How to... deal with nuisance calls

If you read the headline and thought: "The best way of dealing with a nuisance call is to tell them to [insert expletive here]!", then you're golden. You don't need any of Bitterwallet's advice.

However, if you'd like to deal with them through the official channels and stop cold-callers from mithering you all the time, we decided to put some tips together. This comes after the solar energy company who were hit with a record fine for their complete disregard for the rules.

Why Are They Ringing Me?

Call-centres have huge collections of numbers and ring everyone up. They're a pain, but for the most part, at least they're indiscriminate.

What's The Law Regarding Cold Callers?

Since April, if you tell the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) that spam calls have caused "substantial damage or substantial distress", then the company responsible can be slapped around with a fine. They can be fined up to £500,000.

How Do I Avoid These Nuisance Calls?

When you sign up for anything, if you tick a box that allows a company to send marketing things to you, and share your details with 'trusted' pals of theirs, you could end up being spammed by people down the phone. There's a lot of money made by companies selling on your details to third parties.

You can also register with the free Telephone Preference Service, which aims to prevents companies from contacting you. It isn't going to stop everyone, but it will stop many. To put your number on the list, phone 0845 070 0707 or go to If a persistent caller is hassling you, you can make an official complaint to the ICO. Make notes on how often a company is calling and what time of day they're doing it, as that'll help the ICO officers. Click here to do that.

And If They Are Still Getting Through After All That?

Find the offices of the company who are pestering you and defecate through their letterbox. It won't stop the calls, but it might make you feel better. We will not bail you out if you get arrested for doing this.

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    Yeah, shit on their doormat. That helps...

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