Cancelling your Orange contract - a troubleshooting guide

UPDATE 12/08: Orange has now scrapped the ToS change following consumer upset and cancellations. Read full update and official statement here.

UPDATE 08/08/09: Comments as of late Friday indicate Orange are now refusing to cancel contracts if you did not go over contract allowance in the last 3 months. We will be contacting Ofcom and taking legal advice Monday and will post a response. More here.

So the good news is Orange have given you the perfect excuse to cancel your Orange contract - they're increasing the charges for minutes used beyond your allowance and other services from mid-September. The better news is that, judging by your comments, plenty of you are managing to do so without too much bother. The bad news is that for others, Orange customer services are telling outright lies and refusing to help.

Remember that you're not attempting to scam Orange; contracts are there to protect both parties concerned, not just the bigger of the two. If the terms and conditions allow you to cancel, Orange have no right to prevent you from doing so

Below is a troubleshooting guide for dealing with customer services, to help you through some of the scenarios you may find yourself in when attempting to cancel:

You're told the changes won't effect you because you don't currently exceed your monthly allowance of minutes
It doesn't matter whether you currently exceed your allowance or not, because the contract you agreed with Orange doesn't consider changes causing material detriment to you - i.e. whether it will increase your average bill. What your Orange contract actually says is:

4.3 You may also terminate your Contract if we vary its terms, resulting in an excessive increase in the Charges or changes that alter your rights under this Contract to your detriment.

In other words, it is your right to go over your allowance of minutes without paying more than you previously agreed to. Like voting and free speech, whether you choose to exercise this right is up to you, but Orange have agreed they cannot make changes that affect your rights without your agreement.

Action to take

Tell the operator that while you may not currently exceed your allowance, it's your right to do so, and that this is clearly stated in your Orange contract. Read the clause to the operator if you need to.

"Just cancelled my contact with 13months to go. no fees. operator did try the “but you don't use all your allowance so it doesn't effect you." I gave the stock reply of “but i might want to go over my allowance in the future." Her reply was “No problem, when would you like the contact to finish?" Result and I get to keep the phone." Ed-209

You're told you can only cancel if you've received a text message informing you of the changes - if you haven't, you can't

From what we can tell, the changes in charges are for all pay monthly contracts that commenced sometime after the end of May. A text message has been sent to some (but seemingly not all) customers informing them of the changes. Some customers are being told that if they haven't received the text then either a) they can't cancel, or b) they aren't eligible to cancel, or c) they will have to wait until they receive a text.

Let's take a quick look at two points in the contract:

4.3 In such cases [of wishing to terminate your contract] you would need to give us at least 14 days written notice prior to your Billing Date (and within one month of us telling you about the changes).
16.1 We regard you as having been given any information if it is either:
a) included in a mailing addressed to you
b) by voicemail, email text or other form of electronic message sent by us to your Device
c) communicated directly by any means.

What this means is that if changes are been made that affect your contract, then you don't need to receive a text - an operator communicating the changes directly over the phone is sufficient.

Action to take

If you've been told that you can only cancel if you've received a text, then politely ask: "Will the increases in call charges affect me?"

If the answer is no, then ask why not. Get a specific reason - it may be addressed by another point in this guide. You might be told you don't exceed your minute allowance, for example - in which case, see above.

If the answer is yes, then point out clause 16.1 of your Orange contract states that you can be informed of the changes by any agreed method, which includes direct communication with Orange. You've just been informed of the changes over the phone, and so you don't need to receive a text.

However, some comments have suggested that Orange are deliberately staggering the texts, which means there may be a valid reason as to why you haven't received one yet. If the operator still refuses and requests you wait until a text is sent, ask for a specific date when the text will be sent. It has to be before mid-August so you have 30 days to give notice. Agree that if you don't receive it on this date, that you can call back and cancel. Take the operator's full name and then ask for a note to be put on your account. If you have to call back again, point out that Orange are already in breach of contract by refusing to let you cancel.

"Spoke to CS and quoted the price increase saying that I'd heard it from a friend. They confirmed that the increase would affect me BUT, I had to wait until I had received a text as they have a “system" in place which means that those who have received the text will be able to cancel without the danger of still being charged the rest of the contract. I didn't believe this and told her so but she was insistent that I had to wait for a text." Theo

You're told you can only cancel your contract after the changes come into effect

This is just plain wrong. It is a lie, full stop. The contract states:

15.1 If you do not give notice within one month of our notifying you of any change(s), you will be taken to have accepted the change(s).

Therefore, if Orange do not accept your notice of cancellation and you wait until after the changes occur, you have no right to cancel.

Action to take

If you are told this, read clause 15.1 to the operator. Tell them you wish to give notice now, and by making you wait until after the changes occur they are in breach on contract.

You're told you can cancel, but you have to return your handset

Again, utter bollocks:

14.1 your Device is not a part of your Contract
Your Device and Accessories are acquired by you outside the terms of your Contract.

It's as simple as that, really.

Action to take

If you are told this, read clause 14.1 to the operator.

You're told you can cancel, but you can't have your PAC code

Orange don't want your business going elsewhere and so are deliberately putting obstacles in your way. This includes planting the seed that you might lose your current mobile number - after all, you may have used that number for years.

Judging by the comments from Bitterwallet readers, Orange are telling plenty of customers they can't have their PAC code (allowing them to transfer your number to another network). This is another lie. Unless there are complex issues with an account, Orange are required to transfer a customer's number within 2 business days of being asked to.

Action to take

Point out that Ofcom guidelines state that Orange are required to transfer your number - if you don't currently have another service provider, then this means they must provide a PAC code for you to give to your next provider.

If they still refuse, point out they are in breach of Ofcom guidelines and you'll be making a complaint. Or suggest they call an Ofcom specialist advisor on 0300 123 3333.

The Orange operator is rude and refuses to help

If your operator isn't interested in listening and becomes increasingly rude, politely thank them for their time and end the call. The reality is that some agents are courteous and helpful, while others don't care much for you or what you may have read on the internet, and will treat you like rebel scum.

Action to take

It's a lottery who'll take your call - there are dozens of operators, and they don't get to choose which calls they take - so if at first you don't succeed, try again.

"Got mine cancelled this morning but it took 3 calls. The first rep went through my call records and checked whether I'd gone over my inclusive minutes in the last 3 months - I hadn't so she said I wasn't eligible to cancel. The second asked me for the ref number of the text I got - I didn't have it to hand so I hung up and checked back -the only number on the text was 2472 so I made a note.
"The third rep was very friendly, put me on hold for a few minutes, came back and told me I could cancel and asked me if I wanted a PAC number. I did so had to take a months notice (no probs with that - gives me time to find a better deal). Then got asked how I heard about charges changes - said I got text - was asked what number text came from. Also got asked when I got the text. All was fine; expecting PAC in post at weekend.
"Keep trying but don't bother trying to argue it, just politely leave the call, you just need to get the right person." Grunthos


  • Graham
    Is there any way of finding out if this applies to business customers on business tariffs?
  • HappyCustomer
    Has o2 Changed anything...i so want to leave them lol
  • Wai
    Could i cancel and then go for an upgrade? e.g i have been with them for 2 years, when i renew in septemeber i am hoping for a really good offer. but if i cancel and go somewhere else it probabley will be more expensive...
  • Bill B.
    @Wai - No. If you cancel, you cancel.
  • Robert
    Wai, you can always try and negotiate a better deal when you call up with regards to the text to see if they offer you an even better deal
  • Stevie
    From reading other forums, does this not refer to contracts taken out PRIOR to the end of May 2009 as opposed to "contracts that commenced sometime AFTER the end of May"?
  • michelle
    Just cancelled mine, 2 operators, first on really rude and cut me off and the second tried to put up a fight but just quoted from this article and disconnection will happen tonight.
  • James
    Got mine cancelled after reading the original post - thanks very much! Only 4 months into the contract, but was costing me too much so was perfect timing. I phoned and she checked and asked if she could look for a better deal for me, I said I wanted to just cancel and my PAC is on its way!
  • Jase
    Got the text today....but the link in it doesn't work. Does anyone have a WORKING link that I can use to see the actual changes?
  • DarrylJohn
    This sounds awesome. Im currently on a £20 a month contract, and can effectively leave Orange, sign up to another contract, using Quidco, getting cashback, and selling the new phone i would get, which would come very close to actually covering a new contract... EG - the samsung jet goes for about £200ish - then say 40/60 quidco cash back. Leaving me with about 100/120 to pay...
  • Jase
    Can someone please verify which charges are these in the link below... Is this what's on right now, or what's coming into effect on Sept 14th?
  • MikeyT
    I called this morning and spoke to some dickwad who tried to claim that the contract only covered inclusive minutes and messages, called back a couple more times and the 3rd guy was amazing, basicly offered me my pac code before I asked for it. He said loads of people has been trying to 'blag it' without receiving the text message but he could see from my account that I had got it, so he did it for me there and then. 2 months in to a 24 month contract, result! Once you've got the text ring em up and mention it, they'll know what you're calling about straight away when you say you've got it.
  • Grunthos
    Sounds like you got the same guy I got in the final instance Mikey. Nice bloke, unlike the officious angry lady I was unfortunate enough to be barked at by on the first call.
  • Shadow
    ahahah not bad guys although i do feel a little sorry for orange
  • Spencer
    just a quick question... What would be the benefit of leaving orange and going over to say... T-mobile or O2? I get 400mins, unlimited txts and 2mb broadband - For £9.79 a month. Plus my magic numbers means I can call other orange users for free. I cant see the benefit of leaving, as I prob wouldnt get a better deal elsewhere.... Or would I?
  • Dave S.
    All you nob heads are doing is increasing tariffs for everyone else on Orange, you're cancelling your contracts just because you've had your phones 10 minutes and want a new one becasue phoneas are all you have to fill your sad little lives. Why the fuck did you get yourselves into contracts you don't want or can't afford in the first place? Dick heads.
  • A. r.
    Why did you delete my comment? there was 1 swear word in it. My comment was valid, a lot of people are cancelling their contracts for the sake of it so they get a new phone and contract, this makes tariffs higher for the people who don't want a new phone every 10 minutes, there are other comments that are pointless but still get published, you can't just choose which comments you want people to read, thats biasing the story to suit how you want it to look.
  • Darren
    can i put my request in writing ? tried 4 times on the phone now and getting nowhere
  • Yo
    anyone know if there is a similar thing on 3?
  • John F.
    Well using this guide I succesfully managed to cancel my contract with Orange. Took 4 operators and a lot of questioning but I got there in the end. As to the guy above, why should we just accept an obvious breach of contract, there is no way on earth that Orange would let us step out of line as regards the contract conditions so why should we let them do it? Anyway thanks to whoever wrote this guide, it helped a lot.!
  • A d.
    Dave Smith, you really are a numpty aren't you. Why don't you take out your frustration on the idiotic mobile company that is choosing to allow all these people to cancel by intentionally breaching their contracts? It's nobody else's fault you can't afford the contract you signed up to and are more than a little bitter, and clearly not too bright...
  • Linz
    @ Dave Smith & A. N. Oyed BW reader Some people may be doing it for the sake of it, but others might be doing it to: a) Save money, very important at this time. or b) Out of principle. Do you think that if you broke your side of the deal with Orange, they'd just shrug their shoulders and let you off? Nope. I don't think so. So why should customers do the same? A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties. One party cannot just decide that they want to change their obligations outlined in the contract and not expect the other party to have the right to rescind or revoke their agreement to this new contract. Consumer rights are incredibly important. Companies can all too easily trample all over the rights of individuals and attempt to lie about it while doing so. Orange should have known that what they were doing was going to be unpopular and they underestimated their informed customers. Instead of going down gracefully, they have operators calling people liars all the while telling them blatant mistruths in an attempt to keep their money. They have shot themselves in the foot by justifying concerns about their customer service and have frankly, suffered somewhat of a PR disaster. Whatever these peoples' motivations, faced with a company who believe that is a good policy, they will consider themselves justified in kicking them into touch. And you, my angry friends, can say nothing to change their minds.
  • james
    still now allowed my PAC code because apparently their prices being increased is a complex account issue grrr
  • Steve
    Hey guys, i'm not willing to be treated like a mug by Orange so I am cancelling! Two questions: 1. I bought my handset in an Orange shop, does this mean I may have to return it? 2. Which option are we going through on 150. I assume disconnections?
  • DarrylJohn
    Yeah 150, and no, you wont have to return the phone Steve
  • Baconbuttie
    Managed to cancel within 4 minutes, easy as pie, just had to tell them it was because of the increased charges and that I was told about it from a text message.
  • Matt
    Hi, I earlier on today cancelled my contract, however on the phone I was fed the BS that I wasn't allowed my PAC code as it was a breach in T&C's and therefore I wasn't elligible for a PAC. I thought yeh sounds right, and greed to disconnect. Anyways, I then got shown to here, and realised I had been played like a violin. I tried to ring back, alas my phone is disconnected. Anyone any ideas on what, if anything I can do? I blatantly got lied to but obviously it will not be on record and my phone has already been disconnected. Thanks
  • Will S.
    Worthwhile checking sites like Mazuma, Envirofone etc. if you don't want to keep your phone either. Alongside Quidco, I might just have enough to become one of those horrid fanboy motherfuckers and get an iPhone. To complete the look, I'm going to wear chinos, a t-shirt under my shirt and go everywhere on a Segway. Of course, I'll not go outside for several months or wash, just to get that 'authentic look'. Anyone know where I can get Red Dwarf on DVD????
  • Del
    I cancelled my contract yesterday with Orange and rather than call through to customer services, I instead chose the relevant menu options until I ended up with the option for cancelling my account, this was done with no argument whatsoever in only a couple of minutes (the time seemed to be mostly used generating a PAC code) which I will use on a voda prepay sim for whatever the min term is then go back to Orange on a new contract lol My advice, if you really want to cancel and avoid the hassle then avoid customer services.
  • Wopster
    I'm 3 weeks into an 18 month contract and would love to cancel and take out a sim only contact. Will cancelling affect future dealings with Orange?
  • Ravi
    I just got my upgrade last Thursday (23rd July) and am still within the time period where I can return the phone and cancel the upgrade. When was this announced? Can I use this to cancel the contract and still keep the phone?
  • DarrylJohn
    I guess you should be able to keep the phone after 3 weeks yeah, but they wont be happy with that at all really. I was 7 months into mine and they werent happy.
  • matt
    ive only had mine 6 weeks can i cancel??
  • Laura
    Just cancelled my contract ... no problem at all as soon as the operator heard the word text he gave in. He did say my contract would end on September 30th (rather than August 30th) because the date in august falls on a bank holiday? ... this is probably a load of lies lol but I didnt have the heart to take anymore money away from them. Im ending my contract 12 months early with a free blackberry curve 8900 and moving on to a £10 sim only deal 30 day contact - saving me £10 a month and giving me a free phone and allowing me to not be tied down. So I cant complain and am very happy. Note: he did check I actually received the text so I would wait until you receive yours before trying.
  • Mike
    I am on £35month dolphin tarrif. Joined last septemeber. I havent yet received a txt so i phoned up anyway. I spoke to a woman who first said that it will affect me as i am on an animal plan but said that i needed to wait till i get a text. So i said that i dont need to wait as i have just been notified about the changes over the phone. She said she was just going to check the system to see when i would get the message and she then said that it wont affect me? But she cannot give me this in writing when i asked her to? I never go over my minutes but i do get charged for phoneing USA and 08 numbers. Any advice?
  • DarrylJohn
    Best bet mike is just to hold tight. I got rid of my contract with them, C905 after 7 month. WEnt to quidco - which referred me to (£40 cashback) and went on O2 contract with a HTC touch HD for £25 a month - unlimited texts and 600mins costing 19.99. So £20 profit, and this sells on ebay for roughly £300.
  • Steve
    Just phoned cancellations and was told that it was no problem. He then said I will recieve a PAC code in the post next week. Once I register this PAC code on another network he said my Orange contrac will be terminated. Is this true or a load of BS?
  • DarrylJohn
    It's true, the orange contract will cease as soon as the number is transferred to another network
  • Steve
    Nice, thanks for the reply DarrylJohn. Guy on the phone was nice as pie about it, said he had been busy today dealing with requests like this. I reckon he has it in for Orange lol. I think they might be putting up a white flag now! Good luck everybody else hope it goes as smooth as mine did.
  • Peter F.
    Great news this for anyone locked in and/or looking t save some cash in tough times. I just wanted to confirm that any new contract tken from june 09 onwards has t's and c's with the new charges? My cotract runs out tomorrow, so could i push for a free upgrade ie no new contract , haggle and bag a good handset and then cancel as I am within my rights to do so..????
  • Robert
    Peter - I was originally told that the June 09 did have the new t&c, but when I called up regarding the other contract I have in my household, I was told the terms were changed during July and that I would receive a text message in the next few days. Obviously, there are mixed messages coming from the agents, but I'm pretty sure that not all the changes that are taking place are mentioned in the June or July t&c, therefore I would think that there are still grounds for cancellation because of this
  • G
    Orange has told me that my pac code will take 5 working days to arrive (sending it by post for some reason) so I also have to give 30 days notice so will end up paying my orange contract for the month of August even though I will be porting my number in 5 working days to o2.
  • Orange A.
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  • katie
    i have just spoken to a bloke at orange c.s he was very friendly and offered me 10 quid off my bill each month rather than cancel! i took this option and am happy rather than go thru cancelling then looking for a whole new contract!
  • DarrylJohn
    It's very convenient of them to just knock stuff of the contract. Saves on the hassle admittedly, but in fairness, all it would take is a cancellation, new contract and give them the PUK code - sorted! I've been with Orange for about 2 year now, until i cancelled, Vodafone prior to that, then O2 prior to that. Only thing i shall miss is orange wednesdays, but a free simcard with £5 will more than cover that. Will cover 14 wednesdays.
  • Cancel F.
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  • Nick-oh-larse
    just cancelled, offered an upgrade, but politely declined, pac code will be with me i na few days. looks like politeness is the key, as he said loads of folk call up stamping their feet and shouting and get no-where.
  • HappyCustomer
    Is a Jaffa Cake a Biscuit or a Cake?
  • Gavin
    Phoned them today they insisted they still need to wait till i get the txt as it shows as a tool on there system to cancel my account with early termination fees. The wait begins for the txt lol
  • Robin
    I have only recently got an upgrade through Orange, but was not notified of the changes in the tariff. I'm not sure whether I have received the message or not. I might have deleted it, with not reading it properly. Is there anyway of finding if it has been sent without ringing Orange CS and sounding dumb. Any help appreciated, cheers.
  • Well R.
  • Glad h.
    I'm happy all you whiners are leaving, means more signal quality for me, so long fuck off and never come back cocktards.
  • JC
    @Glad its happening Well I'm quite happy you're staying. Then in a few months when they decide to reduce your mins or double your bill, you might get a taste of the anger many of us have. For me this is not about getting a phone or saving money, it's a matter of principle. The customer service I've had from Orange over the last few months has been appauling and it appears they regard their customers as brainless cash cows that can just be milked as required. I'm sooo glad to be free of them, even if it costs me a little more. Anyway, I hopy you're happy in your pasture.
  • matt a.
    just called them now, had no text yet, he said it was due to be sent on monday. he said i could call back and cancel then or i could have £15 off a month (im on dolphin 30 12 mth £30) - and 200 mins, however ive got cashback from e2save to come as well, would they still pay it because im effectively not lowering my contract they are just giving me a credit each month, - oh and ive only had the contract for 6 weeks lol
  • john b.
    going to give this a try tommorow is it guaranteed that i can keep the same mobile number? also any reccomendations on other deals on new networks? thanks a lot guys
  • steve t.
    Just taken out a contract with orange today, in store and have seen a better offer through voda. What period do the terms of contract change from? Are the new terms effective if a contract was taken out i.e. today? Or will i still receive an option to cancel via text? thanks
  • plymouthman
    @ steve t You'll have taken out a new deal, so T+C's won't affect you. Sorry.
  • Got L.
    [...] money. This breaks your contract and you can leave. Now is a great time to move to Vodafone!!! [...]
  • Rachel
    I am really wanting to cancel my contract...stupidly got my now ex-boyfirned a contract in my name. All got really nasty, and he's run up a £700 bill. Ive now been cut off. Will they let me cancel my contract if i owe them money? Even if im willing to set up a payment plan to pay it off? Thanks guys x
  • Nirave
    I've just rung Orange. Cancelled 1, he tried to offer me £10 a month discount but told him to leave that and cancel. It's going to cancel tomorrow. They couldn't cancel my other three contracts but gave me dates I'm going to receive the text so can cancel on all of them on that date :D It works!! WHOOOOO!
  • Nirave
    @ Robin, Ring them up and say u've heard about it with your wife/sister/brother's number and you'd like to cancel. they'll say either yes ok we'll cancel, offer u something to stay OR tell you that your text has not been sent out yet. When they say not sent out ask for the date it's going to be sent!!
  • john b.
    unable to connect me on 3 attempts so far wtf is going on?
  • cherkazoo
    This morning I was told that it did not apply tom end they could change the terms aond conditions any time they needed. Also was told that the change should be above certain threshold and it did not apply to me. It was clear from his voice it was b/s. Most likely he was forced to read out by his manager/supervisor. I have made him read the t&c and pointed the relevant sections then expained him there is the amount that they use to decide he could not answer. I told him that based on the T/C what he was telling was nonsense and I did not need to listen to it. Got his name and asked for a reference number to be used in my complaint. The other two times it was not possible discuss anything becuase system was down (all 3 calls were very close). I was getting ready to take the dispute to relevant bodies then decided to call again and this time without too much hassle it was resolved. They even asked if I need to migrate the number. Thanks for the tips.
  • john b.
    that was easier than expected hadnt actually realised i was nearer the end of my contract and the guy literally just said its done contract runs until 2nd september rude bloke as i have previously experienced with orange good riddance
  • john b.
    quick question as my cancellation date is actually the same date my contract ended anyway is it still within my rights to keep the handset?
  • rob
    I have been told by Vicky in disonnections that these are changes that are going to affect other networks, and they are not being open to their customers like orange. So keep an eye out this loop hole may work with other networks in the coming weeks.
  • Danielle
    Question - Just spoken to a Guy who has send I can cancel but have to pay for the rest of my contract as I haven't received the text. What do I say to them so I don't get penalised?
  • john b.
    well well well rang up to confirm cancellation spoke to a very nice gent called gavin in customer loyalty. ends up me getting a new handset (very decent model) paying £20 per month for unlimited texts and web access (15 per month cheaper than were i was going (o2) like my girlfriend 1st and second attempt no good keep trying you will get joy eventually thanks for this thread
  • Simon
    I got my Orange contract through phones4U. Will I get any problems from them if I cancel my contract early?
  • Neil
    PMSL @ Will E. Stench that iphone comment was classic.. I didnt have to much trouble.... a few weeks ago i kicked off more than once about there spam texts selling me services etc. This was on my notes. I never got the text about the changes, so when i called used this as a reason as it could of been, and lied about a mate getting one after me and got his text. She confirmed i could cancel. To be fair they where ok with me, i didnt get a nob lol. They said i dont excide my allowences but i reply i plan to later. So they tryied offering me more mins and £10 - £15 credit each month to offset additional fees with my data. I said t-mobile dont charge for exceding there data, and theres is 1GB yours is 500mb, so she said ok and confirmed i can cancel, she asked if i wanted my puk too. I said i would call back tomorrow after i arange to get a new sim card so she left everything on my notes. When i called back day after this sat, i had no fuss read my notes job was done in a few mins. I got a samsung i8910 only been out a couple of months, i only went with orange as they had an exclusive on this phone.
  • Neil
  • Neil
    LEAVING ORANGE AND WANT TO KEEP YOUR PHONE? This link might come in handy, its a video tutorial on how you can request an unlock code for your phone. I got mine in 7 hours. You type the number in on your keypad and it removes the network lock. I now have a T-Mobile sim in my orange phone :D
  • Betty S.
    @ Rachel ~ Does that mean you're single now? I've got my own phone and contract so give me a call. ;-)
  • Angry C.
    You people are so sad the changes are insignificant so they wouldn't even cost you any money, you're just hiding behind the comment "It's my choice to use them in the future", you will all be in for a shock soon as Orange will stop you from being able to cancel very soon probably before you've even recieved your text, so i can't wait to see you all moaning when Orange stick up for themselves, i don;t know if anyone even bothered to check the SMS but alot of charges are actually going DOWN so they're trying to save you money yet you're just trying to screw them over, orange are better off without scum like you as customers.
  • JC
    @Angry Orange Customer What a strange comment! If you're an Orange customer why are you angry at everyone else, are you sure you're not an emploee? The problem is that Orange's service (to myself at least) has been awful and getting worse over the last year. The fact that they feel they can try to force more money out of people tied to a contract is in my opinon just deceitful. We're using this as an excuse to move 4 Orange premier phones with an average spend of around £5000 per year to Vodafone. I suspect it will cost us slightly more on Vodafone, but to be honest I'm glad to be well shot of the Shysters at Orange and at least with Vodafone theres a change of getting the correct services we signed up for (or even just a 3G capable SIM). Good riddence Orange, you were gread 10 years ago, now it's time for you to please die. :-)
  • JC
    @Angry Orange Customer One other thing. Just to correct your misinformed rambling. I can't find any case of charges going down for voice calls. I also can't see how Orange can stop you leaving when they're in breach of contract.
  • Cat
    My contract is in my ex boyfriend's name, but I am the bill payer and a second party. If I stop paying the bill will it be me or him who has to answer to Orange once they have frozen my account? And will the phone still work not the SIM card?
  • jz
    Thanks very much, just got mine cancelled first try no problem. Didn't have the text and they didn't ask.
  • Carl
    Does this apply to business accounts as well ?
  • Jack
    Hi all!!!! I took my contract out at the start of July 09 and am fed up with their service, no reception anywhere, anyway I rang them up. I was told that I would not be effected because the contract I had signed up for included the price increases which are coming into effect on the 14 september 09. The agent also told me that all contracts taken out after June 09 included the new terms and so would not be effected. Is this right?, or has the agent been b/s to me? Thanks!
  • ryan
    I have a 24 month orange mobile internet contract is this eligible to cancel as I really cannot afford it........
  • Rob
    Peeps, spoke to orange and after being very polite and having this to guide in front of me just in case, the orange man was really nice about it and said he could disconnect me but bear in mind, even when their charges go up to 14.9p, only THREE are cheaper by a penny...we all know how utter shite 3 are!!! Obviously if you hate your phone and the coverage you get then you may as well bite the bullet, but check the charges above and beyond your inclusive stuff... You don't need to cancel just because you can :-)
  • Matt
    Just a couple of questions: 1) if i cancel my contract, do i have to pay out the rest of the contract? 2) if i havent received the text yet will i have to wait till i get it before i ring up? 3) when i cancel the contract do they end it staight away or will i still have it working for a few days (just so i'm not without a phone untill i get my new one?)
  • Tried 3 times to cancel and still getting the "Text Message Chestnut",asked first time whhen I would get text they said 4th Aug, phoned again and they mentioned they do not have system to tell when I would receive, Once I said I had already been told I would receive tomorrow, their response was " well maybe they had a team leader with them, and then hung up. I want to cancel as I will be using phone outside of planand it will adversley affect me, and i'm going away on holiday tommorow and want cancelled before I go. Their agents have really got my back up the last few days, plain rude, talk over you when you speak and hang up. I will be cancelling my DD instruction and have already told them i will be circulating detail regarding this on social networking sites; to make them aware of their plain rudeness / impact of these changes.
  • bob
    I have a friend who works for Orange retail, they have been advised in store that they should refer all customers querying the price changes and contract termination to the "retentions team" which is basically the "cancellations but try and offer them a deal" department, i think the fact that these queries are being forwarded straight to retentions means Orange are starting to take this seriously and have realised they have no leg to stand on. my friend said she had a lady in today that had successfully terminated her contract this morning and walked straight in and signed back up with orange on a new deal this afternoon, simply to reduce her bill..... thats credit crunch beating sense if you ask me!
  • Mobile B.
    [...] the moment, the Bitterwallet comments section is alive with giddy talk of cancelling mobile contracts with Orange, with phone users keen to sign up to new deals with alternative [...]
  • Dickie
    Just ended my contract and they where telling me loads of crap but i just said i that i know my rights and that they where lieing to me and he said that my contract will be cut off tomorrow WOOHOO but they also offered me a new phone to stay with them any phone i wanted!!! But they also say that you must have recived a txt!!
  • NC
    I have managed to get my whole family to cancel their contract and most of my mates as well. I had been with them for over 13years but i have notice Orange customer service has gone down hill. I found no problems cancelling the contract as long as you are polite and state the facts above
  • NC
    I was the only one in my family and of my friends to recieve the text and still managed to cancelled their contracts
  • MD
    Great - worked a treat - was offered 600 mins and £10 off a month - good deal, but i don't get reception in my house so this is the perfect excuse to cancel 7 months early into 18 month contract - Thanks for this. Was on the phone for literally 3 mins, stated I was reading into contract changes and saw that I can cancel, so I am... Guy sounded like he'd had a few calls today!
  • Billy G.
    I have tried four times, still no joy. Starting to get really annoyed now - even staying cool and quoting the contract VERBATIM (as above) is being ignored. I don't know how Orange think they can ignore the black and white of their own contracts, but they are! This has made me even more determined to leave them. Right, off to try again... At this rate, though, I may even have to write to Ofcom.
  • Mike
    What will happen if we dont receive a text by 15th of August? Are we not going to be able to cancel after that?
  • Billy G.
    I would suspect that the answer is yes, you won't be able to cancel, Mike. This is because I was told by two operators that not all tariffs are subject to the price oncreases (not sure how true this is, though). I am on a price plan that gives me unlimited texts and 700 all inclusive minutes for £35, so it's not a good deal anyway really. I got it in January (maybe Feb?) but no-one seems to be able to tell me if I am suffering the extra charges or not - a load of baloney if you ask me. Otherwise how do they plan on billing me?! Guesswork?
  • Mike
    Well i spoke to a couple of operators. First one said that all animal plans will be affected but then when she typed my number into her "new" system she said that it will not affect me (as i havent gone over my minutes). Then i asked her if i could have that in writing and she said that it was not possible. Second guy said that i will be affected but i have to wait for my text. Im 10 months into my contact and i wouldnt bother cancelling if the signal in my area wasnt crap and if i didnt smash my phone that i got the contact with so im using my old one atm which isnt working properly! Has anyone managed in the last few days to cancel without the text?
  • Billy G.
    The bit where the operator states you haven't gone over your inclusive minutes and therefore can't cancel is just plain wrong - it doesn't matter. Refer to the bit about clause 4.3 in the main article above. I also want to know if anyone has managed to cancel without the text - it seems every operator is now blocking me from proceeding as I haven't received the text. The problem is that no-one seems to be able to tell me if the change to charges will affect my tariff or not - if the extra charges apply to me, then I can cancel, but I can't get a straight answer.
  • victoria w.
    i am on orange dolphin 30; its an 18 month contract and i have about 6 months left of it.. i am so angry with the orange service.. im just wondering if anyone has been able to cancel there contract with the same bundle thingy as me, without a text message. many thanks x
  • Greig C.
    I phoned up last night at 10:22pm, but was told that the disconnections people had finished at 10pm, but that both my phone contracts could be cancelled. Phoned back today, guy I got right away said did I want a PAC code and I had no problems getting him to put me through to disconnections other than being on hold for ages. The guy said they were being swamped with calls about the changes and were very busy. Eventually got put through and both phones were cancelled and the PAC codes are on there way very quickly with no problems. Very easy to be honest :)
  • victoria w.
    Thats fab! i hope i get it sorted that easy was that for the dolphin 30?
  • G
    @ Billy Goodgun I cancelled on Thursday and only received the text today ;)
  • Pootle
    I have managed to cancel my contract today without the text, and my contract begun on July 22nd 09. Have made at least 7 phone calls, but on the last one was successful. I armed myself with the contents of the link in the text messages being sent out (there are loads of different ones, but the relevant bit is the one about minimum call charges), this guide and a print out of my terms and conditions. To begin with the chap said it wouldn't affect me, but I asked how much I would be charged now (5p) and how much from Sept 14th (14.7p). i said this seemed to be a difference, and he agreed. After being put on hold my contract is now to finish on sept 3rd (30 days after i have given notice) and a letter is to be sent out next week. I've called billing, and a couple of other depts to confirm that this is on my account, and that I keep the phone and will only be charged my last months line rental. Not entirely convinced until I get the letter, but at least by all accounts the cancellation is being processed. i concur with the last point of the guide- don't try and argue for anything more than a minute or so, and just try again!
  • Gavin
    Got the txt message today this is the contents of the txt message FROM: 2472 From Orange. From 14 Sep we'll be changing the cost of some calls that are not included in your plan. See for more. Phoned them took ages to get through but eventually a polite woman took my call i told her i recieved the txt and she asked me what i wanted to do was offered extra minutes etc but declined and the contract cancels on the 3rd September thats whith there 30 days notice
  • Pootle
    If you change the /07/ bit to different numbers you can see all the changes they are making to all the various contracts they provide. the bit which seems to be constant throughout is the change to the minimum charge for out of bundle calls to 14.7p from 5p.
  • Ian
    Ive been told 30 days cancellation but others on here seem to be getting theirs cancelled with immedaite affect? Can someone confirm? Ian
  • fisheybob
    I upgraded a week ago to the Hero, anyone know if I can cancel? and keep the phone..? received the text yesterday. maybe I should wait..
  • Emily
    i have just successfully terminated my contract but i am now having doubts thinking they may end up sending me a bill for the phone. They did tell me I wont be charged for my cancellation but i am still worrying!! As they did wrongly charge me a 700 pound bill for voluntary termination right at the beginning of my contract 4 months ago which was a mess up in the system. I am so glad i am free of orange as I have had so many problems ongoing for the last 4 months to do with my bill and customer services, plus I have no signal at home!! xxx
  • Billy G.
    Thanks to all those posting their stories of success and encouraging me - same here now! Until I get my PAC code through in the post, I will remain slightly sceptical (I made sure I took the name and number of the rep I spoke to), but Orange agreed to cancel my contract on the last attempt. Nice. :)
  • Graham
    Only took 2 minutes from picking up the phone to hanging up. Called about 4.30pm. Very polite lady on the other end of the line, no real blocking just made me aware wherever I go next will cost the same and completed the required procedure. PAC code in the post and 30 days as of today to set up a new contract or my Orange contract will continue. Now the wait for the letter......
  • Billy B.
    Cancelled without the text, was offered £9.99 line rental and a £5 internet bundle. Refused, first person was really rude but second person did it straight away. He said it would be instant, and then I requested my PAC code which gives you the 30 days notice :)
  • Gareth
    Took me two minutes on the phone no hassle at all contract is now on 30 days notice....only a couple of months left on it anyway but reception at home has taken a dive with orange over the past 6 months so Happy Days!!
  • Matt
    tried a couple of times now to cancel but both times they have said i would receive the text on 11th August, thats when i would become eligible to cancel, i tried to do what it said in the guide about me not having the text but they were having non of it. should i just keep trying or wait till 11th August? also when i do cancel my contract will i not have to buy out the contract?
  • Nick
    Called CS today and after a 5 minute wait got through to an operator who couldn't have been more helpfull. He didn't try to fob me off or get arsey he just gave me the facts and offered me a few deals on my current bundle to save me money or if that wasn't enough he would be more then happy to send me a PAC code. I'm quite happy to say i'm staying with Orange and am happy with the service that was provided.
  • Sara
    Tried to cancel but they asked about the txt which i havent recieved, they say im due to get it in 2 days! i wana cancel now im just worried i wnt get the txt :(
  • bright_sprk
    Yipee, no hassle tonight.... The chap was fine......... I was considering staying with them, rang to see if they would give me better terms but got load's of lies 'it doesn't apply to you..', 'its not on your tarrif', 'just ignore it'.... in the end i'm so wound up, i just wanted to cancel!
  • exoranger
    @ CAT - if the contrract is in your ex boyfriends name then it is him that is responsible for the account, indeed it is only him who can actually request disconnection. 3rd party access does not signify ownership of the account EVEN if you pay the bill. If you stop paying the bill, HE will get the trouble. Of course he may then make trouble for you if he's not a nice person, so I'd undertake this course of action with due caution.
  • Jon
    ahh i havent had any text but will give it a few more days. only paying £15 for 400 mins and unlim texts currently but then I added the internet for £5 a month, i'll prob just try to bargain down to £10 a month or get internet included for free instead! but will keep an eye on whats happening here, and hope aug 15th doesnt come too quick!
  • Neil
    Anyone wanting to keep there phones and need them unlocking to move to another network, you can request an unlock code, you type it into your phone costs around £15; money back garantee. Once the code is entered its unlocked instant. Link : , i'm now on t-mobile. Solo 20
  • Silver
    Just noticed Orange have changed their pay monthly guide to include a clause about the price increase from the 14th Sept. Still no clause about the international call charges changing though. They have dated the guide July 09 v29. Have a look on the orange website for the pay monthly guide. However I still have a copy of the pay monthly guide that I signed up to in Mid July before all of these changes came to light. Still available using this link: What do you reckon to getting out of the contract? Will they try the "Well the July terms included the changes" when clearly they didn't.
  • Silver
    Just looked at Document properties in Adobe Reader for the 'new' July v29 Pay monthly guide. Created: 04/08/2009 16:57 Modified: 04/08/2009 17:03 Bit late in my opinion to be 'creating' July's terms!
  • patrak16v
    They do have a "new" tool that has been made available late last week - some operators are still unsure of the procedures as they work many different shifts. When they put a number into the system it says whether the text has been recieved and allows 30days to disconnect, or if it's due to be sent it will give the operator the date it is due. I've been told they're doing it this way so they don't get a sudden influx of 1000's of calls into their office. I'm in a dilemma now - i'm due to recieve a new phone from carphone warehouse tomorrow which i ordered online yesterday, my mate now tells me about this increase!! My options are a) contact carphone warehouse to return new handset and upgrade, or b) use the phone to go online and make a few calls to 08 numbers and hope i can disconnect in a week or so. Looking at Carphone warehouse website it says minimum call cost is 5p which i beleive is one of the things that are changing, the others are some international calling costs and that cost of browsing/data is becoming CHEAPER if you don't have a bundle or are out of bundle. It also says on the Carphone warehouse site that you can only return a handset if it hasn't been used for calls, texts, internet, camera, any settings changed . . . . . . - any guidance would be great as i thought the sales of goods act/distance selling rules allows you to change your mind within 7 or 14 days depending on the company? How am i supposed to "try out" a PHONE without using it? Any advise greatly appreciated, i'm not a scrounger or pisstaker but looks like this is a case of the worlds worst timing! Do i do the honest thing and return or do i try and keep the phone to use with my pay as u go sim card? Pat
  • Jack
    In reply to silvers post If we contact the industry regulators (ofcom) about Orange changing July's terms in August, they would be in serious trouble. It is clearly misleading advertisement and orange could get fined a vast amount of money. I signed up in mid July and quite clearly I have signed up to the old terms, the orange agents have been lying about signing up to new terms, the new terms just went up in august and didnt exist in July. didnt help by not sending me my orange contract with my phone when I signed up. I'm going to be ringing back and this time I'm angry!
  • Silver
    Reply to Jack Let us know how you get on. I will be calling after work.
  • Get R.
    Actually in reply to Jack Orange only put changes like this in place after discussing it with OfCom, thats why Orange have been upfront about that changes and allowing people to disconnect, shows how much a dick you really are tho. Also it shows how much non of you actually understand that changes in place.
  • Silver
    Get Real I agree that Orange will have contacted Ofcom, but you are not allowed to change charges to customers retrospectively. eg. Publishing July's terms in August, after customers have signed up.
  • lis
    im on dolphin price plan but only get 100 mins so feel this is really gonna affect me, i got charged £70 for 161 mins in my last bill!!!! im gonna try cancel today.
  • Rhys
    Ok, so I have today received this text. If I call up and cancel my contract, can I still continue with Orange? i.e. and then be on a rolling 30days notice period? Much like when my 18month deal expires? I don't particularly want to get my PAC as there aren't any rival operators I want to move to just yet, so would rather have the freedom of not being restricted to my current 18month contract.
  • Hockeyanimal
    My daughter and I are both with Orange. If she or even I decide to cancel the current contract would we be barred from taking out a new Orange phone and contract straight away?
  • Stu
    I’ve just cancelled my contract after speak to a nice man called Colin. He tried to do the (You’re told the changes won’t effect you because you don’t currently exceed your monthly allowance of minutes) trick, but I just persisted with the fact that the calls are going up 300% to 0870 numbers. He did say if you want your PAC code it will cost 30quid and your contract wont cancel until you transfer your number. So if you don’t mind losing your number your contract will end from 12pm the night of cancelling. I’m now going phone shopping :)
  • pullenuk
    @ Rhys You might be able to ask them to cancel the contract but allow the number to downgrade to pay as you go instead. It might be possible, there only one way to find out. Ask if you can cancel, but you want the number to carry on running on a pay as you go way instead. I not phoned up yet, mainly due I'm hard of hearing so its not possible! I'm going to try and get into a shop and get the team there to do it for me, but when you are working......!
  • Jamie
    Thanks, I called them calmly and spoke to the woman nicely and result. no questions, no fuss straight and simple! :-)
  • Jack
    In reply to get real, if orange communicated so well with Ofcom and its partners they wouldn't get in to sh*t like this in the first place, because this is a serious c*ck up. But hey I think its because they employ idiots like you! Even an idiot will understand that changing July's terms in August is wrong and misleading the public. I'm ringing in now
  • pullenuk
    I emailed their support team to see if I can get this sorted by email because I'm hard of hearing. I got a automatic response saying "We aim to reponse to all emails within 24 hours. However we are currently very busy and responsing to emails in over 78 HOURS." Yikes...... looks like that gives the scale of the problem....!
  • patrak16v
    any ideas on my situation? phone arrived today and i'm scared to use it . . ..
  • eoghan
    Hi, i got the text but it was on the 17th of july, does that mean ive left it too late to try this?
  • Wojtek
    Hi there i have bought my phone on orange 02 july and when i phoned cs they told me i cant cancel my contract cuz im on the new tarrif already is that true or can i still cancel the contract? My plan is dolphin 45 12 month contract 40 pounds a month. Cheers for help in advance
  • lis
    i called this afternoon and cancelled got a nice lady no fuss just did it straight away, i asked does it affect everyone and she said YES, eoghan i think you have til 15th of august she didnt even ask me about the text
  • Wojtek
    And a last thing can you please tell me what charges has been changed so i can point this to cs over the phone...and what to say when they say im not affected because im on the new plan that includes new charges. Thank you
  • Matt
    just one more question which i hope someone could please answer............ i finally got my contract cancelled today and the nice woman on the phone said the contract would terminate on the 4th Sept, but as i requested my PAC code the contract would terminate once i have used the PAC code so even though i asked a couple of time.............will i still have to pay my contract out or is it just for the remainder of the time till the 4th Sept? please someone help as im a bit confused (i dont want to go out and sign a new contract till i know for certain).
  • pullenuk
    Cancelled the contract this morning, very quick. No questions asked. They even sending me a pay as you go sim card with the same number on it to have as space so I haven't lost my number. The contract will stop the second I activate that sim card. Easy.... now.... there a nice phone I fancy and no - its not an iphone and it still on Orange lol
  • Kat
    When calling 150 which option should I select? Want to phone them asap as the last few weeks the signal has dropped where I stay dramaticaly, thought they say it looks fine to them!
  • Alex
    Just called Orange today (7th August) regarding the price increases. Told I could leave, offered £10 monthly credit and a 500mb bundle web browsing allowance a month too to stay. Given PAK code no problem and they were very helpful. Try it!
  • Danny T.
    I need some advice!! I took out a 24month contract with Orange in Feb 2009 on the agreement that they buy me out of my existing '3' contract which had 3months left totalling £45. I was told to bring my 1st bill into the shop and then i would be issued the cheque within 6weeks. 6 weeks had passed and no cheque so i returned to the shop and was told that there was a mistake and that it should be with me within another 6 weeks. Yet again these 6 weeks had passed and still no cheque so i returned to the shop and was told that the cheque had been sent and would be with me within 2-3 weeks. I patiently waited and 9 weeks on still no cheque. I returned to the shop last week demanding my cheque and was promised it would be with me 100% by wed. It is now thurs and surprise surprise no cheque!! I have phoned Orange today and ordered that i have my contract cancelled but they are reluctant to help and have told me to deal with it in store. Having also returned from the store today i have yet again been told i cannot cancel the contract as the cheque has been issued. I just want to cancel the contract and surely i am within my rights to cancel?? Can someone please advise what i should do as i am going round in circles with them with Orange seeming reluctant to do anything about this matter!!
  • Robert
    Danny T - You can take them to the small claims court to get the amount of the cheque that you have not received. Regarding the cancellation, that is a separate matter and you have the right to cancel it, because of the changes in the terms of the original contract. You can therefore cancel the contract because of the changes and then take the Orange shop to the Small claims court to recoup the amount back for the 3 Contract. This is because it was Orange that changed the contract and therefore they are responsible!
  • fisheybob
    holy crap, they let me cancel. 8 days into an 18mth contract with an HTC Hero..
  • joe
    fisheybob Did you get to keep the phone?? I'm very surprised if you did.
  • joe
    fisheybob was that on an upgrade or a new contract?
  • Andrew
    I rang up and gave the info BUT i didn't want to cancel, I asked them to offer me an alternative so they agreed to take £10 off my monthly bills until my contract 18months time !!! RESULT !!
  • fisheybob
    it was on an upgrade, and they said nothing of sending the phone back. I asked, because I was amazed (i truly didn't think it would work), if there was any penalty/payment and was told no..I said 'is there anything else I need to do?' and was told no, the pac code will be with you in 5-7 days. tbh i'm a bit floored by it, it can't be right - right?
  • joe
    Yeah, the phone is not part of the contract. Curious to know if you 'supposedly' agreed to new terms with your upgrade ie. new contract, or if your old terms carried on previous 18-24 months.
  • fisheybob
    ha I just got a text from Orange asking me to call them 're our conversation'. no!!!
  • Scott
    They've just insisted that I need to have a text, even after I stated the 16.1 clause on the contract. I asked them if that held any weight and they said it did not. They also said they didn't send the text messages out, so they wouldn't know when it was coming. If I don't have it in 3 days I will phone back and cancel. Thank you so much for this blog post on the subject, it has proven invaluable in my quest to stop the contract. Anyone know where Orange HQ is? I want to bomb them. I have my semtex ready LOL!
  • Orange F.
    [...] Orange Contract Phone Users They have changed their T&C's including changing some of the browser charges and call charges. OH has been dying to leave Orange for ages, so he rung up and told them that he disagrees with the new terms, and he wants to cancel, which they did for free and straight away... Thought I'd let you know just incase any of you want to leave your contract Handy link here - [...]
  • imnotastuntman
    Im telling you right now, you need to receive a text, voicemail, email, or a written letter from Orange to do this. Orange will be taking a hard line against this from tomorrow. Being told verbally that you can do this by a CSR will no longer wash. Also you are going to have to start giving 14 days written notice before your next billing date and before your 30 days notice from orange expires.
  • Wojtek
    Just phoned up like 6th time and managed to get to the right person David and he offered me extra 300 min on top of my plan and i had to refuse cuz i work for other network already so i dont need another sim card...after that he offered me pac code and i refused again cuz i dont need the number, he left me on hold for few minutes and told afterwards that my contract will be terminated as of tomorrow. Is that true or will i have to pay anything on top of what i paid already? Cheers guys
  • coxy
    I just managed to cancel my contract without any problems whatsoever. I called up, spoke to a friendly chap in the Billing dept called Kevin and asked him to explain what's going on with the call charges being raised in regards to this breaking the contract - and he did just that. The call charges are being increased from 5.x pence per minute to 14.x pence per minute which means Orange have broke the contract, he told me. He also said that people who are savvy to this have been calling up and asking for either a) a better deal, or b) to cancel outright and that he'd put me through to 'Disconnections' to have a chat with them about it. The guy in that departement wasn't so friendly, but he's got the job of trying to keep customers on Orange. I told him that I wanted to cancel my contract because of Orange hiking the charges - as no doubt he's heard so many times this evening already. I referenced a deal which I was eyeing up elsewhere on Virgin Mobile and he said that he could match that for me. I refused and said I'd like to cancel. He said I'd receive a PAC code within 5 working days and that the contract will be cancelled once I use the PAC code. If I don't use the PAC code within 30 days, service will carry on as normal until I request the PAC code once more. Once the contract has been successfully cancelled, you will receive a written confirmation of this. The whole phonecall lasted about 5 mins and wasn't any trouble at all.
  • Jon
    i'm gonna have a go tomorrow in Coxy's method. I havent received a text so will just ask at Billing if I am going to be effected by the price change (i'm on dolphin 25 since June). will see what happens from there. Hoping for a better deal as i just wanna pay the lowest possible!
  • Lisa
    Just wondering... when they give the PAC code, can i then use this on another orange contract?? I have seen a contract through dialaphone which is £35 for 1200 mins and unlimited texts with the new nokia N97 but will the PAC code work with another orange contract/phone?
  • james
    I just phoned. Simple 10 min queue, spoke to a chap called Liam. Very, very helpful. I barely started and he asked about the text. I said no text.. had a discussion about the iphone, the n97, other networks and how he would increase my bundle from 250mb to 500mb and increase my calls from 500 to 800, Wasn't interested, cancelled after 5 mins. Genuinely easy, he said he had done the same and orange shot themself in the foot with their loophole. Phone hunting tomorrow!
  • Scott
    Hiya, Me again! I've just phoned for the 4th time with no luck, but I'm due to receive the text tomorrow apparently, so they CAN give you a date you will receive it on. They also said, interestingly when I asked "From a journalistic point of view, what is oranges stance on 16.1" that they had been told that if you hadn't received a text, you couldn't cancel. I'm going to try again in an hour and this time, if they say that it's straight to the manager I go!
  • eoghan
    Hi Lisa, i have signed up for the deal from dial-a-phone you mentioned, £35 for that is a really good deal! Ill let you know if i manage to get my old number on the new contract. I asked orange for a PAC code when i booked my disconnection, (i was told on tuesday they had to disconnect the next day if i was cancelling because of the contract changes,), but have now been advised i need to keep the line active for another month if i want to get my pac code. Can anyone confirm which is correct? I dont want to book the disconnection for 30days in advance because i was previously told if i did that i could no longer cancel under the contract changes, but have also been advised that is what i MUST do in order to keep my number. Very confusing customer service, and as always, pig ignorant and rude.
  • Lisa
    Thanks Eoghan that be good of you! I am really not too bothered about changing my number but it would just mean being phoneless for a few days, so would def be easier with the PAC code as i would just order the new contract and put the PAC code in!
  • Daniel
    I just rang to cancel, and she did it straight away, no questions asked. When I asked whether I would be charged she said no, as you normally would be when cancelling a contract before the end date. So I assumed that would be it? Then I read on here how difficult it had been for some of you, so I got worried that they’d continue charging me monthly yet wouldn’t allow me to use the phone. So I rang back, and spoke to a man, and he asked why I was cancelling and I told him, again no fuss, and he said I wouldn't be charged but they were converting my contract to a pay as you go. I still have last months bill to come via direct debit, so when should I cancel the direct debit?
  • Daniel O.
    I think the easiest way to deal with an operator is to tell them about the increase to 0870 numbers, it's much easier to make 1 single call to an 0870 number and be charged the increased cost, rather than going over your allowance (if you don't consistently go over). That's the reason I cancelled my contract with 22 months to go :O Have a nice i8910 that's now on Ebay.
  • michael
    ive been told i because i avent went over my minutes in the last 3 months i cant cancel. i spoke to 3 people for over 2 hours and i quoted everything on this site. y??
  • Paddy
    Yeah same here, a operator named Danny was happy to cancel it for me, now hes on break, another operator has been telling me i havent gone over my minutes.
  • steve
    i havde just done it, i said ive received a text saying my plan was changing she said yes from 5p a min to 15p a min, i asked does that mean your changing my contract she said yes, i then said does that give me a right to cancel she said yes, i said i wanted to cancel seh asked if i wanted my pac code i said yes. she said she would send out and once i went to new operator my contract would cancel so i asked what if i went on pay as you go on orange she said once i register the new sim my contract would cancel. so am waiting for new sim to come then will order new phone off another network and sell my sony c905 for 150 result
  • Michelle
    It took me 4 operatores to do this but got there in the end, great guide to help you get out iv ur contract thanks
  • collinz
    got my phone in the middle of june do i apply for this contract termination ??? cheers
  • Rampart
    I am on a Panther 45, 18 month contract which I took out last August (2008). I have just called 150 and spoken to a guy that told me I am not eligible to terminate my contract early and, not only that, I cannot drop it to below £40 pcm from the current £45 pcm, is this true? Am I not eligible at all to finish the contract early...? If anyone has an answer or some precident to this I'd be very grateful.
  • Rampart
    One more thing, I have received no text message pertaining to this at all yet. Thanks.
  • jon
    rampart. i called 150 and went to ask about my bill. ask them to confirm you will be effected by the changes. she confirmed it but they said they cant better my 400min unlim text and internet for £20 a month. to be honest i cant get that anywhere else! but sitll may cancel and move to o2 for better signal!
  • Steph
    Apparently I got a text on the 21st of July but must'nt have took any notice. Big thanks to this site and those who have left comments as I have just cancelled my contract 6 months early! Went thru with no problems and they are sending my PAC code straight away. Again, thanks alot.
  • Ian
    Tried to cancel contract this afternoon with a guy called colin, he said that their legal dept had a meeting at 2.30 and because i don't go over my bundle I couldn't leave, any thoughts
  • Steve
    I got the same that i was not able to cancell because i don't go over
  • mark h.
    Just tried this and got them saying because I dont go over my minutes that there solicitor said they dont need to cancel my contracr. What can I do please
  • Mark B.
    Hi All, Bad news - this is no longer working! I have spoken (nicely) to 4 different people and they are all following the same script - "you have not gone over your limit in the past 3 months, so does not affect you". I know thats wrong, i am sure you all know thats wrong and irrelevant too, but there is no going past them now. The last girl i spoke to said that the legal team has said, they have made a balls up, people are allowed to cancel, but put them off - if you cancel a contract we will make sure you loose your job. She also said the best option is to write a letter to the legal team and they will more than likely cancel the contract as this method will filter out the "chansers" who cant be bothered writing in as they were just trying it to see where they got. People who write are obviously keen to cancel so they will act on this method. Sorry to disappoint people, but this is the experience i have had for the past 3 hours. This update is at 20:16 (BST) on Friday 7th August.
  • lis
    hi collinz i signed up on 4th june and i cancelled on wednesday no problems, good luck!
  • Gonzo
    Did this last night (6th Aug) - first guy I spoke to wasn't having any of it so ended the call after 30 mins of arguing the toss. Rang straight back and the second guy sighed and said "Look, I know what your doing - give me the real reason you wan't to cancel and I'll send you the PAC". Just told him the reason (crappy signal everywhere I go, dropping calls all the time) and he said fair enough. Will wait and see what happens.
  • mark h.
    Tried again still no, joy they saying there not in breach of contract as i don't go over the minutes, asked to speak to some one higher, that didnt work either asked for the address to complain which they gave but wouldnt budge on canceling my contract, looks like the clamped down on it.
  • jack
    there making it very difficult and just plain refusing as im never near goin over my limit, i have quoted what this site told me to do but they just deny it all can i write to them stating my reason for leaving and then cancel my direct debit
  • Andy D.
    Might be a good idea if someone deliberately went just over their minutes then rang up and tried to cancel. That could turn out to be the way out if that's how Orange want to play it now.
  • mark h.
    Would do that but my Phone is in australia at the mo, and the worse bit is it wont connect to a network so im not even getting roaming tarif charges :(
  • Ian
    I haven't been able to get on the orange world web site, my phone won't let me, but as i understand it the out of bundle minutes include 0500,0800,0870 etc it's not just about using up your bundled minutes, we could all try watchdog on the BBC
  • Ewaf
    I just rang orange to try and get a better deal and stuff by saying i want cancel my contract and the guy did it instantly! Call lasted 2 mins! not really what i wanted!
  • Jonny
    Incredible!! I'm on the phone to a lovely girl now who explained the terms etc and just said... "well Orange have broken their terms so its up to you what you do".. haha! By coincidence I dropped my Blackberry Bold down the toilet last week and I'm stuck with a W580i now... gonna go for an upgrade for a Curve with free internet I think ;) Thanks again!!
  • Jonny
    HAHA Over the moon!! Managed to go from.... 24month Blackberry Bold, 600m + Untld Txt + 250mb @ £35pm to.. 18month Blackberry Curve , 600 mins + Unltd Text + 500mb @ £25pm.. Was in month 6 of 12!! Thanks again!!
  • Jonny
    oopsss... month 6 of 24!
  • Gibbs
    Tried to cancel yesterday, no joy 3 times. This is so stupid, how can they suddenly stop cancelling, surely they have set the legal precident by allowing people to cancel who havnt gone over the minutes, or used 08.. numbers. It is clear in black and white they have broken the terms of their contract but the operators are now having none of it, they cannot predict my future usage and say that the previous 3 months are a fair reflection of the entire contract term?! I hate orange and have had so many problems with them so really want a cancellation rather than a deal. What routes are people taking now? Try Ofcom? Written letter?
  • Sam A.
    How do I even get through to an operator? I ring 150, and the only way I can think of is to go to 'press 3 for a cancellation request or to follow up a disconnection query' and then I just get put on hold infinately, same as I was yesterday. I dont think they want to pick up there cancellation phone, is there another way to get through to an operator? Thanks
  • smithy
    Been on to orange all morning and spoke to various people with no luck what so ever! They are saying that I do not qualify due to some ofcom regulations. The supervisor i spoke to said that there is a clause in my contract that states some ofcom fair usage policies invalidate me from cancelling my contract at the moment! When asked what section this clause was under in my contract he couldnt tell me! Seems like they are either lying to me or the fact that the directors had a meeting yesterday afternoon (was told this from a cusomer service assistant??) and the outcome must be they have found a way round it. Was looking forward to saving some money for a change......
  • john
    i bought my phone from phones 4 u on an orange tariff, will i still be able to cancel or is it only the people who have bought direct from orange?
  • Adam
    Rang up at 10.30, got through to a women who said no, after 5 mins of arguing she said i had to seek legal advise. told her thanks for the help, re-rang and got a nice bloke on the end. Told him that a recieved a text about the price increase, quoted that under 4.3 this allows me to disconnect as it is a 300% increase. Imdisconnected this monday, will get my PAC 3-5 days later. He said why bother changing when everyone is getting more costly, i replied ive had problems with orange so this was the final straw. PAC code in the post in 3-5 days time, got 30days to use it, iphone on o2 here i come
  • Daniel
    john, i got mine from phones4u and managed to cancel no problem, however, i'd try quickly because by the sounds of things, operators are being more and more strict.
  • John
    I'm in month 6 of an 18 month contract, with a lovely Touch HD. I got "the text" last night and tried calling straight away. They said I hadn't received the text and wouldn't help me at all. I rang back this morning and got put through to disconnections where a VERY unhelpful and quite rude "lady" told me that Ofcom regulations stated that I wasn't eligible to cancel my contract as I never go over my allowance, and that since I hadn't gone over it on my last 3 bills, there was nothing I could do about it. I stood my ground with her to the point where she said there was no point talking to me any more. I promptly agreed and said goodbye. I called straight back and got a guy who sounded more helpful, so I explained the situation and asked him to put me through to someone that would help me rather than try to keep me. He put me through to a guy who was almost like my instant best mate - really chatty and saying it would be stupid of me NOT to cancel my contract! He really helped, and even told me to keep an eye out on ebay for some good phones over the next month (they've had a LOT of cancelled contracts!) Basically, if you get someone that won't do it for you after you receive the text message, politely thank them for their help (they log all their calls, so don't be rude!) and call back. Keep doing that till you get someone that helps. Now I just need to decide what to get next! lol Good luck!
  • Lily
    Hi, need some help on this, only saw this thread yesterday evening just AFTER i had accepted an upgrade from Orange. My existing contract is about to expire anyway on 17th Aug, it was an 18mth plan on Panther 45 (but I got a £20 loyalty discount) so effectively I am on an old plan. If I don't accept the upgrade and I cancel that, will I revert back to my old contract? Unfortunately my loyalty reward will come off on 16th August and i will have to start paying the full £45 which I obviously didn't want to do which is why I took the upgrade, but is it worth cancelling anyway? Any advice appreciated Thanks!
  • john
    thanks daniel, daft question i know but do you contact phnes 4 u or orange?
  • Skiwil
    Just called Orange: First person said I had recevied the text today which I had and want to cancel. she flatly refused to even contemplate the idea, I her name was Leanne, she wouldn't let me speak, said "your not going to wriggle out of it like that and stop pulling a fast one" when I tried to talk to her she told me to stop shouting at her, which I wasn't at all, I said, "im not shouting at you at all, she replied "well stop talking then because your not getting out of it". I asked to speak to her supervisor, she told me "no tough" exact words. I asked her if they record the calls, she said no, asked her if they have recording facility as I would like to record this call. She said no. "so i told her that I im going to record this call right now. She put me on hold and hung up....... nasty horrible person. So I called back.. right rang back, this time said I had received a text and could he explain it to me. He said let me check your account to see what mins you have been using. 5 mins later he came back on the phone saying as im close to using all my mins each month I can cancel with no problems at all, so he cancelled my contract as of monday. he did say if i was no where near my total allowance i.e have 400 but only use 200/300 then they arent allowed to cancel them anymore as of yesterday as the orange legal team dont think it is a breach anymore and once they have clairfication in a day or two they are in all likeylyhood gonna stop canceling the contracts.. he told me this after i had cancelled so he wasnt trying to stall me or stop me from doing so just chatting...
  • Simeon
    Hi All, Just to say that I called Orange. Explained I had received their text, and asked the rep to confirm my right to cancel. He straight away confirmed I was entitled to cancel and could do so for me on the spot. No fuss whatsover. Its definately worth giving them a call. Simeon
  • Scotty
    Pissed off they wont cancel because im no were near exceeding in told them they cannot predict my future calls. Wankers
  • suzanne
    Hi, I called Orange this morning intending to cancel my contract. I still had 14 months left of my 18months contract. The operator claimed it didn't apply to me as I don't exceed my calling limit. I asked what if I went over it next months and besides the reason i wanted to cancel was not due to the calling limit but due to the fact that Orange had changed the T&C contract without my agreement therfore I am entitled to Terminate the contract. I also read out T&C 4.3 as shown above and immediately she transferred me to a disconnection member and it was done there and then.
  • Elle
    Iv just spoken to an operator, and he gave the reason 'you cant cancel your contract because you dont exceed your monthly allowance', i read out the clause and told him thats not what the contract states but he wouldnt budge and said there was nothing he could do, so I just took his name and said thank you. What do I do now? I actually didnt call up to cancel, I called up to say I wasnt happy with the new changes but overall I was very happy with orange and wondered what deals they could offer to me to get me to stay... which were none, although I know a fair few people who have received deals to get them to stay! Should I ring again and try a different operator? They cant not make me leave orange if the contract clearly states I can?
  • Adam
    if people are still having problems just keep at it, a 300% increase is agaisnt teh contract you signed, and its your right to go over those mins, remember, its also for voicemail and internet so just use them in your arguements too
  • Ben
    seems like this is now dependant on which call centre you get and what each regional manager has told the staff. If this was a break of contract on their part a few days ago then it should still be today. i got through to a decent guy friday night and got it cancelled. he did check if i was eligable first tho so must be checking to see if i had gone out of plan at any time. which i had. maybe what some people are saying about 0870 numbers is right.... make a couple of these calls and ring back in a few days?? who knows. good luck. bottom line we signed a contract agreeing to be charged an agreed upon anount for 'out of plan' calls etc. this 300% hike is unacceptable and had it been that price before... you may not have signed?!
  • Matt H.
    Phoned up for the missus this morning (business number) and said due to the changes in call charges want to cancel. Said ok, will put you through to the retentions dept who said ok now or in 30 days? Said now then 2 minutes later phone stopped working. Done. Oh, and she went over her minutes by about £110 last month which I guess helped. It wasn't my fault - honest!
  • Sally
    I thought I'd ring this afternoon and asked to be put through to disconnections. The customer services advisor asked me why I wanted to cancel and I told her the reason why. She said she's put me through but the line was busy and she said there was a heft queue and could she ring me back. I was a bit cynnical about that, but sure enough they rang me back within about 15 mins. The girl I spoke to said I couldn't do it without having a text. I quoted the part of the contract above and she said her briefing was that she couldn't disconnect without the text. I then asked to speak to a manager who surprising was available! He said the same and when I quoted the part of the contract above, he said I'd need to put that in writing to Ofcom. He then went on to say that I should be sent a text on Monday and that if I rang up directly after receiving it, they would cancel it for me. Should I just wait until Monday? Sally
  • Phil321
    Hello spoken to four different people this afternoon, and they all said because i dont go over my minutes i dont qualify, im on a £35 a month plan, but my phone bill averages £45! how? i have unlimited texts and 600 minutes a month. so why dont i qualify? can any1 help me on what i can do to terminate my contract as i wanna go back to pay as you go. email [email protected] if you got any advice much appreciated Phil
  • Ewaf
    Does anyone know if its possible to use a PAC code from orange for a new orange contract?
  • John
    @Ewaf - I asked the guy that cancelled my contract for me this morning, and he said that you can use your PAC when you start a new orange contract. I explained that I've known companies refuse before now, if you're not coming from a different provider, and he pretty much said that that's bollocks, and they can't refuse. I think it's another one of those "depends who you speak to" things. It really makes my shit itch that they don't just have a 100% consistent answer for things. Why should we, the paying customer, have to chase them up before they get things right! Rant over - hope that helps.
  • nasir
    i have just recenlty signed up to a contract, can i still cancel????
  • Dan
    I can confirm that this does actually work. Phoned this morning (08/08/09) and within 5 minutes of polite talking they have cancelled my contract. If you get an idiot that wont help you simply phone back. My exact wording was ME:"I have been told that non inclusive mins are going up on all dolphin 35 talk plans?" HIM: "Well not everyones" ME:"well i need to know if i will be effected, can you find out for me" he puts me on hold and says HIM "yes it will effect you" ME: In that case i am entilted to cancel my contract as per point 4.3 of contract?" HIM "Yes you are" ME: "I wish to cancel it ASAP." Contract cancellation..... DONE (Gordon ramsey voice)
  • leeps
    What department are you all using to do this? I've tried twice, and get their stock answer of "You don't do over your minutes". What is the best counter for this?
  • dan
    phoned up and the guy said that i couldnt cancel because i didnt go over my limit on my bills.?
  • John
    There's plenty of posts on this very page that help with that issue - say thanks, hang up, and call back. You just need to get the right person. That's exactly what happened with me.
  • Sally
    Can the customer service people tell if you've already rang them up and how often you've phoned in one day? Are you guys who've managed to cancel going through to cancellations or just customer services? Sally x
  • John
    @Sally Just dial 150 and go through to customer services (option 1, then option 3). Speak to someone there, and if they can't/won't help you, thank them, hang up, then do it again. Just keep going till you get someone that says they can help.
  • mark h.
    Sally yes they can see if you have rang as they leave notes on your account
  • Wojtek
    All i can say is that if you try many times you will finally manage to get the right person and cancell your contract. That s what i did and have not received any messages....
  • Aaron
    Called up, spoke to 'Chris' in disconnections who was very helpful and my contract gets terminated on 11th August. If you want your PAC code you need to give 30 days notice according to him. Great article, thanks!
  • Rob
    Yeah I got told the same thing Aaron. Other people seem to be getting them straight away though! I might ring up again and find out.
  • Davey
    I got a txt about this today I contacted Orange, and got straight through the a really nice woman. I was being very polite. She said she will put me through the the disconnection team Got through to a bit of a cocky bloke, and told me it wouldnt affect me. I told him i wasn't happy with the conditions changing mid contract. They said looking at your bill, it doesn't look like it will affect you. I said it will as i'm going on a business holiday and it will affect me. In the end he said he could give me some kind of £20 into my account as a free will thing. I said i don't want that, i just want to cancel. He just said he doesn't know what to suggest, but he cannot cancel. I just said thanks for your help, but doesnt matter. I'll just try again a bit later i think. He said he is getting so many calls about this where people read it on the internet and just try to cancel. I was like ah right, i only received the txt a couple hours ago oh well, i hope the 2nd time will be better. Can anyone give me any advice on how i can cancel this?
  • James C.
    i just called and quoted "4.3 You may also terminate your Contract if we vary its terms, resulting in an excessive increase in the Charges or changes that alter your rights under this Contract to your detriment." the girl told me as i don't go over my minutes i have no right to terminate the contract regardless if my calling habbits change or not. i then asked to speak to the supervisor and she said the same and told me they had liased with OFCOM and if i wished to file a complaint with them it wud take around three months for my contract to get terminated she did offer me good will bundles etc but i turned them down but she still refused to cancel my contract. any ideas any help would be greatly appreciated
  • big t.
    i did it this morning thay tryed giving me bs but worked fine thx all
  • big t.
    thay can not refuse u to cancil it
  • Keef
    This must be costing Orange an absolute bomb! It sounds like the legal folk are trying to toughen up to save some of the money bleeding away, but all you need to do is make one 0870 call, then point out that next month it'll cost you 3 times as much - end of argument. A friend of mine had Orange broadband at home, and they did much the same thing to him. He's left them.
  • Sally
    Well done to everyone who has managed to get their contracts cancelled. I don't suppose any of you clever people who enjoy a challenge would like to do it on my behalf as I'm getting nowhere! lol You could pretend I was your other half - and I'd be ever so grateful! Sal x
  • James C.
    yea im getting nowhere each time i call i get put through to the same supervisor and she says they do not have to terminate my contract they can terminate but at a charge of £150. when i told her i wasnt happy she told me to file acomplaint with ofcom
  • daniel
    got mine cancelled 5 minutes ago... i had the text they sent.. called.. asked them about the charges.. they told me they were keeping up with other companies who charge the same and i said i wasn't happy and would like to cancel. they had me on hold for 4 minutes.. maybe checking to see if i have gone over my minutes... and i have.. and i gave them a months notice... i get to keep the htc touch hd phone.... and was in my contract for about 4 months
  • Andy P.
    Hi, I started an 18 month contract, Dolphin 35, with orange in July 2008. In April of this year I had to temporarily disconnect the conract because I lost my job and couldn't afford the payments. I haven't re-connected as yet, but i'm wondering if these increased charges will effect me when I do re-connect. I have tried phoning orange, but they refuse to talk to me because they say my orange number isn't valid. I am very fustrated and annoyed as I have had nothing but poor service from orange ever since I started a contract with them. Can anyone help me? Many thanks, Andy.
  • James C.
    apparently orange have sought legal representation and if u have not went over the allowance thye do not have to cancel the contract they say this has been cleared with ofcom. can any1 tell me if this is true
  • Aamir
    So, let's say if I try to cancel my contract and they say I can't because I don't go over my minutes, could I not just hang up, ring a friend and purposely go over my minutes by a few minutes and then ring them back and surely I will have gone over my minutes and am then eligible to cancel? :P
  • Robert
    Aamir - They'll probably respond by saying you only did this when you knew about the changes and therefore you won't be able to cancel.
  • Aamir
    Good thing I'm doing it before I got the text or even tried to terminate then ;) haha, thanks for the reply.
  • Sam
    I rang and they said they would check what I have used in the last 3 months and they told me I hadn't gone over my minutes so I wouldn't notice, so then I mentioned the fact that I might in the future but they refused! Has anyone else had this problem???
  • Chris
    OK 5 times i've been told NO, no matter what i quote or dont i just keep trying? They are saying a statement will be released tomorrow by Orange and ofcom re: these cancellations and i must wait until then! What shall i do?
  • Sam
    Im disgusted with Orange. I rang up and asked about the new price changes, was told as I havnt been over my usage in three months I wouldnt be allowed to. Stated section 4.3, wastold this wouldnt get me anywhere, so I asked to speak to disconnections who basically gave me the same story of how I havnt been over my usage in the last three month and the same blurb about how section 4.3 wouldnt get me anywhere. I said I'd speak to ofcom but in the meantime I checked my bills and I HAVE been over my usage on my last but one bill. Phone back, was told 'Oh ok, I'll speak to diconnections and we can sort it out' they came back to me and get this: YOU CANNOT CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT AS THE CALLS ON THAT PARTICULAR BILL ARE LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS. I beg your pardon orange....What do I do now?!
  • pete
    Does this work on t Mobile?
  • Moron
    The above is a moron.
  • Josh
    I tried 7 times and on the 8th call the cancelled. It doesnt matter about statements and last 3 months, etc, as unde the uk law directice and communications act of 2003 its states you can cancel if you do not agree to the new terms EVERYONE EMAIL BBC WATCH DOG, GET IT HIGHLIGHTED
  • Tim
    How much has the 3G charges increased by? I know its going to be 60p per day for 25mb but unsure what it used to be.
  • Lisa
    I was planning to wait till this morning, but scared to phone now! And if they are now saying its call charges in the last 3 months then I wont apply, the last 3 months i have been really careful as i new i was jobless after the summer, but in Apr i was 73.05, March i was 120.67, Feb 65.22 and Jan 150.64. So I really should be?? Having no job now (well i am a teacher so its not like i am just being lazy and not getting one, there are literaly no jobs in my area) I really do not want to agree to any new terms and conditions which may up my bill in any way :(
  • Sally
    Well I rang again this morning and was again refused, (they used the "haven't gone over your minutes" line. I pointed out that this wasn't mentioned anywhere in their contract and that I may well go over in the future, to no avail. I then rang Ofcom and was given some advice by a friendly chap who told me to put in writing to Orange and they had to reply within 8 weeks. If that didn't work, then contact CISAS, who are empowered to act for individual complaints. He also gave me the number to ring for Orange Head Office which is 0800 0790 134 - still no joy in getting it cancelled though. Looks like I'm going to have to go put it in writing and post it Recorded.
  • Herman
    Well i rang first time, guy was a right prick. Told me the prices of non inclusive minutes weren't increasing, gave up said thanks and hung up. Rung again and the guy was very helpful, didn't try arguing and knew the terms and conditions very well. Cancelled my contract and my pay as you go sim should arrive in the post soon. I found it quite easy due to going over my contract last month, but now i'm trying to end my sisters contract and it is much more difficult as she hasn't got over minutes allowance. Will update as soon as i'm done. Regards, Herman.
  • JP
    I've just had two guys in my shop (piercing / tattoo studio). They have cancelled their contracts this morning and been and got a new phone each from carphone warehouse. One got a free playstation3 with his and one got a free xbox 360. People are still managing to cancel them so keep trying.
  • Graeme
    I rang up 150 yesterday had 2 trys, the second time the guy put me on hold, came back and said i wasnt elegible because i hadnt went over my allowance. I said but under 4.3 You may also terminate your Contract if we vary its terms, resulting in an excessive increase in the Charges or changes that alter your rights under this Contract to your detriment. He said that anyone can go on the net and find that out and that i should read the rest of the contract. and just kept refusing regardless of me explaining the clauses of the contract. I might try talking to someone at phones4u.
  • Mike H.
    i have rang orange 3 times now and they came back with the same you have made calls to 0870 but not enough to affect you. i read out the 4.3 clause and he put me on hold but said they would not be able to cancel. Any advice as to what i can say next, if i havent agreed to the new term then this must be grounds to cancel? Is there anything else i can say on top on the clause 4.3, like the hike from 5p to 15p etc??? any help would be good.
  • LO
    1st time call this morning - Kept it polite and didn't quote 4.3/Offcom but received the standard reply - As advised by the legal team because i've not gone over my monthly allowance, I will not be affected and am unable to cancel my contract.
  • Adam
    Just spent 10 minutes on the phone using quotes from this website to try and get my contract cancelled, he told me that because i do not use over my allowance I cannot cancel, I then proceeded to say that these changes will be of material detriment to myself and still wish to cancel, he said that because I do not use my minutes that I am not allowed to cancel for these reasons.... I then proceeded to mention that it is within my own right to use over my minutes and not be charged extra to what I previously agreed to do so, he continued to tell me that I couldnt cancel and if need be I will have to seek legal advice..
  • Ben
    hey guys, rang twice this afternoon. spoke to first lady who was having none of it. second time i spoke to a woman called kay. when i told her what i was calling for she just said, "so what do you want?" i told her a new phone would be nice. she said there has been so many calls she is fed up of arguing so is just giving people what they want, very good of her! she cancelled my 18month contract which i have had for around 5 months. she then put me onto a sim only contract for half the price i was paying and said after 3 months i can upgrade and get a new phone with the sim. overall im very happy. keep trying, and if not ask for kay! lol.
  • deejayone
    As suggested in the most current update of this issue on Botter Wallet - let's start using Twitter and Tweeting the bad experiences using the hashtag: #badorange @deejayone
  • James C.
    i called with an ofcom referemce number amd they are still refusing to cancelt the contract they ofcom doesnt regulate their specific things and that the company sets their own arbitratry guidelines so basically if u havnt went over ur allowance in the past three months they will say that it hasnt been to your detriment which they are taking as the 3 months prior usage and i rang a number given by ofcom there was no waiting it was picked up straight away any1 finds any way around this?
  • Adam
    Ben, you should have got a surname!!!! lol
  • Mike H.
    i only took out my new contract in june so havent had the new contract 3 months? would there be anything to say to them for that? wasnt that fussed to cancel the contract but as they have started to be awkward i am more determined now to move to a different provider.
  • Adam
    all i get is a load of tosh really won let me because im no where near my useage!
  • James C.
    i suggest as well as the twitter thing every1 file a complaint here
  • Em
    I had gone over my usage a little bit but they still wouldn't let me cancel because i hadn't used 0800 numbers in last 3 months. I argued that i may use them in future but they still wouldn't honour it as they said it wasn't something that was going to increase my bill by more than 5%.
  • Lisa
    Well i just cancelled no problem! The guy tried to offer me a sim only deal but wasn't really pushy about it and actually said... 'it's up to yourself, by law i have to let you cancel, but i am just trying to give you some better offers' I am so relieved, it has taken me alld ay to work up the courage to phone!!!
  • Jordan
    Im like the rest of us out there, trying to cancel my contract.. Being a college student, im so cash strapped atm and in serious need of pulling this one off! But, now it seems asif most people are writing letters to Orange to cancel them. Im too afraid too speak over the phone to a member of customer service, due to what iv read on here and simply id be quite a push over in an arguement being as im not a confident person.. So im going to take the Letter/Email route.. But could someone please pass on their Email address? And also, could anyone post a rough copy of a decent Letter/Email to help me cancel my contract? Many thanks, Jordan.
  • James C.
    [email protected] and [email protected], send it to both and by post
  • pullenuk
    Looks like I cancelled in time then! Don't forget you are within your right to use more than your free minutes etc, therefore you ARE AFFECTED by the changes. Espeically if you have months left on your contact, some of you years! You are within your right to use more than the free amount of minutes, therefore the charges will affect you once you done so. You may not done it recently, but you might this month!
  • Emm
    I took out a Orange contract on 6th July, am I still able to cancel or is it too late?
  • lizzie
    Spoke to cancellations & c/services they wouldnt let me cancel,.... really rude said they sent me a letter & text have not recieved anything from them!! Rude as hell!!
  • Hayley
    Can anyone tell me what the time frame is for orange sending these text messages?
  • Paul S.
    UPDATE 10/8 Ofcom have now responded to Bitterwallet's request for a statement on the current situation. You can read it here.
  • Ellie
    If i manage to cancel my orange contract will i be left without a mobile untill i maange to get a new one or does my contract only end wen i get a new one!! Also if i do not manage to find a better deal an i have cureently with orange can i stay even tho i have said i want to cancel as as the mo for £30 i have unlimited text and 1500 minutes and internet so depsite ccall charge changes if carnt find better deal want to stay with orange regardless Thanks
  • Aamir
    Right, seeing as though I have not yet got the text should I be expecting it soon? Also, since orange haven't informed me of the change and I haven't yet tried to cancel my contract, may I purposely waste my minutes and go over by a few this month just to be 'eligible' so that when the time comes that they do text me, I can ring and cancel without a problem?
  • john
    well I tried this afternoon and was told that Orange have been instructed by their legal department to base their assessment on the previous 3 months usage; and if that does not go over the allowance they will not allow you to cancel. I read and re read para 3 to him but still got nowhere; he kept saying "This is what the legal team have told us, and that is what we are sticking to" Going to try again tomorrow...
  • Podge
    Aamir - I hadn't been sent the text either but told them I had. They either couldn't check or didn't.
  • Aamir
    Podge - And did you manage to cancel okay?
  • Phil S.
    IVe tired everything! There not having any of it! 4 times now! I dont meet there criteria apprantly but they cant tell me what criteria it is they gave me an address to write to but aint going to do that! I Use my phone 30mins a month so there sayin it wont affect me ive told them i may want to go over it, but there not having any of it no matter what i try!
  • Aamir
    Someone's just posted some quite uplifting news on this page A comment reads: "UPDATE ORANGE LEGAL TEAM HAVE NOW CHANGED THEIR STANCE ON THIS AND HAVE DECIDED THAT WE NOW HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL!" Let's just hope this is true!
  • Nat
    Hi I've just managed to cancel after 3 goes! The1st guy I spoke to last week said I had to wait for my text to arrive and it would come on the 10th. Hadn't received it today so i called back and spoke to such a rude man who said if I hadn't had the text it wasn't affecting me. I asked why I had been told differently last week and he said he could not speculate. He then said he had a list of contracts that were being affected and that mine Canary 30 was not on there. After he continued to be rude and talked over me I requested a managerial call back and hung up. 5 mins after ending the call I received my text message. Then called back spoke to a much nicer man who promptly cancelled my contract and agreed to send out my PAC code. I'm glad to be shot of them after they had messed me around so much plus my phone that I've had for 13 months is crap and they refuse to replace it! Good bye orange!!!
  • James C.
    how and when will we know if tht is true
  • LO
    2nd call following the above annoucement - told again not eliable due to not going over 4% of inclusive calls.
  • Mark
    I want to cancel my contract, but before i jump feet first, one question. Through my contract i was able to get a discounted rate for my unlimited broadband, if i cancel will this affect that? I mean i would like to go to O2 for my mobile provider as the coverage is better where i live, but the idea of paying about £25 for a similar deal elsewhere for my broadband (i currently only pay £5 p/m) would put my off. I had the broadband before the mobile so it was already set up, do you think they might overlook this slight point of me no longer having the contract entitling me to the discount?
  • pete
    i managed to cancel an hour ago on my 4th go. yesterday i had the 3 month excuse 3 times plus a ringback from a manager. called an hour ago an had an approachable guy and he gave me the 3 month bill excuse again and i would not be affected. i ask him a simple q of regardless of my past bills - 'will these changes affect me full stop?' that knocked him back as he said yes. he still didnt budge until i explained that out of my last 9 bills, 5 are over £35(my contract) one £77and one £60 and a further 2 are a bit over the normal rate. he put me on hold for another 10mins but came back saying after discussing with manager i would be affected and allowed to cancel. pac is in the post and contract will finish when i use it. hope this is the case!! keep trying!!!
  • Andrew
    Just thought I'd pop my two cents down for people struggling. Just cancelled my contract, 8 months into an 18 month dolphin 40 @ 20:40 on 10/8/09. Was very polite, got an averagly polite lady who told me that when I asked it would effect me. Went on for about 5 mins about how they were the cheapest, then it came up about the text message and that I hadn't recieved it. I denied that made a difference and she said I was eligable to cancel, and had to put me on hold. I was on hold for a total of 44 minutes, every two minutes she popped on to ask me if i was alright with holding the call, 20 minutes in she tried her hardest to make me hang up with the promise that she would call me back, but I kept politely refusing and contiuned to hold. When I eventually got through, I got another averagely polite lady who was very straight to the point, gave me options to cancel and I have gone for the PAC code route, which comes in the post so I can keep my number. The only catch about this method is that, if I don't swap my number over to a new contract before my next billing date (september 3rd) then they take this as a sign for not changing contract after all and you are automatically required to furfil the contract and have accepted the terms of the new price increase. I feel sorry for everyone trying, I guess I was lucky, she never questioned once the prices of my phone bills. Although I have gone over £10 on my web last month, and was in Africa the month before, so I've had a couple of £55 bills on a £35 contract. Keep trying, they're obviously still canceling, just very busy!
  • Andrew
    And for the record about the text, they said I didn't receive it (which I hadn't), but 30 minutes into the call she told me that I had been sent it on the 28th of june, which is an outright lie. I heard from MSE :D
  • Lois
    am i eligable for cancellation if ive phoned 087 numbers numerous times on my past bills? ive never gone over my inclusive mins but my bills have charged me for non inclusive mins, my £42.50 bill is always around the £60 mark, please help as im desperate to cancel with orange, thanks
  • Ricky M.
    Just want To say Thank You For All The Help:D just canceled my orange contract for freeeeee:D he said that orange changed things from the legal team at 1pm the after noon and didn't no why i could not cancel. thanks for all your help guys :D
  • Josh
    Have Orange Legal Team changed their minds now?
  • Adam
    Does anyone know what time they close the phones on a night and then what time they open in the morning? xx
  • Josh
    8.30-10. but they close the lines at 9.30 to get through the waiting calls
  • Adam
    Thanks Josh, will ring up early tomorrow and try and beat the rush!
  • Josh
    other half doing the same, alot of people i have spoke to have been made aware the legal team have started allowing disconnections agai, so good luck
  • Cancel F.
    [...] a bit keener than others. Its useful to read the link that Gilly posted in the original post - Cancelling your Orange contract - a troubleshooting guide | BitterWallet - and have it to hand when you call. If you start quoting the specific contractual terms to them I [...]
  • Adam
    I've been putting off ringing because I don't want my account to be black listed, given that they'll almost certainly have to cave in over the next couple of days. Problem is I've deleted the text and can't remember when it was sent so I need to act soon so the 28 day period doesn't pass.
  • mark h.
    Tried again this morning still saying they can't cancel as i dont go over my minutes and Ofcom have agreed to this. Told them i Had ran them quoted GC9.3 to them, they said they can't understand this as we have been told that you have to go over your minutes and ofcom have okayed it. Was reading this in the contract 19.11 miscellaneous If either party delays or does not take action to enforce their rights under the contract this does not prevent either party from taking action later does this mean that if you done nothing that you can do something later about these changes ?
  • Gibbs
    What number were you trying on mark? Was it the 150 options or did you try the number ofcom have been giving out?
  • amy
    just got through after only 10mins of bein on hold + the man cancelled it straight away, i just said id heard about the changes, getting my pac code in the post :) good luck to everyone else, i think theyv caved in!
  • Becci
    Just been successful in getting my line disconnected after repeatedly being told NO as I haven't gone over my inclusive minutes even though for 2 0f the 3 months I still had another contract that I was using the minutes up on until it was disconnected. After stating I was going to take it further and that i was not prepared to pay £380 to disconnect, then being offered more minutes to my contract for free to which I pointed out was a sign of guilt and after asking to speak to someone else, being put on hold whist the person I was speaking to "tried to find someone" finally 15 minutes later she came back on the line said she couldn't find anyone to take my call and that she would disconnect my line there and then and that it would be off from tomorrow. Like other comments previously keep at it.
  • Ellie
    Hi can anyone give me some advice. I have just receved the text messages about the change to call charges. However i have not gone over any of my minutes since i upgrades in March as i was given a loyality offer as i stayed with orange. Currently i am on Panther deal and get unlimited txtx and interent and 1200 minutes for £30 (including VAT) in essance the change to call changes dnt really affect me as i never go over my 1200 minutes and also i have been given a £15 discount on the panther plan. i dnt want to leave orange if i will not find a better deal with anyone else. Can any adise me on a better plan or if i shoudl stay with orange Thanks
  • AndyF
    Just called, only took two goes. Spoke to the first person who was quite rude but said I was eligible to cancel and she'd terminate my line tonight. I advised I wanted to give a bit of notice so that I could keep my number and was told "if you don't agree to the terms and want to cancel then you'll have to do it with immediate effect, you can't just agree to them for a few days then disagree again." I asked her to hold off in that case and called back. Second person I spoke to said he'd check I was eligible (I am as I call a few 0800, 0845 numbers) then said he could cancel it. I asked for a PAC number and he said it'd take 30 days to cancel my line off, which is fine with me. Just a heads up as that's worth trying if they say they'll cut you off the same day.
  • LO
    3rd Call - Called Ofcom 1st got a case reference, called orange exec team to esclate the issue and quoted ofcom ref. Passed onto orange CSR detailed the notes on the past two calls, put on hold then got a supervisor told all requests for termination are being put on a case by case basis and at this time I was still uneligable to terminate early.
  • Ross C.
    I've called twice. I got through to the disconnection team first and they looked through my past three bills and said i wasnt eligible to cancel... even when i said its my right to go over my allowance of minutes and call 0845 numbers, which im likely to do in the next 20 months of my contract, they kept telling me that i wasnt eligible to cancel my contract. Just tried again and didnt even make it to the disconnection team. The guy pretty much did and told me the same thing as the previous person. Is there anything else i can do? I even read out section 4.3 of the terms to them and got nowhere.
  • 'jonathan M.
    Just cancelled due to a few 0800 numbers! 3gs here i come. They certainly are a lot more agreeable today compared to yesterday, as i had no luck at all yesterday!
  • hahahah
    shes offit fossil
  • Chris
    if you get a girl called amy hang up and dont bother she wont do it
  • Em
    called for the 2nd time and he wouldn't budge, i haven't gone over my minutes or made 0800 numbers in past 3 months (but have on months before that).
  • Jaz
    Anyone know if this will affect your deposit? When i took the contract out with a 3rd party i also got a free Xbox with it but had to give a £150 deposit that they said i would get back at the end of my contract. I really dont want to risk losing it. Thanks
  • Tim
    Em - it's simple you cant cancel then
  • Em
    i'm not so sure, someone on another forum suggested i go through the head office route as she cancelled when she was in exactly the same position as me.
  • mystique
    i rang last week after finding out about this loophole, but was told by several SA that i needed the text. both were quite abrupt with me, but the second eventually told me that she could see on the screen i would be receiving the text on the 10th august. so yesterday i received 3 informing me of the changes. I rang up today to cancel and happened to get a SA who was on his first day back from holidays and was quite confused by the whole thing. he said he had a memo from legal about the conditions customers needed to meet in order to get out of the contract, and he looked over past bills of mine, none of which i exceed. but he then found one call i'd made that had cost 1.68, and used that as the means to get me out. although he did say he had to override something to get me out of it. It apprebtly said i hadnt met the conditions, but his words were 'i can just override that'. he was lovely ! pac code being sent out. iphone here i come !
  • mark h.
    Gibbs i am using 07973100150 will be try ringing again tomorrow but feel im getting no where :(
  • mark h.
    Problem i got is that my phone has been in Australia for nearly 2 months and it does'nt work over there so when they look at my bill it says 0 mins used I've explaind that my girlfriend has it over there and thats why I dont have any usages but they jsut keep telling me no. Im going to ring Ofcom but i have faxed them a letter and I've also email orange which they never got back to me about no has the supervisor rang me back either :(. I'm tempted to jsut cancel my direct debit and see what they say to that.
  • Joe
    Hi There, Just wanted to say a big thankyou, I found this on well search engine. I have been rtying to Cancel my orange contract for sometime now, as i have a very fluctuating signal and believe it or not cannot receive calls when i am downstairs but if i am upstairs then i`m ok. Also have been missing alot of calls and have only been able to use texting if that. So when i came across this article you cannot imagine how pleased i was to find this. I have rung them in the past and told them what i have stated here but no it was not good enough i could not cancel my contract which was supposed to run until end of December, so today after reading this web page from your good selves i decided to ring the number ie 150 again, i was asked why i was calling and stated that i wanted to cancel my contract and was asked why and i stated why by mentioning what had been written in this article, i was then asked if i could hold and did so for about 5 mins then to my suprise i was told i could cancel my contract. YES Thanks Again Best Regards Joe
  • Mark
    As per my last message Posted by Mark | August 10th, 2009 at 8:32 pm I want to cancel my contract, but before i jump feet first, one question. Through my contract i was able to get a discounted rate for my unlimited broadband, if i cancel will this affect that? I mean i would like to go to O2 for my mobile provider as the coverage is better where i live, but the idea of paying about £25 for a similar deal elsewhere for my broadband (i currently only pay £5 p/m) would put my off. I had the broadband before the mobile so it was already set up, do you think they might overlook this slight point of me no longer having the contract entitling me to the discount? Does anyone else get this offer? And if so when they have cancelled was it affected??
  • Sara
    I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to cancel my contract.... 1st call I was told outright, no due to the fact I have not gone over on my mins/texts since the start of my contract 4months ago. 2nd call I was told that in the 1st call I had spoken to a "Team Leader" an he had put on my account "do not terminate this contract as caller has not gone over her allowance in 3months" so therefore he could not override the team leaders decision... He then told me that the only way to solve the problem was to write a letter... which I've done and sent off today.... 3rd call I was told nothing could be done, I just have to wait for a reply to my letter!!! I have given all points shown above an Orange are still sticking to the fact that in the last few months I've not gone over my mins/texts so therefore can not cancel... Is there anything else I can do as I believe that I only have till the 14/8/09 to give one months notice as the price change comes into effect, is that right?! Sara
  • Paul S.
    Hello all, We've spent the day quietly sifting through regulations - there's a new post on the front page of the site to have a read through. We'll also be posting a guide tomorrow, for those of you who haven't cancelled and want to take further action. P
  • Jackman
    I have just tryed for the 6th time without recieving a text. The stubborn lady told me i will get the text, but even then i won't be allowed to cancel. I asked if the charges would effect me. YES! So i told her my contract and been changed and i would like to cancel please. NO Only if i had made calls in the last 3 months would it effect me. She said the new charges on count if you make a phonecall shorter than 30 seconds! This is frying my brain!
  • Rachel
    Have just tried to cancel my contract with Orange which I signed up for in July 2008. I got the old chestnut that because I had not gone over my call allowance within the last three months then I was not eligible. I told him that I have gone over it in the past and may go over my call allowance in the future and that I should not be penalized for it - his response was that I should upgrade my plan - pay more for it and then have more minutes! I told him that I don't want to be paying more - but he then started to give me some spiel about his girlfriend working for Orange and that she was going over her minutes and just paid for more...... I was pleasant and did not get angry - but they have a script that they are sticking to - and I am just going to keep calling and hopefully get it cancelled.
  • James
    Best thing to happen to Orange, phoned and canceled this morning 4 mths in to a 18mth contract, tried all the usual, operator, need to see if you have gone over mins, Just mentioned Ofcom, done and dusted, canceled in 2 mis
  • Mike
    Have finally cancelled this evening after over 10 call over a week, 4 today! Today i received a text finally and they still didnt want to let me cancel. Person: 1. A horrible horrible woman. She was calling me a liar saying i've gone over my minutes on purpose as i was aware of the price increase, even though the new "criteria" was not made up till friday and i spoke to them last wednesday! She was just having none of it and ended up putting the phone down on me. 2. Second chap was really nice and said again that i was not eligible and he was really sorry and wished he could do anything. I didnt want to argue with him as he was a decent guy so i thought i'd try someone else. 3. Next guy said pretty much the same thing but when i asked him if my recent calls which took me over the minutes make me eligible he said that he could not see that i have gone over my minutes on the system and aparently their system was up to date! I was getting no where so i said thanks for help and put the phone down. I really thought that there was no way i was going to be able to cancel so i sent the emails out and i thought id phone one more time and ask if they could note on the system that i do not accept these changes and i will be taking it further. 4. Another guy answers (i was worried it was one of the previous two i spoke to but luckly it wasnt). I started a different approach so i said: "Right, last week i phoned and i was told i needed a text. Today i phoned and i was told that i needed to have gone over my minutes. I am getting really confused as everytime i phone the 'criteria' to cancel seems to change. Would you be able to confirm exactly what this 'criteria' is please?" He said that he understands and they are in the same situation. Apparently everytime they show up to work the 'criteria' seems to change and they are trying to keep up with all the change. He did say he wasnt allowed to tell me what this criteria was but he said he was going to check my account. We then started chatting and he said its been a nightmare with the amount of calls they've been receiving and they've had to hire extra people to provide the customer service. He then said that he can confirm that i am eligble and it will be cancelled at some point tomorrow (i didnt want the PAC code). I said i was really sorry and i hope that it wasnt going to affect his job. He said that it wont as they cant predict who is going to get those people who are "eligble" as one people might be really unlucky and get them all. ---------Which proves its bull what the've been saying about losing their jobs when it creating more work for them. I thanked him and that was it. All im saying is keep trying guys, question them about this 'criteria' and if ur getting no where, put the phone down and try again! Good luck.
  • Josh
    But the Criteria means nothing, as under the Terms you do not have to meet any Criteria, And also Under the UK DIRECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003 they must make you aware of your right to cancel if you do not agree to the changes.
  • Deborah
    I have just called Orange to cancel and was told "good news we have just had a briefing and its been decided that the changes proposed for 14th September will not take place after all" I asked what this means exactly and the operator told me that there would be no price increase. I asked if this news would be put up on the orange web site and was told it was going to be put up today.
  • Matt
    Just tried to cancel I'm too late! The guy said that last night the management decide to pull the plug on the price changes, and they are not going to change now. I was a bit unsure. So called back, spoke with a different girl, she said OK I'll put you through to cancellations. Then I spoke to a guy in there that said, no I can't cancel as they've decide not to change prices as so many people are cancelling. I asked if I could have that in writting, he said What do you think?
  • Kirsty
    Hi, I phoned up several days ago and was told that I hadn't gone over my allowance, I explained that that made no difference as I may choose to do so in the future and It would cost me more than I previously agreed to. He said that makes no difference and they are doing nothing illegal or underhand (I never said they were) Then I rang today they have told me that the change is no longer going ahead and any text I have received should be ignored! Hmmmmm.
  • Chris
    i rang on saturday and was told my contract would be cancelled, but my orange phone still works, and now i hear that they are no longer changing if i ring them and moan my phone has not been cancelled yet will they not let me do it anymore? well annoyed!
  • Simon
    Just spoken to Orange - tried to cancel but they are releasing a press release today to state that none of the proposed changes are going ahead so there will be no grounds for early contract release. Foiled at the first hurdle!
  • Calum G.
    Yeah I just phoned them up as well and I got told the changes are not taking place anymore. Should have phoned yesterday, damn.
  • Jon
    Just phoned up also to be told the planned price increases have been cancelled so nothing to worry about! looks like ill have to get my phone repaired afetr all for the 6th time in 9 months :(
  • will
    i've just called and they said that they change is no longer going to occur and they will issue this on their website in the next 24 hours. does anybody know if there is any truth behind this or just another method of preventing cancellations?
  • Graeme
    Ive been told the same thing, i think its probably true because the phonelines have been flooded by people trying to cancel
  • Orange a.
    We have canceled all changes to the terms. So its a case of if you have 10months left on your contract you have to serve them or buyout..
  • Ian
    After the way Orange have conducted themselves over this issue I will still leave them as soon as I can, my daughter is also leaving them, never to return
  • Mark
    As per my last message guess i dont have to worry now then HAHA shouldve just jumped feet first! Posted by Mark | August 10th, 2009 at 8:32 pm I want to cancel my contract, but before i jump feet first, one question. Through my contract i was able to get a discounted rate for my unlimited broadband, if i cancel will this affect that? I mean i would like to go to O2 for my mobile provider as the coverage is better where i live, but the idea of paying about £25 for a similar deal elsewhere for my broadband (i currently only pay £5 p/m) would put my off. I had the broadband before the mobile so it was already set up, do you think they might overlook this slight point of me no longer having the contract entitling me to the discount? Does anyone else get this offer? And if so when they have cancelled was it affected??
  • Get R.
    In Reply to Ian "After the way Orange have conducted themselves over this issue I will still leave them as soon as I can, my daughter is also leaving them, never to return" Thats funny i was with O2 and i know for a fact, Voda and 3 Network all just changed their prices and didnt tell anyone, as a result they all got fined by OfCom, atleast Orange actually told us before hand.
  • Jordan
    Right basically, I sent an Email two days ago (10th August) asking to cancel.. They haven’t replied, iv asked for a PAC code and for it too be terminated but they havent been in touch since the Email… Surely because I emailed them asking them to cancel and send a PAC code before today they should honour it? Although they haven’t replied to my Email yet… So do people think they will let me cancel?
  • John
    Thanks bitterwallet! I phoned up just in time (evening of the 11th) and will be receiving a PAC code. Unless deatils of my call get "lost". Took two goes - the first operator flat hung up on me when I said I wanted to cancel due to the charges increase. The second was fairly aggressively arguing against cancellation but we got there in the end. Unlike CS agents I have read about on this site, this one seemed quite clued up on Ofcom regs and tried to defend using them "other networks are putting up their prices regularly by up to 9% which is the maximum allowed by Ofcom - orange is being open and honest". Not two words consistent with the posts on this site. Well in the light of the recent orange statement saying future price increases "won't be ruled out" it seems clear what their next strategy could be.
  • Get R.
    In Reply to Jordan. Sorry mate but you can only set a cancellation by phone or letter. Orange has never accepted notice by email the Disconnection dept doesnt even have a email inbox. So i highly doubt it will be honoured.
  • Orange m.
    [...] Cancelling your Orange contract – a troubleshooting guide [...]
  • Alice
    Apparently they are not making the change now due to so many cancellations i have just got off the phone with Orange? is this just to get me off the phone? i am desperate to cancel my contract.
  • Get R.
    In reply to Alice. "Apparently they are not making the change now due to so many cancellations i have just got off the phone with Orange? is this just to get me off the phone? i am desperate to cancel my contract." No offence but are you serious, its all over the web and news about them stopping the change, how big is your rock really!
  • LO
    Thankyou very much Orange!!!!!!!!!! YOU WHERE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT BY NOT ALLOWING CUSTOMERS TO CANCEL - AND TO NOW MAKE A U-TURN BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE "EGILABILTY" CONDITION WOULD NOT HAVE HELD UP IN A COURT OF LAW. I've been a Orange customer for over ten years - now with only 8months left on my current contract you will never get me back as a customer again and I will be recommended to everyone I know never to use Orange. I'm sure no company would want bad press - well you got! Based on your current PR i'm sure everyone else will agree with me - "DON'T SIGNUP TO ORANGE" they don't value as a customer.
  • Get R.
    In Reply to LO. No one values your shonky opinion because we know that even if you leave Orange, you'll be back once they do a deal you like or a phone you want. Your just a chanser who lost out. Boo freaking hoo.
  • Get P.
    In response to “lo” Lo whilst reading your “statement” I realise that you are a person who blows off about something you don’t think is right and can see you are obviously an avid fan of Points of View. Whilst you say you won’t recommend Orange as a mobile provider to anyone else I would like to remind you of the fact Orange has at least been honest when it comes to changing its minimum call charge which in actual fact brought Orange in line with other providers. In addition unlike 02,T-Mobile, 3 and Vodafone they told you what they where doing and therefore did not get a severe fine from Ofcom. You state you have been a customer of Oranges for 10 years. Therefore you have already experienced previous T&C changes have you not? What was different this time….”oh yes I know” you became a “lemming” you decided to follow all of the others and kick up a fuss about something which really wasn’t doing you any harm. Get a life - you’ll go back to Orange when there is a good deal won’t you like a good little lemming following all the others when the deal suits you. Boo Freaking Hoo
  • sonia
    well i got a good reason to cancel and yes i have recieved the text message informing of the increase. i took out a contract in january and had a sony ericsson c905, in june it had to be sent off for repair has the volume didnt work, then in july it was saying no network coverage so it had to be sent off again. now today i get a letter saying the phone is unrepairable and that i cannot have another phone to replace it, i have to continue to pay my contract until next july BUT WITH NO FUCKING PHONE, AND TO CANCEL I HAVE TO PAY £342 WORK THAT FUCKER OUT, the phone wasn;t even 9 mths old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sonia
    AND THIS IS THE EMAIL SONY SENT ME!!!!!! Thank you for your recent order to repair your C905. Following receipt of your C905, a qualified engineer conducted a detailed investigation and evaluation complying with all specifications as per Sony Ericsson. During the inspection procedure the unit has been diagnosed as Un-Repairable under the Warranty of the Manufacturer. We can return the unit to you, unrepaired for the sum of �10.00 +VAT. Alternatively, we are able to environmentally dispose of your handset at no charge to yourself. If you require this service, could you please contact SonyEricsson on 08705 237 237, Option 2. If you do wish to proceed and have the handset returned to you unrepaired, you can send us a cheque or postal order made payable to Kuehne + Nagel Limited to; Kuehne + Nagel Ltd Unit 2A Repair Centre Appletree Road Chipping Warden Banbury OX17 1LL or you may contact us on 08705 237 237, Option 2, then Option 1 to arrange payment directly. Please quote your Repair reference 158076.
  • chris
    hi iv rang orange 3 times tryin 2 cancel but they all sed the same thing that the changes arnt goin ahead isthis tru??
  • john
    i cant be bothered to read all of the responces to this but if you have an operative that is rude to you, ask their full name before you end the call, then callback and imediatly ask to speak to the shift / duty manager about a complaint about a staff member then shout alot at the manager, it will put them in a difficult posistion and they will then take it out on the person you rang to complain about. if this happens enough times who knows what could happen also the manager will probably give you anything you want
  • Paddy
    Anyone else get a text today from Orange "Sorry you are leaving etc and basically saying they are no longer changing their charges in September
  • Joanne
    I'd called last week and was refused a cancellation on a couple of occasions. So I sent a letter to orange and a copy of the letter via email. I have received a reply to my email notifying me that the price rise will no longer go ahead. All very clear untill I received a text today from Orange: "Hi from Orange. Sorryyou're leaving us due to our price changes from Sept, We're no longer making these changes & would love you to stay. Call 150 and select option 1, then option 4 to talk to us." Whats going on? I called Orange and according to them this text was sent in error, and has been sent out to all that have requested to cancel, have I just been fobbed off? Has anyone else received the same text today?
  • Paddy
    Joanne - Yes I got it and I know a few others who have as well
  • Bob
    Having cancelled my contract with Orange by phone last week and waiting for the paper work to come by mail, I just got a text from them saying that they were not now going to do the price increase. I wonder wether that now makes the cancellation due to breech of contract null and void. Any thoughts anyone? Ta Bob
  • Nicole
    I'm having sooo many problems with my orange phone at the moment, i hardly get any signal in my house, the webiste never works for my account, and i was supposed to get a text about best plan but it never came through. I'm going to uni in sept and wondering if i can really afford the contract anymore, this seems like a pretty good reason for getting rid of it.. i have 8 months left in my contract, and i dont think that i have recieved the text, although i might have and just deleted it! Do you think they will let me cancel with no charges? Please help! :)
  • Andy P.
    -Nicole, I don't think they'll let you cancel free of chrage now as they're not going ahead with the changes which breached the contract. Unfortunately you've just missed the opportunity to get out of it easily. Read carefully through the contract though, i'm sure there's a part in there about terminating the contract if they can no longer provide you with service (signal), it's a long shot but it might work.
  • Cancelling W.
    [...] Cancelling your Orange contract – a troubleshooting guide [...]
  • Robert
    My girlfriend took out a contract and then tried cancelling with Orange through phones4u. She was told that she would have to wait to recieve a text before she can cancel by two different customer advisors... She's waited and now we've just read the update that they are not issuing cancellations due to no changes to the T's and C's so she's left with two contracts running side by side. Went to phones4u and they couldn't refund the contract because it's two days over the cooling off period, rang orange customer advisors and they have nothing on their system about her ringing to cancel the contract or anything. What a crock of shit! Anyone got any advice as now she has to run 2 expensive contracts side by side. Not amused at all!!
  • Max
    are orange still canceling contracts based on this loophole?
  • jordan
    I have just had an existing mobile contract from orange bought out by JAG and they have set me up with a new mobile and a new 18 month contract but i dont like the phone can i cancel?
  • Get R.
    lol at last two posters, i mean honestly. Do you REALLY think that they will cancel you when they arnt making the changes??
  • Saliq
    Hey, i was wondering if someone could advice me..i purchased a contract from a phones4u store last thursday on the 27th..n97 on orange for 18months..but ive already started having some problems with the phone and was wondering if the 'cooling off period' applies to me because its not mentioned in the contract!!?? going into the store tomorrow anyway but would be helpfull if i had a better idea of my rights. thanks!
  • Stevey
    I`m with orange, and the fact that "Orange customer services are telling outright lies and refusing to help." Rings true to me, I`ve been with Orange for 12 years now with the same number (obviously upgraded my account and phone). I have had a load a problems with my latest new phone (not the phone, but orange getting the settings right) which I have had for a few weeks now. I contacted orange and they have finally got the problem dealt with at last and they promised to add £4 credit to my phone for the next 6 months as compensation for my troubles and because I have been such a loyal customer.........well guess what. Not only have they not deducted that credit from my bill they are now saying that it wasn`t pronised to me!!!! WTF I have made a complaint (which you can only do in writing) and they said "they will look through the tape recordings to try and find out what was going on, as they don`t know who I was talking to when the credit was promised. I have a mad feeling that the customer services tapes are going to conveniently not be found. (it was a call centre abroad) :0 Well, I have to see what happens, they are saying they will contact me within 48 with a response, I`m not holding my breath. Nor am I staying with this distrustful and disrepectful company any longer.
  • carly
    hi does anybody know what the actual text say i think i recieved but have now deleted it so can't check. just want to jog my memory
  • Vijay
    I called up Orange, and they said they are no longer changing the price plan!! I called 3 times, and spoke to 3 different people, and they all said the same thing. That they're now keeping the prices the same! What do i do!! I Can't afford the contract anymore!
  • robbo
    i rang up on 12 august. just received payg sim and contract cancelled. will wait to see if i still get a huge bill. hope its as easy for everybody else.
  • Ev
    i managed to get my contact cancelled over 3 weeks ago but received a bill from orange of £679 which was never mentioned at point of cancellation by the loyalty manager.They also refused to issue a pac code to myself which i think is totally unacceptable. Pls advice on the following as am seriously considering taking legal action against orange for breaching the terms and conditions
  • Neil
    I also had something like this around the £600 for early cancelation. I called them up asked what was going on, i told them i canceled due to there terms and conditions and confimed this was the case and canceled the bill.
  • leanne
    I tried to cancel my contract last week i said that i wanted to cancel due to the changes of the call charges, they said that they are now not increasing the call charges so does that mean that i can not cancel??
  • Tom
    Can we still cancel or is it too late now? I started my contract in March 09 I dont think i ever got a text, I might have done but i probably just deleted it orsomething. I have just found out about this now after another company called me wanting me to start a contract with them. So i looked it up and its all true, i thought the company were just saying that so i signed up with them. Im kinda annoyed at orange anyways as they told me one thing while i was renewing my contract and after the handset arrived and the new contract kicked in it was nothing like what i was told. I was supposed to get a cash back deal, unlimited internet and skype calles etc for free. But i just got a basic dolphin deal when the contract came into play. Iv tryed calling but i just keep getting told we cant deal with this problem at this time as theres nobody hear to deal with it. Or Out computers are down so we cant access your account to terminate, and the last one was i had to take action within 48 hours of the message to be able to cancel. The phone i got when i signed up was an LG KC910, I didnt use the phone for about 6 weeks after getting it as i was still using my old phone and contract. when i did finally use the KC910 the phone crashed afte a few mins and then the touch screen became un responsive, as if it wasnt even touch screen, i could press anywhere on the screen and nothing happened and they wouldnt take the phone back cos i had had had it so long. So i really wanna cancell no i have found out about this loop hole. please tell me its not too late. Thanks Tom
  • Samantha T.
    Am I still in the right time period to cancel my contract X
  • Mark W.
    I would also very much like to know if it is still possible to cancel using the above information at this time.
  • Chris F.
    Yes please let us know if we can still do this as my fiance wants an iphone and desperatly wants to get out of her orange contract to get one. If we can use this we will.
  • Andy P.
    I don't think you can now, sorry. They haven't gone ahead with the increase in call charges after so many people cancelled, so I can't see as they'd let you cancel early without paying the remaining bill. You could always give it a go though, no harm in trying.
  • Ten B.
    [...] first Orange weren’t having it, but before long, masses of you, armed with our cancellation guide were cancelling in your droves. Then Orange went and sealed up the loophole and everything went [...]
  • Matt H.
    Anything existant like this for laptop contracts?
  • james d.
    hey i couldnt afford to pay my contract so they have cut me off and passing it to the debt recovery team moorcroft i was wundering im getting the phone put back on soon when i pay it but as ive been cut off till now from july 09 i wont have recived the text or have been informed so do you rekon i can pay my bill and canccel the contract at that as the terms have changed please help thanks ?
  • shane
    i signed orange contract 31th August 09 can i still cancel?
  • onur
    I have a 18 month contract with orange which i have used for a few months now, i entered a 35pound a month contract whereas always get a really high bill. Also they said to me how it was unlimited internet and messages whereas i have been charged for internet, I had magic numbers which is unlimited calls to orange nubers they say i have exceeded my magic numbers and its gone on to my usage, is there any way i can get out of this contract??????/
  • Brad
    I have been on a 18 month contract since february 2009. I have been looking recently at new phones on and they said that i can cancel my contract with orange when I next pay my bill on the 24th June because it will be the very last time i pay my bill. However, my contract doesn't finish until another month after this; will i still be able to cancel my phone on the 24th without paying any money ?
  • chaz
    I have a really crap phone, i bought it through carphone warehouse, took out a contract back in may 09 and desperatley want to cancel. ive had so many problems with it being stolen and they being really difficult, faulty phones, can i cancel? im willing to pay a fee, i just want out of my contract and a phone that works. what can I do?
  • Verizon D.
    i believe it was a bit rushed, and not noted some features that not many people speak about. Everybody is aware of that the majority new smartphones have internet, so why show that fundamental perform at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Actually? which new telephone doesnt try this? How bout talk about how the textual content rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you mention you should use the mic and text together with your voice? Neglected ALOT of different more vital features
  • anna
    Hi I got a text message from orage saying that cals to call fowarod numbers will be chargge at 20 ppm Can I cancel my contract with no charge ? please reply Fanks
  • Ollie K.
    Pmsl here hun - I share a PC with my Hubby and I use Gordon Ramsey but he keeps changing it to Harlequins Rugby Team - it's a battle of wills that will never be won !!
  • GhoulishGadgets
    Yeah, I've had a real pain in th a$$ with orange over cancellation... I phoned them, a long tiime ago, they said no problem, we need to send you some sims, register these and all sorted plus you get to keep the number on a pay as you go basis - great I thought. The sims never turned up, I forgot about it, then noticed I was still getting a statement and chase letters, I phoned them up again, same process, again nothing, This has gone to the point that solicitors are involved, I have a letter from Orange giving the data that I asked to terminate, so they have admitted full knowledge, but still say that I needed to register the sims that never arrived. My counter reply is that if that was so important, they should've sent them via a tracable service, but never did. At the moment, I've not heard from them for a few months, they say they sent the sims, I say they never arrived, but do have written confirmation from them of termination request and date. They can be a nightmare, so be warned!!!
    About 4 months ago i was called by Orange coz my 18 month contract was almost up and they wanted to give me a new 1 and new phone. I thought id mite aswell, so i was put on a 2 year contract and got the new ericsson. And it now turnes out im out of a job and have to go live with my mother abroad for some soport, and I cant afford the phone anymore and need to terminat it. Is there a way i can terminate it with out paying so much, because if i have to pay the rest of the contract its going to be round 600 and it seems really cruel.
  • Tom
    Rodgwyn, i have a feeling that if you move abroad then you are allowed to terminate your contract free of charge! worth checking out..
  • Dave
    Having recently dumped Orange Broadband and moved to another ISP provider (Having correctly informed them of termination of contract, confirming final payment had been made before cancelling Direct Debit AND having received one of their "Sorry You are leaving us" communications;) they then sent me a letter three months later demanding the "outstanding payment" with dire threats of "Legal Action" if the payment was not tendered within a few days. My response was to formulate a really good "Snotogram" informing them of the circumstances, rubbishing their abysmal customer services; and informing them that if they persisted, I would place the whole thing in the hands of The Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman. Guess what? Tonight I received a grovelling apology by phone saying that the payment would be waived, and I would hear no more of the matter. Moral: Don't touch Orange with the proverbial bargepole... but, if you do or have; don't submit to their bully tactics. Call their bluff and with luck, they will back down.
  • John
    I too am in the process of wiping myself clear of Orange Mobile.. They make it so difficult for you to cancel your contract by sending you on a wild goose chase. I urge anyone who has a contract coming to the end of a bogus agreement with them to make it in black and white.. They urge you to phone them all the time but they will deny you have contacted them simply because you have phoned them.. They do not understand the word 'CANCEL' you must write to them with your 30 days notice and make sure you have the letter REGISTERED as they will probably say they never received notification.. I phoned them to cancel my contract for two reasons, 1. Was when i was in the shop they said I could take out a Sim only contract for 30 days roll over and cancel without fuss by giving 30 days notice, What they said and what they put on paper was entirely different. 2. I had built up a phone fund with them on PAYG and said I could carry the balance forward onto Contract !!Well what a surprise I had 3 months later when I enquired about the phone fund as I wanted a new phone?? What phone Fund? I was told I had Lose it all as I went onto Contract.( Well are they not breaking a Contract with me then by not issuing me with a mobile I had in reality already paid for??) When I cancelled the contract by phone call, they sent me out a new PAYG Sim Card to activate to cancel out the contract one?? They are now saying they had no notification of me cancelling... Well Orange I have the Sim Card you sent me to prove I did cancel, You only have to work out that both Sim Cards are linked to each other.. The Public need to know all this before they enter an Orange shop. Make it all on paper for all to see..
  • chris
    ----PLEASE READ!!!!---- To anyone who wants to cancel there contract please click this link orange are again changing their prices on 1 March 2011, ive been looking to cancel for months, i hate orange service and feel im being robbed out of 45 pounds a month for nothing. lets get em!
  • James
    Chris. Will i be able to leave my contract due to this?
  • chris
    @ james hopefully, if you follow the guidelines above then should be no problem, i havnt done it yet cuz i cant be dealing with the aggro, but when i do ill post up
  • dopes
    @chris & @james I have taken steps to to cancel my contract as a result of the above price changes also orange are charging for call forwarding numbers beginning with 074181 & 079379 from the 1st of april 2011 i recieved a text as i use a number to call abroad which comes out of my inclusive minutes. I will keep you guys posted as soon as i get a reply.
  • Phillip W.
    Account number: 96665540 Order number: TB04021225 Address: 7 Norman Avenue Sutton-in-Ashfield Notts NG17 5FZ Please cancel my account as soon as possible. i have not removed the sim cards from the packing The reason why i am cancelling is because of a better offer.
  • maggiemay
    Just taken out a new contract with virgin as my orange contract ended two months ago but i never cancelled it. requested my pac number from orange which they sent me with a letter saying i have to give 30 days notice of leaving once i receive the code. i am on a £15 a month contract, do you think they will really chase me for that if i leave straightaway
  • Denise H.
    Hi can you tell me if it is possible to change my mobile handset, I took out a 2 year contract in an orange shop on the 7th May 2011 and went back in the shop the next day and asked if I could change my mobile phone for another one but I have been told there is no cooling off period if I have signed up for a contract in a shop . Do I have to keep the phone now.? I am not sure if I could cancel my contract either at this stage?
  • mathew s.
    Hi all, took a contract out with orange on th 17/12/2010, have had numerous problems with the phone, including it being replaced three times this month already with problems, they have now sent me a brand new phone, still same model, but its still having problems. is there anyway of cancelling the contract as they will not offer me a like for like replacement phone?
  • rob h.
    Orange have changed the price of 118000 [orange directory enquiries] from 69p per call to 89p per call... i have called up orange customer services quoting condition 15.1 of my contract and they tell me this cahnge is not a breach of contract. Is this true? thanks guys
  • Christine
    Hi. I bought an iphone4 with an orange contract last Nov.2010. It's a 24 months contract. My problem now is that I will leave UK for good this coming sept. Can I terminate my contract with this reason? Do I have to pay some amount because I still have 15 months to go? And lastly, will they take my phone back?
  • Austin
    I'm having troubles with Orange, i told them on April that from April onwards my income would be dodgy, i Payed for April to May and my income stopped, and they kept on charging me even though they've locked my phone down so i cant call anyone or text anyone and no one can contact me, and now this random debt collecting company called Northern Debt Recovery (green oval with NDR in it) and i researched them and found nothing on them. Apparently i have to pay £58.25 which at the most i owe them £20 i have no idea what to do.
  • UttediaHeld
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  • how c.
    [...] Cancelling your Orange contract ***8211; a troubleshooting guide | BitterWallet __________________ meat-head-motors-second-anniversary-thread I LOVE DK LONG TIME [...]
  • Vidi
    Hi , I am having iPhone 45 call plan for 24 months with Orange network. I am facing lot of troubles and Over charges ever month. Now I have crossed 18 months so far. But I having major issues with orange contract which i have taken. Issues are: Hi , I am having iphone £ 45 call plan for 24 months with Orange network. I am facing lot of troubles and Over charges ever month. Now I have crossed 18 months so far. But i having major issues with orange contract which I am Using. Issues are: Poor Signal Problem: 1. I am not having better coverage signals since I took the contract. When i phoned the orange customer care Team from 4 Th month of my contract period, They had replied with Answer : The orange signals can't penetrate the Building premises and any solid substances. When I was advised by a adviser in orange team they said they got excellent coverage in all over London areas. I am still living in East London but I having such a issue. When I contacted the customer service Team They replying with some stupid answers that I hav to move from the place where I am Living and my working area too. Which is rediculous answer from orange . If I wish to terminate the contract at that time they told me to pay for rest of the time period (ie., 20 months Contracted amount ex. VAT). for that reason I was still with the orange. Due to this poor signal problem , My calls get dropped and not having proper Signal. Again I contacted them for better signal issues. They replied that Orange is going to Merg with T-mobile so i will get the proper signal frm Sept 2010. but for using this Better signals I must have to Turn OFF then 3gs on my Iphone.Which is totally pointless to me because then what is the reason I have choosed the Iphone Contract. UnExpected over Charges for No reason: 2. I moved to India for 9 months from OCT-2010 to May 2011 at that time ,I didn't Use orange service at all but I have paid the Contracted amount every month that I setup with orange. Mainly when I returned from India, I get to know that My SIM has been blocked for not using for such a long time , I contacted them to get Activated. But they had send me a new Sim card instead of that and Charged me £3.00 for the Sim + Courier charges £ 11.06 pounds that is included in my next bill all together with my call plan they have charged me 52.36 pounds and VAT for no reason £10 pounds like that. Total=£ 62 pounds. 2.1 Every month my call charges exceded and now I am ended up with £ 201.36 pounds which is due to Call dropped for any calls because of poor coverage and bad signal with In All over London. 3. Call Plan changes for Aug 2011 But they didn't notified me via Mail, Or Text or any thing But they Keepon Charging me if I have made any calls like 0844, 0845,0800 then raised the call cost to 35p/ min. But It was 15p/min when I choosed this Contract. What Shall I do ,I wish to end my Contract Immediately. Please can you advice me how to do that. I am not ready to pay for the reamining months for no reason. I have paid more than £ 1500 pounds so fare.
  • rosalind
    I went to France October 31st for three days and was advised that if I paid an extra£5.00 on my usual b ill , the calls I made over £5 My monthly account is usually just under £20 and I received a bill for that period of £43/£45. I made one directory enquiry call which cost £4.50 inc. VAT. Is this possible. There is no signal at all within a mile of my house. I hav e written to Orange just after I received the bill. No reply. I have tried ringing oranage but without success. I have written again to organge customer services enclosing a cheque for £ 25. Again no reply and my phone has been blocked. I find it incredible that one cannot speak to an individual to sort out the problem , that one is in the thrall of a company and has absolutely no recourse to suggestions that are made by them which are blatantly untrue.
  • Max
    I signed up for the Dolphin SIM only £7 deal 30/11/2011. When I discovered voicemail was not included I called Orange to cancel. This was on 18/12/2011. I was given a PAC code and no attempt to keep me as a customer was made. I called back recently to check on the charges and see whether I might get a better deal. This was a big mistake. I spoke to a Paul in 'Loyalty' and was told that as I didn't cancel within 14 days of the contract he was going to have to change my contract from the 30 day expiration to the full 12 months and I would have to pay for the remaining 11 months. He then proceeded to alter my account so that it displayed 12 months. I started to get angry and asked to speak with a manager. Then I found the despatch note for the SIM dated 05/12/2011. Even if I had received the SIM 05/12/2011 the note states a 14 day period from the date of receipt which would have allowed me up until 19/12/2011 to cancel. When he called back he had changed it back to 30 days and said I woudn't have to pay after all. What sort of company is it that has to resort to extortion like this? Disgraceful, malicious behavior from an employee working under the instruction of his employer Orange.
  • Savio
    Hi,i bought a orange contract and im sick of it,just want to get out of it.was a bad christmass present for myself.helpppppppppppppppppp
  • gemma m.
    Help me my partner has 2 orange contracts one he had in august 2011 and another in december i am trying to find a way out of these 2 contracts my partner payed 170 bills this mpnth all becusae of call charges one was 60pound alone it getting out of hand now getting to much now i never in my life thorght it would be so expencive we just cant take no more we paid bill on friday orange shop told us phones would be back on in 24hr nothing 72 hr still nothing eny advice to help me get out of the 2 i would be really grate full
  • victor f.
    hi l purchased a PAYG mobile on ebay the phone is all legal l have IMEI code sim card number pin number the person l brought it from l have been trying with the seller since 13/01/2013 to get phone unlocked with no success can anyone please advise me what l should do many thanks
  • angry c.
    orange is a very greedy company who ripped off their customer when they want you to sign up to a contract they are nice to you but when you have a problem or want to cancel your contract that is when the lies starts.
  • john v.
    Dear Sir, I want to cancel my contract with orange. My orange home acct nr is FS469283501-MVNUOO. I have already cancelled my bank standing order last week.
  • sydney c.
    dear sir it is very strange I am still not connected to the internet by landline using EE orange. it is now 4+ MONTHS and 2 contracts later and still not connected to the internet. I don't think engineers exist in this company because I have never seen one. as I am using a dongle at the moment as this seems to be the only way to get connected to the internet. so what now just keep paying for a service that does not exist. I am connected to EE because there land line is cheaper than BT phone bills.
  • Jennifer
    Hi, I cancelled my orange account, when it ran out 2 years ago within the terms of the contract I was on, 1 year later in 2013 they started billing me again, I rang them and got the most shocking customer service I have ever had, they told me to disregard it and they would sort it out after I spoke to an account manager, now 2 years on I have got a letter in the post saying they have sold my debt to a debt collection company who will black list me among other things for £ 34 .00. Orange you are crap and my husband and family will now cancel with you, I sure hope this costs you, I will tell everyone I know and to avoid your rip off contracts
  • Isabel l.
    I will also tell anyone who will listen not to touch orange, I had a contract with them which ran out Nov 2014, I told them I would not be renewing this as they didn't have the phone that I was looking for, I heard nothing more, until this year when I received a bill for £94arrears I sent letters explaining yet this bill increased to £194 which I have been contacted by a debt collector to retrieve !!!! I am so angry I ever gave them my custom, 24 months I was a good customer to them, never missed a payment, all my family are with orange but that won't be for much longer, even have a family business where all the contracts are orange, but they will not make anymore out this family, total disgrace to reward good custom in this way ...I will certainly make it my business to warn others of there underhanded dealings
  • Bill
    Had all sorts of hassle with them. I was charged 3 consecutive months for 'tethering', yet I'd never switched the option on. They refunded me eventually, but nothing regarding any compensation for time spent on their line, listening to the incredible joys of their elevator music. My wife was to join EE, yet she was accidentally put on the older Orange network. It took a while to resolve that issue. She had another problem further on down the line, yet her complaints managed to get her a regular-discount (from £40 odd to £30 odd) 'til the contract's end. Bearing this in mind, we recently chose to switch/upgrade our broadband service over to them (EE). However with nearly a month of waiting for an overdue switch, with no correspondence offering any reasons for the delay, we reverted the decision. We returned the pre-sent crappy lightweight router of thiers, after letting them know (both by phone and email) we had changed our minds, and they refused the 'Recorded/Signed-for' package after apparently failing to reach my wife in order to confirm that we still wanted to cancel! Poor.

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