How To... dispute a fine from the Dartford Crossing

Dartford Crossing Fine Dispute

Many drivers have referred to the Dartford Crossing as an absolute shambles, and a number of motorists have been fined for using the crossing when they've not even used it.

It seems that the problems stem from licence plates being misread by the automated camera systems which are in place. Worse still, is that some people have been chased and threatened with legal action for journeys they've never made.

Of course, with things like this, some drivers just pay up to avoid the fines increasing or any further hassle.

Auto Express have said that 80% of appeals have been upheld, however, only one in every 25 motorists have actually appealed. The whole system has confused many drivers, and payments must be made on the phone or online, as there's no toll booths at the Dartford Crossing on the M25.

The signs at the crossing are confusing drivers, and an AA poll found that 60% of drivers were getting confused by the whole thing.

However, when complaints are made, drivers are finding that mistakes made by cameras are not being rectified when people ring to dispute them, and errors are not being corrected in a timely fashion.

Appealing Against A Dartford Crossing Fine

To appeal a fine for the Dartford Crossing, click here. Or, if you want to make a complaint about anything, you can do that online by clicking here.

You'll need a number of things to make your complaint: you'll need the date of crossing, the registration number for your vehicle, and any other information you might think is relevant to the case (so, if you have a receipt from shopping somewhere which will prove you weren't using the crossing at the time of the penalty, that might help).

If you don't want to complain online, you can do it by phone or letter.

0300 300 0120 from the UK, or +44 300 300 0120 if you're outside. If you're complaining by post: Customer Services Manager, Dart Charge Customer Services, PO Box 842, Leeds, LS1 9QF

To challenge the penalty, get in touch with the authority who issued the fine within 28 days of being served, quoting your penalty charge notice (PCN) number, and explain why you shouldn't pay.

Fines are being waived if you're a first time offender.

If they decide to be idiots, then take it to an independent adjudicator. There'll be details on how to dispute any fines on the penalty charge notice itself.

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  • toomanychoices

    Dartford Crossing obviously needs to get its finger out and sort this, there was a problem recently where people were being charged twice. This is elementary stuff chaps, have a word with the London congestion charge people if you're not sure what you're doing.

    But who on earth is paying a fine they haven't actually incurred because they can't be bothered? More money than sense! 

    Someone should step in an offer to sort out these mistakes for half the fine - that would be a nice little earner, wouldn't it? ;o)

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