How to fix iPhone is Disabled message

How to fix iPhone is Disabled message

It seems a lot of people have been having problems with a message that appears on your iPhone, that says 'iPhone is disabled' and the like.

Sometimes you get it because your child messed up the passcode; there's other ways of getting it too, but what's important to know is that there's a way you can fix it without having to go to an Apple Store.

And you'd be surprised at how easy it is to do - there's no need to get the screwdrivers out or anything like that.

How To Fix My iPhone That Is Showing 'iPhone Is Disabled' Error Message

Firstly, you have to go into the DFU Mode and restore your phone.

'DFU' actually stands for Device Firmware Update, and basically, it is different to the normal 'recovery' mode. Seeing as the firmware is the thing that starts your phone up, we need to fix that if it is unresponsive.

To do this, the timing needs to be just right, so you might need to have a couple of goes at it. Don't worry if you don't do it first time.

1. Attach your iPhone to your Mac or PC with a USB cable. It helps if it the same computer you've previously synced your iTunes to, but not essential.

2. Open iTunes on your computer.

3. For 3 seconds, hold down the sleep/wake button. If you've done it right, the 'Slide to Power Off' display will appear.

4. Slide the switch to turn off your phone.

5. A spinning icon should appear - wait for that to go away, and the power-off is done.

6. Now we need to activate the DFU mode. Press and hold both the Home button, and the Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds. It needs to be 10 seconds too, so use a clock or the time off your TV to help you keep an accurate count.

7. After the count of 10, keep the Home button pressed, but let go of the Sleep/Wake button.

8. You should now get an alert on your computer which says: "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes."

9. Click OK.

10. On iTunes, you should see your phone in the 'Devices' bit. Click it, and you'll see a window that says 'iPhone Recovery Mode' along with a message that says: "If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore iPhone."

11. Click 'Restore iPhone'.

12. Then, exit the DFU mode by holding down the Home button and Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo shows on your iPhone's screen.

That should do it. If you have a child that keeps doing this to your phone, or whatever, then you need to get into the habit of backing up your photos, music, and anything else you want to keep.

Apple have a guide on how to back-up your media, here.

Can You Restore an iPhone Without iTunes?

You can try and restore your iPhone from the iCloud backup. If you've been syncing your phone through that, then here's what to do.

1. Log into another device, and go to

2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

3. Click 'All Devices' at the top.

4. Select the device you'd like to erase.

5. Click 'Erase [your device]' to erase your phone and its passcode.

6. Restore your phone from backup

I've Tried Everything And Nothing Is Working!

Well, you're going to have to go down the Apple shop and see what they can do for you. Chances are, they'll end up doing a factory reset, which means you'll lose all your photos and the like, but you'll have a working phone.

From there, look into ways of backing up your media, so you don't have to lose everything in the future.

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