Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and more theme parks close major rides

alton_towers After the accident at Alton Towers, two major rides are being closed "for the foreseeable future" at both Alton Towers and Thorpe Park.

The Smiler, which saw four people with "significant lower limb injuries" is going to stay closed and will remain shut, even when Alton Towers reopens to the public.

Over at Thorpe Park, the Saw rollercoaster will be closed indefinitely. At Chessington World of Adventures, Dragon's Fury and Rattlesnake will also be out of service. Also at Thorpe Park, Colossus and Stealth have been closed for "unrelated" reasons.

Merlin Entertainments is losing £500,000

Merlin Entertainments, which runs both theme parks, has said "an additional set of safety protocols and procedures will reinforce the safe operation of our multi-car rollercoasters".

Alton Towers say, regarding refunds and such: "All guests with pre-booked tickets, or those who arrive at the theme park, will have the choice of either having their tickets revalidated for an alternative date or a full refund. We will be posting all updates on the theme park closure on both our website and social media channels."

Keep an eye on the Alton Towers home page for further updates and answers to FAQs, or check out our refund guide.


  • mark l.
    You state " it's worrying news" why is it. That's like saying that a fitted Ford car had a accident so it's " working news" for every other Ford driver! Stop over sensationalising the story.
  • mark l.
  • nicola
    I have tickets today that I collected for out of sun what do I do about getting some more for a different date?
  • Fiona
    **from their website*** I have Sun Tickets for 03/06/15, 04/06/15, 05/06/2015 or 06/06/2015 what can I do? We are happy to re-validate your Tickets for an alternative date up until the 16/10/15 Tickets dated 03/06/2015, 04/06/2015, 05/06/2015 or 06/06/2015 will also be accepted tomorrow on 06/06/15 at Warwick Castle, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures or LEGOLAND Windsor.
  • Captain W.
    @mark No it's like saying that a fitted Ford car had a safety feature fail, and they're not sure how many other models this safety failure could apply to. @nicola I'm afraid I don't know, what with not being Merlin fucking Entertainment's customer service representative. How about instead asking on a website designed for such customer service queries?
  • Alton M.
    Hi nicola, If you just wait, they will be automatically sent to you.
  • Alton M.
    @Captain Wank. You sound like our kind of person! Would you be interested in a Customer Service role with our new offshoot company for the porn industry, "Merlin fucking Entertainment"?
  • Fagin
    How many lost their legs? ..when a news report says "life changing injuries" it usually means limb removal in this instance (albeit vaguely) , I can see why so many coasters are being mothballed, however a roller coaster is half the reason folk go to any park of this ilk. Wow, with so many out of action a day at a theme park holds as much interest as your nan's coasters & doily.
  • Celebrity S.
    Who gives a rats arse that "Merlin Entertainments is losing £500,000" ? . Nowadays, it seems that whenever there is some sort of accident the lost revenue that the business suffers seems to be of paramount importance rather than the injuries the people involved have suffered. Welcome to the new caring society.
  • Advocate
    Sums up all that is wrong with big corporations.

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