£6,300 refund from Northern Rock anyone?

northern rock Roll up, roll up as thousands of borrowers are all set to get a very nice bonus from Northern Rock after the High Court in London ruled against them.

Over 40,000 loan applicants are looking refunds after a legal test case questioned the wording in past loan documents, which means that there's going be be a payout in excess of £258m.

In English, 41,000 customers are going to get £6,300 each and, better yet, the court ruling is going to be applied to the wording and documents of other loans, so this might not be over for a while yet for the lenders.

At the moment, if you think you're entitled to a refund, you don't need to act. There's further legal action to be taken which is going to hold things up, but those that will be getting money will be contacted by letter, with advice of what happens next.

The loans in question related to "Together" mortgages, which were offered by Northern Rock and permitted unsecured loans of up to £30,000 alongside your mortgage, repayable at the same rate.

Many took up the offer and took out unsecured loans of between £25,000 and £30,000 between 1999 and 2008, and it is those customers that will be paid back interest and fees.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one, and seeing which other companies come a cropper of the new ruling.


  • Rose
    Is this just on loan amount from £25.000 we had one for. £10.000 on top of our mortgage and sold the house due to pressure of northern rock in 2008
  • A M.
    Is this different to the refunds issued back in 2013 for interest due to paperwork errors?
  • Jodie J.
    I received a refund of the interest and fees of my together product a few years ago? Is this for the capital amount now?
  • Wayne g.
    I had loans with this company when I had my morgage with them from about 2005 -2007
  • lewis g.
    Just wondering around the mortage refunds as i got one with northen rock when buying my house which consisted of a unsecured aspect of it
  • lewis g.
    Just questioning around the possible oppertunity around a refund. As when i got a morgatge out with northen rock back in 2005. And there was an aspect of it which is unsecured. Therefore i would like my case to be looked into and information back to my self at email above thanks
  • kerry r.
    I had a together mortgage with northern rock. I can't remember the exact date but we had a mortgage and loan which run together. My name was removed from the mortgage last year though so don't know if I could still claim anything back
  • Scott P.
    I had a loan & mortgage with NR. Am I entitled to any compensation?
  • Patricia P.
    Not sure if entitled would like more info please
  • Nicola s.
    Hi I think I might qualify but it was a joint mortgage with my now x husband. How will I go about claiming a possible refund? Regards Nicola
    • Kazdolly

      hi , I am in the same position as you , did you get this sorted? I'd be very grateful for any help , my ex partner hasn't paid anything for 5+years but I can't get him off the mortgage

  • Elizabeth g.
    I had a mortgage and loan,and sure had ppi claim to get also from 2002 onwards
  • david w.
    I av recently changed address since leavin northern rock
  • thomas d.
    How else would I find out about this we had an unsecured loan on top of a mortgage in 2002 , we paid the mortgage and the loan and few years later when house was sold, northern rock however Andre saying that we are not entitled to andrena refund, could you advise who we could get a second opinion from please
  • vicki s.
    How do I request a reund?
  • Corrie N.
    do you know what will happen if you have moved and changed name? As I probably won't get a letter and this will apply to me. Do you know of website contact details as yet please? Thank you
  • Tim M.
    I took out an unsecured loan with my mortgage in 2007 with Northern Rock! Not sure if this applies to me tho. Would be grateful if you could check.
  • David J.
    We had morag and I think a loan as well with northern rock it was [address removed]
  • john g.
    I took out a 25k loan please contact me in regards to this paid back interest and fees. Thanks
  • Rachel b.
    I also took out this and would lie to hear if I'm entitled to a refund?
  • Jennifer
    Took out a mortgage with unsecured loan on top in 2005, does this mean I am entitled to a refund? Thanks
  • Estelle
    How do I apply for a refund please?
  • Nicole O.
    Together mortgage taken out in 2002! Still have mortgage with NRAM, will this include us too? Thanks
  • DrJogalog
    Are all these people commenting idiots? This is a news story from a news website. You don't ask for your 'case' to be looked at here! Posting addresses and relaying your mortgage history like you are speaking to the building society. Unbelievable, there are some proper gonks about and it's kinda worrying.
  • louise p.
    Hello, had a mortgage and a loan, how do i apply
  • mairead v.
    More info please think this might include me
  • Jen
    i received 6k for this 2 years ago them last Saturday another 2k after I had wrote to them! When they first paid the 6k they made out that was that now I find out in owed another 2k so I'm getting a ombudsman in now as no figures or working out has been showed how they got to these two amounts also not happy it will come off the loan not the mortgage part
  • Alan W.
    I had a together mortgage from 2001 onwards but have since moved house and no longer am with the northern rock who do I contact in regards to the claim.
  • DuhBusters
    I'm with DrJogalog here. I can't believe people are coming here asking for more info? It's worrying that such people were even allowed mortgages! Kind of explains the mess we are in now with regards to house prices etc. Too many total mongers allowed to take out huge loans on the basis they are able to fog a mirror... It's also interesting that a story on refunds on mortgage payments generates so much interest. I wonder how many people are under water with their mortgages?
  • jim
    i havent ever banked with northern rock but would like to also jump on the payout bandwagon. can i has cheezeburger?
  • Big M.
    Ug. Me wants um money now. How. Tell me nows pls. Ug.
  • Tony b.
    I also had have had a mortgagde with northern rock. Please send me details of how to get my monies returned to me as I think you owe me something. I think I can claim up to 6300 from you now. Thanks. Tony [address removed] [and phone number removed]
  • Gas M.
  • Startled A.
    Some absolute idiots commenting here, they should have had to take an IQ test before even being allowed to take out a mortgage and loan.
  • bill
    Agreed. Especially since most of them are asking a question that has already been answered within the article; "At the moment, if you think you’re entitled to a refund, you don’t need to act." I get the feeling very few of the idiotic commenters actually made it all the way through the article. Maybe the £££ signs shining in their eyes obscured their view.
  • titanium
    I took out an altogether mortgage in 2002 and had a loan on top,I am still with nram and I still live at the address that I had the mortgage for,I am still paying for the altogether mortgage and unsecured loan,am I entitled to,if so what do I do???thank you.
  • Big M.
    I have no business dealings whatsoever with Northern Rock and never had. However, now it appears (superficially at least) that they are dishing free cash out and I believe I am entitled to £6300 pounds. Please can someone tell me in precise detail how I go about claiming this money which is as good as mine already. The more I think about this, the more enraged I am becoming at Northern Rock for fleecing me in such a terrible manner. Now I'm here, can someone contact them for me and claim on my behalf? Go on please. Here's where to send my cheque (cash transfer instead?) [name, address, security code, mother's maiden name supplied].
  • Nicola K.
    Mortgage Jan 16th 2007 ... What do I need to do to see if I qualify ?
  • Mememe
    Hi, I've recently misplaced 50 pence, I'm sure it was in my wallet last Thursday at around 4pm. Could someone please tell me how to find it.
  • Mether21
    Posted by Jen • December 11, 2014 at 12:09 am i received 6k for this 2 years ago them last Saturday another 2k after I had wrote to them! When they first paid the 6k they made out that was that now I find out in owed another 2k so I’m getting a ombudsman in now as no figures or working out has been showed how they got to these two amounts also not happy it will come off the loan not the mortgage part Jen - I'm sure you were more than happy to take the mortgage at the time, and the compensation you've received so far was simply because of wording on the policy that was missing (which you or nobody else noticed). You're not "owed" anything, you should be grateful you've had a refund already paid for by the taxpayer
  • Mof G.
    Mof the editor here. Always best to check the article itself for advice on what to do next. As we said above, if you think you're in line to get a refund, you don't need to do anything yet as there's still some legal stuff to sort out. When that's done, you'll be getting a letter from the people who are dealing with the refunds (which isn't us, sadly). We'll be keeping an eye on things, so keep checking the site for any further news we get.
  • Reser
    So many idiots on here who not only did not even read the article but seem to think this is the Northern Rock website or something? and think an editor of a news website can find out for them if they personally are entitled to a refund and refund them. 1) This is NOT the Northern Rock website and no one here can help you with your bloody mortgage refund. 2) Read the bloody article.
  • Wasabi
    These comments are hilarious. Surely these are all jokes...nobody can be THAT stupid
  • Jessie J.
    I had a loan from Shopacheck in 1997. Am I entitled to 6 grand? I only borrowed £50 but paid back £3500. Thanks for looking into it.
  • Northern (.
    Dear Customers, Please contact us directly on [number removed. ed.]. We are able to process all refunds within 60 weeks. You can also write to us at [address removed]. Thank you for your comments on on official news site. Keep posting here to be refunded. Northern Rok
  • Malcolm F.
    How do I get more information about the together loans I my have three with them been with them since about 1999 please help if you can wjth thanks malcolm
  • Katie M.
    We had the together mortgage from 2005 - 2008 (133k mortgage and 27k unsecured loan at the same interest rate 5.99%) How do i go about claiming? Many thanks Kate
  • Nick
    LOL @ DrJogalog! I too am stunned by the lack of intelligence of the general populous. Asking for loan advice or refund entitlement on a news website.... Dear oh dear. The human race is screwed.

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