How To... fix a Samsung Galaxy Tab that won't turn on

Fix Galaxy Tab that won't turn on

A number of people have been cursing their luck, with problems with their Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets.

People have found that the devices are switching themselves off, and then not switching back on again.

You could be using it as normal, checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush or whatever, and suddenly, your screen goes black and the thing won't charge up when you plug it in.

Attaching it to a computer doesn't do anything either?

Some people have noted that this happens when you've got a reasonable amount of charge (up to 60% in some cases), but don't worry just yet - there's ways you can fix this and it is surprisingly easy.

How To Fix My Samsung Tablet When It Won't Charge

Grab your Samsung tablet and press and hold the power button and volume-up button at the same time. You'll need to do this for 15 seconds.

It might take numerous attempts, but it should work.

Sometimes it works better when you've got it plugged in, or attached to your computer via the USB cable, but this should fix your problem.

Then, leave it to charge up and you should have a working device again.

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