Are you still paying for a BT handset for no reason?

Bitterwallet - new Sony playstation phoneWay back when, before phones were readily available to buy from the shops, people used to rent their landline handsets from BT. How quaint, right? Well, the thing is, some people are still being charged for them!

Now, obviously, this is only likely to be an issue for older people, so this is a case of checking if an older relative is getting rinsed or, indeed, if you're an older person yourself, there's ways of reducing this needless charge.

At MSE, they've heard about someone who has been paying BT for phone rental for 25 years! That's £4 per quarter for over two decades. That all adds up, especially when you can buy a landline phone for peanuts these days.

BT offer 18 month contracts on these phones, however, if customers don't call to cancel, they roll over. If this is something that is a problem for older customers, BT really should be getting in touch with them when the 18 months are nearly up.

How can you find out if nana is paying for phone rental? Well, on the bill, it will say "equipment rental", followed by the model number for the handset. It might say 'BT relate 80 rental', 'Entry level corded phone' and 'Basic Dial Phone Hard Wire Reduced'.

If you want to complain to BT and try and get a refund, get yourself over to their contact page for the numbers to call. If you think BT are being unfair, then phone the ombudsman at 0845 050 1614 where you'll get an independent review.

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