Do YOU want to write for Bitterwallet?

Bitterwallet - we want YOU to write for BitterwalletAttention, avid Bitterwallet reader. Yes, that's you.

It's clear that you're a reasonably well-educated bunch, even if you do have potty mouths. You're a frugal lot with a keen eye for detail and you don't like to be screwed out of money. Some of you are even professionals by trade, by which we don't mean you're hookers. Sounds like you've all the attributes required to join Bitterwallet.

We're looking to put together a series of How-To Guides to carefully guide readers find through the landmine fields of consumer life. We've produced guides in the past (using hotel booking sites and avoiding parking fines, to name but two), but we want to expand on these for a dedicated section on the site.

So if a) you're literate, b) have a strong interest in consumer issues, c) already have a ton of ideas about what to cover, and d) can write sharp and snappy consumer guides, we'd very much like to hear from you. If you're successful, we'll even pay you. And if you're already working in consumer journalism and fancy a bit on the side, we're happy to indulge you too.

If you're interested, get in touch at [email protected]

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