Students leave rented houses in a total state shocker

squalor Students are not known for their cleanliness. Rather, they’re known for trying to build a rocket out of lager cans and pizza boxes, making beds out of palettes and living in the kind of squalor that would offend most rats and slugs.

So it’s with a feeling of intense familiarity that we survey these pictures, courtesy of estate agent Nigel Loughtman of Tiger Property in Manchester.

Nigel owns several properties in the student hotspots of Manc, namely Fallowfield and Withington, where there is a grand tradition of covering the stinking carpet with more pizza boxes and old condoms than a landfill.

What’s most surprising is that Mr Loughtman is surprised by this.

‘Some of the states properties have been left in is unbelievable.' he flapped. 'We try and talk to tenants and make sure they understand about returning the property in the state they found it to get their full deposit back but it doesn’t always happen.

“I’d say only one per cent of our student tenants get none of their deposit back at all and around 10 per cent get all of their deposit back.’

That’s because they’re too busy shagging and using their front door as a coffee table, dude. And maybe it's just me, but some of these photos don't really look that bad...


  • Samantha
    To be fair most of these student properties are in pretty terrible condition before you even move in, it's harder to take any kind of pride in the place if it's already shithole you're being massively overcharged for.
  • Unhappy M.
    Scene from a documentary from the 1980s set in Manchester, the rest of it is well worth watching.
  • qwertyuiop
    Most of these houses probably looked like before the tenants moved in. Student digs are cheap for a good reason, most landlords are all too happy to take cash but don't give two shits about things not working or large patches of mold or water damage.
  • Mr M.
    I don't remember student digs being cheap for the last 10 years. Scumbag landlords are pulling in about 1k a month for some shitty 4 bed terraced house.
  • Alexis
    "around 10 per cent get all of their deposit back." And I bet 95% actually deserved their full deposit back in reality.
  • Slacker
    > And I bet 95% actually deserved their full deposit back in reality. Yep, anyone who's been an undergraduate living in some malodorous, shared shithole and escaped being ripped off for their deposit is very lucky indeed. In my case, the slumlord tried to pass off damage caused previous tenants as ours and refused to return our deposits. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of telling us this before he'd got all the keys back, and we had a Bring Your Own Hammer party. Not a light fitting, window or stud wall was left intact by the end of the evening's festivities. Someone put a sledgehammer through the toilet, so everyone pissed down the steps into the cellar. One would imagine we were the last set of students this nugget ripped off in such as fashion.

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