms, parking a fire engine outside your home, without you having to torch your sofa, you're in luck. These checks will be carried out by operational firefighters.

You can get them to come 'round at your convenience (although they might have to leg it if there's an actual fire that needs putting out elsewhere). The checks are completely free and, once they've sussed out the situation, you may also be eligible for free smoke alarms to be fitted. They'll do that for you too, which is nice.

When visiting, the fire staff will look at potential risks in your house, as well as give advice on how to escape your property in the event of a fire.

You can find your local Fire and Rescue Service by clicking here. Book an appointment with them directly, and they will advise on what happens from there. You can also make enquiries on behalf of another person.

And remember, for your own sanity or someone else's, all Fire and Rescue personnel have photo ID and you should ask to see it. If you're suspicious, you can ring their base. You won't ever be asked for any money, and anyone who does is a scam artist, so sling 'em out of the house or phone the police on them.

This is a very valuable service that not many people use, so get on it and make your home a little safer.

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