Which!!! think Nania Trio Plus baby car seat is unsafe


Are you a parent who has a Nania Trio Plus child car seat in their vehicle? Well, Which!!! want you to replace it immediately as it achieved the lowest possible score in their tests. Its a popular model of car seat and is designed to last children from birth 'til they're approximately six years old.

Of course, it passed the legal safety standards for child car seats (the exciting 'ECE R44/04'), however, in Which!!!'s more demanding tests, it scored 0% overall (click here for the review).

The Nania Trio Plus is no longer on sale, but for those of you who bought one before the winter of 2012, it is advised that you get rid of it and invest in a new one because Which!!! think that the seat will put your child at the risk of serious injury.

The biggest problem is the position of the adult seat belt when the seat is used for older kids, which absorbs impact through the child's neck and stomach.

A spokesperson from Asda said of the seat: "We've not sold this car seat since last year. All of our car seats are tested to the same EU standards that are in force across the retail industry. We would support going further in legislation and are happy to work with the industry to advise on how we make this happen. Team Tex (the makers of the seat) is happy to replace the seat tested by Which? with a brand new, modified version."


  • dvdj10
    Didn't this thing cost like £25? Why would you skimp on something like this? Do research and spend money. (I'm not saying more money always equals better, but generally in this case it can).
  • gloria b.
    I have 2 nania car seats red and black age from birth to 3/4 yrs every one says thay are unsafe can you tell me if thay are please the number is d122010 and 105366 I don't know which one I need can you tell me what can I do if these are the seats that or unsafe please
  • fibbingarchie
    Gloria those two are fine, in fact they're so good I hear you can use them up to age 17yrs. It's the d122011 and 105367 you need to be scared of.
  • Brian
    I got mine February 2013 from asda is the one ok to use I have fitted the seat in with a tether strap

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