Alton Towers ride traps people upside down in the heatwave

Alton Towers have had another bad day, after a number of their customers were stuck on the Air ride, upside down, during the hottest day of the year.

They were left dangling for roughly 20 minutes as the rollercoaster broke down, mid-ride. In addition to that, another 80 people were stuck inside hot carriages for more than an hour after two monorail trains stopped.

alton towers again

This of course, follows the really terrible accident on the Smiler ride, where there were numerous injuries, including those which resulted in amputation.

A spokesman told the BBC: "The train drivers kept guests informed via the on board PA system and refreshments were provided." Mercifully, no-one was injured during the incidents.

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  • DP
    Two amputees now. Keep up.
  • Ms D.
    Both of the women worst hurt in the Smiler accident have had a leg amputated, not just one person.
  • Carl
    Lying facedown, isn't exactly the same as trapping people upside down. They'd either get it running and send it on it's way, or release the seats manually so they swing down and let them out.

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