Finally, disgraced lawyer Andrew Crossley is dealt with by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

..double fist pump for justice..

The lawyer that brought shame on the legal profession by sending speculative letters to "illegal file sharers" has finally been sentenced by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

If you haven't been following our coverage, the cases brought against Andrew Crossley were decided in July 2011. An out of court settlement was reached between ACS:Law and the claimants (accused file sharers). The only issue remaining was how best to deal with Andrew Crossley. The charges being faced by Crossley:

1) Allowed his independence to be compromised

2) Acted contrary to the best interests of his clients

3) Acted in a way that was likely to diminish the trust the public places in him or in the legal profession

4) Entered into arrangements to receive contingency fees for work done in prosecuting or defending contentious proceedings before the Courts of England and Wales except as permitted by statute or the common law

5) Acted where there was a conflict of interest in circumstances not permitted, in particular because there was a conflict with those of his clients

6) Used his position as a Solicitor to take or attempt to take unfair advantage of other persons being recipients of letters of claim either for his own benefit or for the benefit of his clients.

7) Acted without integrity in that he provided false information in statements made to the Court.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal handed down their judgment yesterday and decided that Crossleys conduct was deserving of a two year suspension from practising as a lawyer and ordered to pay costs of £76,326.55. Ouch.

As part of his mitigation (sob story), Crossley claimed that his world had fallen apart as a result of this whole unsavoury incident and he was facing bankruptcy and could not even afford legal representation for the hearing.

So it seems that justice has been done. Is the judgment too harsh? Not harsh enough? Let us know your thoughts.


  • Dick
    I think he should be forced to spend a month in the cells, with "Tragedy" playing on a loop 24/7 for the entire month. Oh, the Steps version, not the Bee Gees one. Preferably an electronic copy that was downloaded by an illegal file sharer.
  • Kahuna
    He should be fucked repeatedly in the arse with a christmas tree until he dies or starts to enjoy it. As a solicitor, the latter is more likely.
  • Alan
    So he boasts of making a million soon after starting his escapades, and suddenly he has a fine for well under a tenth of that and he's got no money left and may go bankrupt. Hmmm..... This guy is a nasty piece of work.
  • Avon B.
    Hanging's too good for any of them.
  • nicholson101
    No legal representation? erm.... isn't he a solicitor.. although i wouldn't represent myself if i was him
  • jim
    in the words of Nelson from the Simpsons: HA HA
  • Hats o.
    Seems you lot have got it in for this poor sod. He has suffered and lost his reputation. He has lost all his money. You know, it has to be said... crop off his bollocks. Hanging it too good for him, off with his googlies. That's what I say.
  • JonB
    @nicholson101 "No legal representation? erm…. isn’t he a solicitor" Solicitors aren't trained to deal with representing someone in court. That's a barrister's job and they are not cheap. However, looking back over the story you can see that he did have a lot of money in the past: http: // / fMTC0
  • Kevin
    The fine, yes that's not bad, but his suspension should be a ban. Would have thought: '3) Acted in a way that was likely to diminish the trust the public places in him or in the legal profession' Was enough to do that.
  • oz
    Really sums up the ills of the current world, punishment not harsh enough I still come back to the maxim politicians lawyers and bankers, line them all up against the wall then........ and the world would be a better place.
  • John H.
    "I have far more concern over the fact of my train turning up ten minutes late or having to queue for a coffee than them wasting my time with this sort of rubbish". A measure of gloating is acceptable this week, I think. I also wonder whether bankrupt means he has no car these days, and he's had to sell his house to pay his creditors, and if not why not.
  • Kevin N.
    I reckon he should be made to fuck his own japseye with one on those pointy fish.
  • james
    Hi, I think to be fair, he did wrong he was tried and sentenced and punished There are murderers rapists, gangs, child molestors out there and who get jail and are then released and commit again. rehabilitation does not work, capital punishment should be used upon re-offending..........

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