Get iOS 10 on your iPhone now!

Get iOS 10 on your iPhone now!

If you're itching to get at Apple's new operating system, you can have it today, provided you don't mind it being a little bit glitchy.

The latest version operating system of the iPhone and iPad - iOS 10 - is now available for you to try out, in beta version. You might want to wait until it is completely reliable, but you also might not want to wait 'til Autumn to play with it.

There's big changes to the Messages app (with the 'invisible ink' messaging feature, and more emoji and the like) and the Music app has been given a rejig, so it looks much cleaner and simple to use.

Want it now? Here's how:

Back up your phone before you do anything else. If you've never done this before, connect your device to your computer and run iTunes. It'll give you the option of backing up your phone.

Should anything go wrong, you'll be able to restore you phone to the way it was before you tried the update.

Then, you'll need to sign your device up to Apple's Beta Software Program. That's easy enough.

Hit this link:

Then, visit in your phone's Safari browser, and you'll be allowed to download the configuration profile. There'll be instructions on-screen, don't worry.

Restart your device when you're told to, head to Settings, then General, then Software Update.

And woosh, you should be able to download and install iOS 10. Easy peasy.

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