Almost half of all phone calls are spam

Almost half of all phone calls are spam

British households are beset by spam phone calls, be it on your landline, or your mobile. Nuisance calls are something that everyone hates, yet there they are, pestering everyone to kingdom come.

The variety isn't great, and we're all familiar with the bothersome PPI claim services, debt agencies, and accident claims nonsense.

And if you think there's a lot of them being made, you're right - nearly half of all calls made are nuisance calls according to our pals over at Which!!!

The consumer group teamed up with call-blocking company TrueCall, to look into the problem, and of those polled, 1-in-10 people received over 60 nuisance calls a month over a three year period.

TrueCall themselves have looked at over seven million calls and found that a quarter of the people they looked at received up to 20 spam calls per month, and worryingly, older customers got more, with an average of 39 nuisance calls a month.

Alex Neill, from Which!!! said: "Millions of people are still being bombarded with nuisance calls and consumers are sick and tired of this daily intrusion into their lives."

"While there have been steps in the right direction, this research highlights that more must be done to tackle this menace."

"With the Government bringing forward legislation in the Queen's Speech to tackle nuisance calls, they should introduce tougher penalties that hold senior executives personally accountable when their company makes unlawful calls and make sure the new rules give people more control of their data."

As of the 16th of May, people responsible for these calls are looking at heavier fines, and must display their numbers if they're making an unsolicited call.

There's ways to try and stop these nuisances, and of course, we have a guide to stopping nuisance calls, which should help you out.

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