The best place to bring up a family is…

Bingham, apparently. You may ask, where the bugger is Bingham? Well, it’s a market town in Nottinghamshire, which according to a report by Family Investments is the ideal place to bring up your children.


With a population of 9000, it ticks all the middle class life boxes you could wish for. Apparently 77% of GCSE pupils get A* to C grades. It has good schools, green spaces, affordable housing, good childcare provision and nice little shops.

Kate Moore, head of savings and investments at Family Investments, said: "Bingham's combination of affordable housing, low crime and excellent local schools make it a winning location for bringing up a family. It's set in a relatively rural location but is a large enough town to have good amenities and the locals tell us there's a strong community spirit.’

Which is all brilliant, but Bingham can't be perfect, surely? Well, no. Last year, a recently relocated Muslim family - looking for affordable housing, good schools and green spaces, presumably – opened the front door to find racist grafitti on their walls and AN UPSIDE DOWN CROSS MADE OF HAM. A 13 year old, (who probably won't be getting A* in his GCSEs) was arrested in connection with the incident.

But you know, apart from that it’s great!


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  • Dick
    He'd probably get an A* in GCSE Art for that.

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