Been left disappointed by T-Mobile? Len Dastard needs YOU....

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredHola amigos. It has been brought to my attention that a few of you have been let down by T-Mobile following this deal which was posted over on HUKD a few days ago.

As you can see, T-Mobile offered a 12 month sim only deal at a discounted rate (or, you could say free!)  which they now say was an "admin error" and should never have happened. Subsequently T-Mobile have been cancelling all orders despite sending out confirmation emails and (allegedly) running credit checks on all those who signed up for the deal.

T-Mobile have now publicly stated that they have no legal obligation despite the above and are refusing to honour the deal. I am not sure that is strictly true but at the moment I do not have any details of the contractual terms. I call upon you, the hermosas personas, to provide me with some further information so that I can investigate.

Were you one of those that signed up? If so, please get in contact with me - [email protected]


  • ScottC
    Suspect you are on a hiding to nothing here Len. Regardless of their T&Cs, for a contract to occur both parties need to "get something" from the deal. As T-Mobile are getting no money from the people who signed up to this, this wouldnt even be classed as a contract... However, good luck!
  • Len D.
    Hi Scott - thats something which may be a stumbling block but "consideration" can take many forms so I want to spend a bit of time really considering this to see if there is anything in it...
  • Late
    We'll give you a sim card and some minutes etc. if you give us £x.xx per minute/text above that threshold. Sounds like there's consideration to me. I went for the deal, but it's almost certainly not worth pursuing. If they dished out a load of these they'd just give their mandatory 30 days notice and change the contract (reducing the "MRC Discount" from £10.21 to nil). Will send you my emails, though...
  • Haggis
    Think you're on to a loser with any breach of contract claim as has been suggested. A much more fruitful avenue to explore would be the potential breaches of the Data Protection Act which occurred when credit checks were run.
  • Matt
    Hmmm.... But surprised you're taking this case up, it's clear that no contract could be formed, as there was no consideration. Basic contract law?
  • Len D.
    Matt - consideration doesnt have to be ££. It can be anything of benefit to a party. Quite possibly (subject to looking at the papers) having someone tied in to a contract for 12 months with the possibility of them having to pay for extra usage might be a benefit. As I say, I need to see some papers...
  • Shaz
    WOHOO! Looks like T-Mobile ARE going to honour it. just recieved this email Hello, Thank you for your recent online order with T-Mobile for the SIM card only offer, which was mistakenly priced at £0. We know some people were disappointed when we told them we’d made a mistake and that it should have been £10 a month. The great news is that the original offer price will stand and we'll be reviewing all the orders shortly. Once we've done that, we'll begin order processing from Monday onwards. What happens next? We'll contact you from Monday by email with more details about your order. Please don't contact us in the meantime – we won't be able to update you further until later this week. If you signed up for the £7.71 a month offer following our last email, we'll be in touch about how we’ll move you to the cheaper price plan too. We'll be in touch again soon. Thanks for your interest in T-Mobile. Kind regards, The T-Mobile team
  • br04dyz
    the mere mention of a len dastard tigerbomb is enough to make the corporates tremble :)
  • Raj
    Has anyone got any reply afterwards? Its been almost 4 weeks, and I still havent received my Simcard. I contacted them by phone and they said, it will take some time, but also that is already been 2 weeks by now. Im really dissappointed since I was ready to pay 7,71pound, but since they offered it for free, I left it as that.

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