BlackBerry is back! But will there be any compensation?

The crisis is over! RIM have just announced that BlackBerry services have been restored to normal across the globe. Now we can all get back to organising riots and ‘sealing’ Important Business ‘deals’ all day long again. Hallelujah.

The news came shortly after RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis read some words off a card into a camera…

But what about the inconvenience from the past four days or so for BlackBerry users? What do you get back as compensation? None of the UK mobile providers have come out with an official line about compensation for loss of service, although a rumour has begun to spread on Twitter that O2 are offering £20 back to BlackBerry customers who ring up and complain.

Have any of you lot rang your provider to grumble about your loss of BB services? Did you get anywhere? Let us know in the box below…


  • M4RKM
    £20 for 3 days? thats far too generous. People don't even pay £20 a month for BB services!!
  • knowsitall
    hahaha... Orange are offering £1 in credit if you complain... That's not a typo. One pound.
  • Jo G.
    O2, who not only didn't update their customers (my friend on Orange got a text from them) responded with: "RIM are in charge of things like your BBM, email and web browsing. O2 manage your texts and calls, so you'll still be able to use those and this is why we won't be offering any compensation." Because we obviously buy smart phones with data packages that cost more just to text and call people.
  • Oh d.
    It's not in the networks control though is it? For the uninformed out there (for you are MANY), Blackberry BIS and BES infrastructure is owned and maintained by RIM, and the networks have nothing to do with it. Why should the networks pay out when it isn't their fault? Claims for compensation should be directed wholly at RIM.
  • knowsitall
    @Oh dear: Because as a UK consumer your contract is with the reseller. Just as if you bought a Sony TV from Currys - if it breaks, you go back to Currys, you don't go directly to Sony. The fact is you're paying your mobile provider for the service, and as such there should be a degree of liability on their part. Perhaps they can reclaim compensation from RIM themselves, but that's a different issue.
  • tin
    And thus is the story of what is going wrong with pretty much everything in the world. Passing the buck has become an artform, it's not my fault, it's theirs. As already pointed out people pay - or indeed get the service for free from - the mobile phone companies, in turn for handsome payment for an all encompassing service. For far too long - particularly with respect to the handset - the phone companies duck responsibility for the bits they think they can get away with because on paper that's not the bit you're paying for. Of course, all the providers make it so on paper that's not the bit you're paying for. THAT said, iIf you pay £20 a month for service, then you should expect a couple of quid back max. If you pay a lot more for a contract with penalty clauses then fair enough. People (and blackberry themselves it seems) should not run stuff they deem to be critical over domestic style cheapo services. Regarding Blackberry, instead of making shitty videos with the top man reading off a card, they should have just updated customers in the first place, and let them know what was going on. I guess they count as a communications company?
  • Hmmmmm
    I rang O2 today and they gave me the same story of how it was RIM's fault And that compensation should be taken up with them. However. I did highlight to them That I pay them (O2) five pounds a month to use these RIM (Blackberry) services. Therefore Ideally I should be compensated through that even if it is pro-rated.The advisor I spoke to said I would need to speak to a supervisor if I was not happy with the advise I was given. If I was sure i'd be getting more money I probably would have but not for a couple of pounds on my lunch break. They definetely did not offer me 20 pounds, perhaps I didn't fight hard enough!
  • Inspector G.
    @knowsitall The water coming out of all my taps is all brown? Should I take them back to Wikes?
  • knowsitall
    now that I'm actually thinking about it too, £1 is pretty generous in compensation. Orange BB services are £5 a month. the BB network has been fully f***ed for about three days - about 10% of the month - so pro-rated compensation should be closer to 50p. but I do agree if you're with O2 you should hammer them - speak to a supervisor if you have to, but point out that the consumer protection act regulations state that your contract is with them, not with RIM. note that if you're a business customer it's a different story, you're not entitled under the same rules!
  • knowitall
    @Inspector Gadget: terrible analogy. You pay a water company for your water, so you go to the water company, obviously. with mobile phone providers, you buy the handset from the provider, and you buy all the services from the provider. therefore they're liable for everything. in your example, you have two different things supplied by two different companies. totally not applicable to this scenario.
  • oliverreed
    Are there fines for not paying your bill, maybe 3 days late?
  • Paul G.
    RIM under there contracts with the telco's already have an SLA in place that kicked in due to the outage. As such the telco's are already paying nothing for this months services supplied by RIM. The telco's have a contact with the end users and it is the telco's who should be doing the compensation and passing on what they already have in place with RIM to the end users. RIM are already playing fair with there customers (the telco's/mobile operators you and I deal with); It is the telco's who try to be greedy that need to be fair and deal with there customers, you and I. What are the telco's/mobile operators doing to appease there customers who they deal with. Think about it; It is very much the case of say your electricty supply, if say the power station goes down which is more the case nothing to do with your supplier and you end up with a power outage you scream and deal with the supplier you have a contract with and not directly with the power station who has a contract to supply to your supplier. The situation with RIM is exactly the same as that example and as such ask your telco what there doing and remind them you don't have a contract with RIM, you have a contract with them and that RIM's issues is there problem, you pay your money to them and not RIM so again, what is your mobile phone operator doing for you about this.

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