Best way to save a water damaged mobile

How to save a water damaged mobile

Never mind how you water damaged your mobile - we're not here to judge.

We don't care if you had it in your back pocket like some kind of smartphone daredevil, and went to sit on the toilet and it dropped in - fact is, your phone is moist and you want to save it.

There's a number of ways of drying out your phone, to try and get it working again. Some methods are, to be blunt, rubbish. Some other methods are pretty good though, and simple to do.

Porridge oats (or oatmeal if you're American) is one of the things that is sworn-by to dry out your mobile, but frankly, it isn't great and there's superior ways of doing the job.

So with that, let us look at the best ways of drying your water damaged phone.

What To Do First

Before you start doing anything unusual, you need to get as much water out of your phone as you can. Whether you're blowing at it, shaking the water out, vacuuming it out, or a combination of all the above, you need to work at it first.

Cat Litter

When your moggy does its business, cat litter is there to soak it all up, so it makes a lot of sense that it will be able to draw the remaining water out of your phone.

Obviously, if you're going to do this method, use clean cat litter. We accept no responsibility if you use some that's soiled, because you're a dirty dimwit.

A mobile company called Gazelle swears by it after running some tests, saying that crystal cat litter is the best for the job. Basically, that's cat litter that has silica gel in it.

You can try Bob Martin Anti-Bacterial Litter Crystals, which you can buy here. B&M also have a similar product, which you can buy for £1.99 here.

Basically, fill a jar with the stuff, put your phone in, screw the lid on, leave it for three days and hope for the best.

Silica Gel

If you're a bit soft and cat litter grosses you out, you can try straight-up silica gel sachets. Silica gel is those little packets you get in the box when you buy some trainers, designed to keep things moisture free.

Again, grab a load, pop them in a container with your water-damaged smartphone, and seal it for two or three days.

You can buy a load of silica gel sachets pretty cheaply online. Here's some at Amazon. Tesco have silica gel too.


This is the classic mobile dryer and the easiest to do, although, not nearly as effective as silica gel.

Basically, all you do is get a bag of uncooked rice, wriggle your mobile into it, reseal it, and leave it for as long as you can stand being without your phone (at least 48 hours though - don't leave it 10 minutes and think that'll do).

It should draw moisture out, but again, this isn't nearly as good as silica gel, but has worked for some when the damage has been minimal.

What Did You Drop Your Phone In?

There'll be varying results, depending on what liquid got into your phone. For example, something like Coca Cola is going to frazzle the insides of your phone pretty quickly. If you dropped your phone in a jug of gravy, don't expect much from drying it out.

That said, it is always worth trying to dry out your device before buying a new one. You might be one of the lucky ones, and spending a couple of quid on some cat litter is much better than having to buy a new smartphone.

Best of luck!


  • Steve

    Wilko also sell Silica Crystals Cat Litter for £2

  • Steve

    Wilko also do Silica Crystals Cat Litter for £2

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