Best student broadband packages

Best student broadband packages

Are you off to university soon? Is your pride and joy fleeing the coup, and vanishing into a world of studying, £2 cocktail pitchers, and dubious adult situations with deadbeats?

Either way, students need internet connections, and a lot of contracts aren't best designed for someone who might only be in their shared house for 9 months.

However, there are some which are pretty good and worth looking at.

Three broadband providers offer 9 month contracts - Virgin Media, Sky, and BT.

Sky have the unlimited student broadband package which will cost £17.40 a month in line rental for nine months. While it isn't fibre optic, the broadband is free, which means they'll be able to spend a bit more of their money on an entirely pasta-based diet/bottles of Glen's vodka.

BT have their student, which is fibre, but obviously pricier, coming in at £38.99 a month plus a £49 activation fee. That's great if you're a wealthier family, or everyone in the house is chipping in for costs.

As for Virgin, who have had student deals for quite a while now, they've got a number of deals on offer, starting at £34 a month (up to £47 per month), and are all unlimited fibre broadband deals (there's also a £9.99 activation charge too).

The rest of the pack doesn't offer any such deal, so if you're looking for a 9 month contract, you're lumbered with these three.

Not that you'll care - you'll be too busy leaving passive aggressive notes in the fridge about people eating your special gluten-intolerant bread, and chasing people up for money on the electricity bill.

Happy days.

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