Best bicycles for under £300

Best bicycles for under £300

If you've been watching the Tour de France, and wanting to get in on the cycling action, but don't have a load of money to blow on it, we can help.

Of course, buying a bike is quite a personal thing, and most people will suggest trying one out before purchasing, but frankly, some people don't have the time, or aren't that fussy.

If your budget is low, many will advise looking for a second-hand bike, as you'll get more for your money - but that's only useful if you know what you're looking for; and many new cyclists don't.

Should you have the time, have a look on some cycling forums, and try not to be put off by know-it-alls and evangelical sorts who say you should save up more money to buy a pricier bike, regardless of whether you have the money or not.

A rough estimate is the £300 mark. A lot of cheaper bikes will ask you to assemble some of it yourself (if you're not confident at doing this, this is not ideal), while some are very much a case of 'buy cheap, buy twice'.

Don't worry though - there's some decent bikes on the market that won't break the bank.

If you're unsure, go and sit on some in a bike shop and then shop around for them online to see if there's a cheaper price.

Best Bicycles to Buy for £300 or Under

Giant Escape 3 2016 Hybrid Bike - £299

What's a hybrid bike? Basically, a hybrid is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. You sit upright on it (rather than hunched over like you're Chris Froome) but it has slimmer wheels, so you go a bit faster.

This Giant Escape 3 is a bargain, and excellent if you're looking to commute on a bicycle, or fetch the shopping on it.

B'Twin Triban 500 road bike - £250

A road bike is what you used to call a 'racer'. It's a lightweight thing, and good for new cyclists.

This bike comes in all manner of sizes, and has an aluminium frame and 24 gears, should you fancy tackling some hills on the weekend. B'Twin are a trusted maker of bikes, and the Triban 500 comes in different colours too.

Carrera Zelos Road Bike - £200

Halfords have a bit of a bad habit with some bikes, in that, they're always in the sale. That makes people think they're grabbing a bargain when sometimes they're not.

However, the Carrera Zelos is a good little bike which should stand you in good stead, with its 14 speed Shimano gears and light frame.

Raleigh Strada 1 Women's hybrid bike - £330

If you're after a step-through bike (should you wear a skirt or whatever, when you cycle), then this is a decent little bike. Made by the famous Raleigh, it has a lightweight aluminium frame and 21 Shimano gears.

This won't win you any races, but it is a comfortable ride, which is more important with a hybrid bike at this price.

Raleigh Evo-2 Folding Bike - £249

Do you need to take your bicycle on the train or throw it in the boot of your car for some reason? Well, there's a host of fold-up bikes on the market, but this is one of the better ones on the market, at this price.

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